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Ireland: Justice Minister announces order to recognise foreign same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. It is quite shocking how poorly written the articles on Pink News are.

    This writer in particular.

    It is NOT true that same sex marriages will be recognised as such in Ireland. It .means that same sex marriages performed abroad will be recognised as CPs in Ireland..

    That is not evident from this disgracefully illiterate article.

    1. “Those with such marriages or civil partnerships will now be able to take advantage of rights and entitlements which apply to Irish Civil partnerships.

    2. Indeed, SteveC. Although the law in this field can be a little technical, it’s crucial that articles like this are accurate, particularly when there might be same-sex couples in Ireland who would able to take advantage of the new Order. As with the UK’s Civil Partnership Act 2004, the equivalent legislation Ireland (the less pithy Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010) allows for secondary legislation to be made which declares that same-sex relationships registered abroad (whether as marriages, civil unions or otherwise) will be treated as civil partnerships in Ireland. They will not be recognised as marriages.

      I probably wouldn’t be quite as harsh in my criticism, but hopefully these comments will be read and the article corrected.

  2. So-does this mean that Ireland will recognise same sex marriages that have taken place in England and Wales-whilst northern Ireland or Ulster will NOT?
    How ironic that you can be married in the south of a country-but not be in the north of it!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Dec 2013, 5:48pm

      NI will downgrade same-sex marriages in England Wales to CPs, same in the Republic.

      1. That is even worse!

    2. Ireland is having a referendum on it (I know its not ethical to vote on peoples civil rights but polling shows its almost certain to pass). ILGA-Europe is planning court case to force NI to recognise SSM or at least recognise the ones legally performed in the rest of the UK as valid marriages

  3. Rainbowboy 11 Dec 2013, 5:35pm

    You neglected to mention Canada.

  4. the big deal is the 76% of people who support equal marriage in the most catholic country in the world

    Pope Francis had bettter get with the modern family and at least say the church has no objection to equal civil law marriage. Anything else and the bleeding of the church membership will continue

    1. Church attendance is actually plumetting in Ireland. Its Catholic in name only. Like here in Britain where 70% say they belong to the CoE but half of them have probably never picked up a bible.

      The genuinely Christian countries are the ones in Africa where they are poor, illiterate and uneducated

  5. michaelandfred 11 Dec 2013, 11:02pm

    There are now 16 US states plus the District of Columbia with marriage equality……

  6. Why only the ones performed in 2013? What about New York, Spain, Sweden, Argentina etc?

    1. Equality Network 12 Dec 2013, 8:49am

      They are already recognised. Just as in each part of the UK (until same-sex marriage comes into effect), in Ireland foreign same-sex marriages and foreign civil partnerships are treated as if they were civil partnerships. From time to time there is a statutory instrument that updates the list with the new ones – that’s all!

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