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US: Pastor sentenced for aiding lesbian in kidnap of daughter calls for case to be dismissed

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Reader comments

  1. friday jones 10 Dec 2013, 8:53pm

    Gee, a christian sect that picks and chooses which parts of the Gospels they adhere to like it’s a cafeteria. It says right there in red letters “RENDER UNTO CAESAR THAT WHICH IS CAESAR’S,” meaning pay your secular taxes and obey secular law. There is no “refusing to testify in good conscience” when there is no conflict between religious and secular law. And I would love to see the part of the New Testament that supports taking a child from an adoptive parent and fleeing across the world. They don’t even have a passage in the entire Bible that says anything about lesbianism, no men lying with men there. So on what religious authority did they rest this act of kidnapping? None, just their tribal hatreds and bigotry.

  2. He was convicted by a FEDERAL court, not a state court. Therefore federal (nationwide) laws applied. Whether he was convicted in Vermont, the most isolated ice cave in Alaska, off the coast of Texas right next to the US-Mexico border, or anywhere in any of the states, the same laws would have been applied and the results would have been the same.
    His appeal is just another product of the religious right’s martyr factory. It’ bound to fail, and will be used to milk more cash out of gullible worshipers.

  3. So the appeal might take years to process according to the Judge, and the meantime the guy is essentially free. I wonder if I am being unduly simplistic or cynical to predict that in the event of a decision, someone will decide that his present situation of mildly curtailed freedom will count as ‘time served’ and he’ll be free to walk.

    And the judge’s line about admiring the strength of his convictions disgusts me; we’ve currently got a pair of Islamists in the UK on trial for murdering a man in cold blood on the street. Perhaps the judge admires the strength of their convictions too?

    1. I agree with you about “admiring the strength of his convictions”. It’s a messed up legal system if/when a person is let off for reaffirming the very beliefs and opinions that motivated the crime in the first place.
      Sentences are usually reduced if a person shows genuine remorse and regret for what they have done.

      1. Midnighter 11 Dec 2013, 3:26pm

        Yep its turning that principle totally on its head, isn’t it?

        “As a judge and representative of the Law, I respect the fact that this wasn’t just a one off error of judgement and that you intend to to act in illegal and anti social ways and hold contempt for the society in which you live”

        What a crock!

    2. Personally I feel that the judge may admire anything he pleases, including the motivations of the mad, if that floats his boat. But he should also enforce the law.
      This shaman has aided and abetted a law-breaker and has broken the law himself, and probably inflicted serious damage on a small child in the process. I really think that God-botherers who think that their delusions dispense them from obeying the laws the rest of us have to live under need to be dealt with in no uncertain terms, on both sides of the Pond.

  4. Kidnapping of children from gay parents by the RR will become more commonplace.

  5. Another child brainwashed to believe gay people are evil…
    I feel like crying :(

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