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Congregation votes to leave Church of Scotland over allowing gay ministers

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Reader comments

  1. The C of S in the Western isles is still almost as narrow minded as the old ‘Free Church of Scotland’ was, and the general attitudes of the Island population is about 50 years behind the mainland’s, so this isn’t surprising!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Dec 2013, 8:12pm

    Good, so that will be 230 fewer homophobic bigots to contend with. Keep leaving!

  3. Midnighter 9 Dec 2013, 10:34pm

    And yet both sides of this divide will maintain that they are correct and hold the only version of the Truth that matters.

    At least one side has to be wrong / deluded / liars, so why believe the other side are any better?

  4. JESUS CHRIST!!!!! The end of the world is nigh.some Scottish island and one Glasgow parish have parted company with the holy church of Tam O’Shanter! Britain, expect anqd testament punishment any day now. Tsunami? Plague? Helicopter crash? What will it be?

  5. I’d say good riddance to them. They seem to think they are superior because they are hetrosexual. Its people in the church like them that had me leave the church many years ago….hypocrisy is disgusting and my love of God is in my heart and the God I know would be deeply ashamed at their attitude to fellow human beings because of their sexuality. If they have a good heart and a following of God then they are equally right to be a Gay minister. Bye bye you bigots! You won’t be missed, we progress, not regress in life!

  6. Shhh. If you listen very carefully you may just hear nails being hammered into coffins.

  7. And the power and influence of the religious fanatics is visibly diminished further, well done!

    Soon all the radicals will have split into their tiny factions, creating little cults easy to ignore, until the religious maniacs across this world have absolutely no power at all and die out slowly and quietly.

    It’s great news, proving that the decline of religious craziness is continuing in our modern world, and even exacerbated by their own hatred and bigotry! ;)

    I do hope these mental defectives keep chopping off limbs until there’s nothing left.

  8. Would any of these parishioners be under 80?

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