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Viral video fakes that Justin Bieber is gay to save serial drink driver

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Reader comments

  1. the headline is a really tiny part of the video and a throwaway gag. odd to focus on that, or does every story here require a tenuous (and in this case ficticious) link to something lgbt?

  2. I just have to ask: is “drink driver” the expression used in the UK for driving while under the influence? It seems odd to a North American ear. We say “drunk driver”.

    1. Pete (Nottingham) 11 Dec 2013, 12:01pm

      That’s correct. We say “drink-driving” and “drink-driver”. It would still make sense to say “drunk-driving” but it is less common :)

      1. I’m Scottish (and British), and I say “drunk driver” and “drunk driving” is the crime. I think “drink-driver” sounds weird.

      2. The main reason it seems odd to me is that “drink” is the verb form, while “drunk” is the adjectival form. It doesn’t seem logical to use the verbal form to indicate someone driving while under the influence of alcohol. it’s not like “drinking while driving”, it’s “driving while drunk”, isn’t it?

  3. the video has nothing to do with lgbt stuff apart from one quick joke about bieber being gay. tenuous.

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