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Quakers ‘delighted’ same-sex marriages in England and Wales can take place from end of March

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Dec 2013, 5:44pm

    Once religious marriages start taking place, the CoE will be even further isolated, locked out beyond the quadruple lock. Bring it on!

  2. Why does PN put a picture of a priest on a story about Quaker marriages? Surely the one thing we all know about the Quakers is that they don’t have priests or vicars etc.

  3. Niki stark harding 10 Dec 2013, 9:32pm

    A very happy Quaker here, but pink news, you might want to rethink your photo with this news story… We don’t have vicars, we see no need for someone to officiate. We marry each other.

    1. Erica Cook 11 Dec 2013, 3:16am

      Thank you. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for accepting us. Just thank you.

    2. The Quaker couple hold hands and make their declarations to each other in the presence of the people present at the wedding. Anybody present can speak into the silent worship, but only once. The Quaker Registering Officer merely records the marriage in the Quaker records and completes the civil register which is signed by the couple and two witnesses and the Quaker Registering Officer. The Quaker Registering Officer then issues the civil marriage certificate. As a Quaker Registering Officer, I am really looking forward to registering my first same sex marriage!

  4. Strongfemme 10 Dec 2013, 11:05pm

    Being true means having integrity, and integrity is doing the right thing even when you know nobody is watching.

  5. er so why the photo with a priest? We are the one Religious community that doesn’t have priests and you use a photo with a priest, that’s bonkers! It is also *against* our religion!

  6. Paul Halsall 11 Dec 2013, 1:36pm

    The United Reform Church also looks likely to celebrate such marriages.

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