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Video: Character from hit CBBC series Wizards vs Aliens comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. People will complain that a character in show aimed at children, will make kids come out as gay, that’s nonsense. It was a very touching scene. Very well handled by the writing team and by Purcelle Ascott who portrays Benny. For once The BBC have handled a sensitive issue in a positive way.

  2. Al Robinson 11 Dec 2013, 7:59pm

    This is a great way to teach kids that it’s ok to be gay
    Hopefully this will help change attitudes in the playground and allow kids to be themselves from a much younger age Well done BBC

  3. I can’t believe this a BBC television programme, and a children’s programme too! Normally the BBC isn’t exactly gay friendly, to say the least. Maybe there’s hope for old Auntie yet! Well done to the writers, producers etc. for showing that being gay is normal.

    1. My reaction too. This is a start but they have such a long way to go. They’ve avoided a vast number of opportunities to include gay characters over the years, such as deciding to make their Leonardo DaVinci character straight which was really poor I thought.

      1. I might be wrong but I believe this is Russell T Davies current CBBC show? RTD is know for including LGB themes in his works and being very inclusive (e.g in his run on Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures (we’ll that was more in the background) and of course Queer as Folk) still hasn’t always been the most inclusive of trans-characters though.

      2. Um, a BBC kids’ show had a teenage character come out nearly twenty years ago – Noddy in Byker Grove, 1994 – so this is hardly a “start”. Sure, it wasn’t as well acted as this scene and the friend he came out to was hardly supportive (at least at first) but the storyline had a positive ending that showed the character moving on and finding love. There have been major (positively portrayed) gay characters in numerous BBC shows, not least their main soap. I think you’re being unfair.

        1. So you think we’re being unfair, yet you can only cite ONE character in a children’s programme in twenty years? LoL

          I’ll even give you Captain Jack and the various Dr Who references in more recent years, but in terms of purely children’s television on the BBC – which is what we are talking about here – there are plenty of girl/boy pairings but I can’t think of a single boy/boy pairing from anything I’ve seen (and I see far more than I’d like with looking after 3 kids regularly :P )

    2. They were planning on doing this 3 years ago with the character Luke Smith in CBBC’s other marvellous Russell T Davies’ kids series The Sarah Jane Adventures, but couldn’t because the show ended (for legitimate & tragic reason). Instead RTD has done it in this show, which can only send out a good message it kids of basically: it’s ok to not be straight.

    1. Oh, and my previous blog helps put all this into context.

      When we see Benny kissing another guy on his date in the same way we see Tom Clarke kiss Chloe, then I think we will have arrived

      1. I don’t get why you get thumbs down. These are very valid opinions.

  4. This actually spins off from RTD’s previous CBBC show, ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’. If the show hadn’t ended, as a result of the untimely death of the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen, it was intended that her adopted son, Luke, would come put as gay in a future storyline.

  5. john lyttle 12 Dec 2013, 5:27pm

    ‘In a touching scene’ might need a little rephrasing.

  6. In a children’s show as well – that is revolutionary! Kudos for the BBC getting it right (my gods, someone inform air traffic control about flying bacon)

  7. For the lowdown on coverage of LGBT issues on BBC children’s TV check out Newsround Blog

  8. For those complaining that athe BBC is lacking in its gay characters in childrens tv, you must all be too young to have seen the gay kiss in Byker Grove.

    1. Midnighter 15 Dec 2013, 1:34pm

      I was there, and it was a great story line. Now, what have they done since in purely children’s television in the past 20 years? Why did they make Leonardo’s character straight when the historical consensus is he was clearly not?

      As someone recently noted, “one swallow does not make a spring”. And to me, twenty years is a bloody long time to wait between migrant avifauna.

      1. CBBC description of latest episode of Dani’s Castle

        Dylan is not feeling well, with cold sweat, dryness of mouth and no appetite – all seemingly caused by a girl in school called Fiona. The older kids realise the illness he is actually suffering from is love-sickness. With the gang offering opinions on how to deal with his first crush, things get more than a little mixed up and Kait bears the brunt of some surprising yet unwanted attention. With Esme stuck in the middle it all adds up to nothing short of girl trouble

    2. I remember that scene in BG.. You could hardly describe it as positive given the reaction of the recipient of the kiss.

  9. Robert in St Bees 15 Dec 2013, 5:07pm

    This story prompts two questions in my mind. Firstly, have all the any-gay demagogues been struck dumb or have journalists stopped pandering to anti-gay prejudice?. I mean 5 days and not a condemning article in the tabloids! And second, more importantly, will the BBC be brave enough to show (in an age appropriate fashion) shy Benny on a date or getting a boyfriend?

    1. Andrew Marsden 10 Jan 2014, 4:28pm

      An interesting pair of questions.

      For fit the first, I think they’re conserving their efforts, ready for when gay marriage destroys society on 29 March.

      And for the second: as noted above, this storyline is partially recycled from the character of Luke Smith on The Sarah Jane Adventures. The show ended due to the untimely death of the lead actress, and so the writer’s plans were never realised, but Luke would have come out in either the second half of the fifth season, or in the sixth season.

      There were plans that Luke would have had a boyfriend: a friend from university whom he mentioned in passing at least once in Season 5. ..

      So, I’d say that we don’t know if WvA is going to give Benny a boyfriend. But, given Russell’s plans for this storyline originally, I am optimistic!

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