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London: Law firm challenges visa refusal for civil partner of British national

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Reader comments

  1. So the UKDA is still not fit for purpose and this nonsense seems to have been reviewed by a Minister of State at the Home Office, who hasnt a clue or didnt even bother to read what he was putting his name to!
    How long can Theresa May survive these continual screw ups before Davy replaces the Home office team with people who have a degree of competence and ability.
    The article does not say what Maria Miller the MP for the constituent has done, now it has hit the press perhaps she will feel confident to tackle the matter more robustly with her ministerial collegue.
    I am astounded by the serial failures of this department & day by day, because of the actions and inactions of this tawdry government, I am becomming more confident to vote for Scottish Independance!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Dec 2013, 3:34pm

    Would the same rules apply had this couple been straight and married? It’s really disgusting what our immigration laws do. A total cockup and far too complex, far too much unnecessary bureaucracy for the average person to comprehend. It needs to be revamped and simplified.

    1. Would the same rules apply had this couple been straight and married?
      Err – yes.

  3. Im often reminded of the story of the guy who couldnt be deported from the UK because he had a cat, and therefore a “family life” here… Cant deport a man because he has a cat, can deport a woman because she has a wife.. sigh…

    And i can only imagine that equal marriage might actually make things more complicated at the Border Agency. Can you imagine them scratching there heads when faced with a UK citizen, a foreign national, who were in a civil partnership but have had it converted to marriage? Bet theres a whole other can of worms there.

    Judging by the news, Abu Qatada and all that lot, it seems anyone can get in and stay in the UK, as long as they DONT have a legitmate reason…

    1. PantoHorse 11 Dec 2013, 6:01pm

      That’s a bot of an over-simplification of ‘cat-gate’. The man had acquired the cat with his boyfriend and thus evidencing the strength of their relationship and resultant ‘right to a family life’. The cat element was enough to send the Fail into apoplexy and although it was the bit that made headlines it wasn’t the actual reason he was allowed to stay in this country.

  4. Erica Cook 12 Dec 2013, 2:50am

    You know, as an American I’ve gotten used to the fact that the UK handles this sort of thing better than us. So what the hell?

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