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EU Commissioner: ‘Russia’s anti-gay laws means I will certainly not go to the Winter Olympics’

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Reader comments

  1. floridahank 10 Dec 2013, 6:01pm

    I’m sure the German athletes will appreciate her not being their for their performances — what a stupid woman letting her social pride override her loyalty to watching great athletes give their 4 years of training to complete with world athletes.

    1. What do you mean by social pride? And why would German athletes be bothered? She’s from Luxembourg. Even if she was from Germany, I doubt they would be bothered. It’s one thing an athlete boycotting after all that hard work they have put in, but it’s great that politicians, sponsors and tourists boycott.

    2. She is the EU Commssioner for Justice, Citizenship and Fundamental Rights. Given her job it is entirely right that she is refusing to go. Good for her.

      By the way, she is from Luxembourg, not Germany. You seem to be confusing her with the German president, who is also not attending.

      Your argument is ridiculous. Not attending the opening ceremony in no way takes away from or insults the participating athletes. (If anything, her attendance would’ve made a mockery of her job). As if they give two hoots about what dignitaries will or will not be there!

    3. I think you’re angry at the wrong group of people.
      It’s the participants who should be ashamed, selling out hundreds of thousands of people to claim their own glory, ignoring Human rights abuses because it’s “inconvenient” to them.

      The Sochi games is NOT the only opportunity athletes have, it is NOT the only competition, it is NOT what they have “worked hard for four years to attend”.

      Stop lying and stop promoting this bullsh*t. The Sochi games are a part of a large collection of competitions happening all over the world every year. Success is not hinged on one winter Olympics.

    4. Frank Boulton 13 Dec 2013, 11:57am

      Well, Floridahank, you’ve certainly shown your true agenda this time, haven’t you? You’re so bent on promoting hatred, that you can’t even be bothered to direct it at right nation. Hey ho, so long as we’re hating, what does it matter who we hate?

      Good on ya, Viviane Reding, for taking a strong position on human rights!

  2. Good for her.

    My best scenario is that no one goes to the olympics to watch anything, no one watches on the TV so the sponsors waste all their money, but all the athletes, gay and straight attend, get their medals and demonstrate against the IOC holding the games in a homophobic country. That way the demonstrations will make the international news along with a total failure of the olympic games. That’s not going to happen, but as close to that as possible would be good.

    If a few athletes, gay or straight, boycott the games then no one will miss them, nothing will be reported in the news, we will just disappear, which is what the Russians want.

  3. Colin (Queenstown/London) 10 Dec 2013, 7:03pm

    Great to hear. We need more protests and people in positions of responsibility to comment. We need large companies to stop trading with Russia.

    Remember we can all do our part. For the period of the Olympics simply delete the channels that broadcast it from your boxes. This hurts Russia, advertisers who support Russia, broadcasters who support Russia. Take two minutes. If every gay person and one straight friend and one member of their family did this 18% of the world would register a protest. This can be done folks. It is in your hands.

    Copy and past this to other notice boards.

  4. It’s good that, unlike the utterly spineless IOC, she’s taking a principled stand.

    But perhaps she should attend and read the Russians the riot act on every possible occasion !

    It’s easy to ignore someone that’s not there, but an outspoken critic on their own territory would give them a big headache.

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