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Germany’s President snubs Sochi Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Good for him, I wouldn’t want to go to Sochi either.

  2. It is indeed shameful that corporate sponsors do not possess the same morals as Germany’s President. If EVERY leader boycotted the Homophobic Games, Russia would look increasingly isolated, stupid and backward.

    1. Corporations exist solely to make money, you can’t appeal to their morals, because they are amoral. Ultimately it comes down to consumers, boycott the sponsors and hit their wallet.

  3. The biggest impact would be made by politicians and multinationals boycotting the event, but athletes attending and making a dignified gesture of solidarity with Russian gays and lesbians. This is in fact the plea of Russian LGBT activists.

  4. Germans need to get their own country to stop treating gays as second class citizens.

    This is distraction propaganda Badly done.

    1. I’m ignorant of Germany’s failings – what is Germany doing / not doing with regards LGBT rights?

    2. He’s the president, an ambassador’s role, not a politician who dictates policy. But yes gays are 2nd class citizens in Germany still and merkel sees us as unequal like hitler really.

  5. Strongfemme 9 Dec 2013, 10:15pm

    Clearly, the German President is a Man of integrity.
    Unlike Cameron who talks the talk but fails to keep his governments pledges.

  6. Erica Cook 10 Dec 2013, 2:33am

    I think this is very important, given Germany’s history. It says a lot about how he feels about their history with gays.

  7. Well, what do we have here? A national leader with a spine! That is a surprise.

    Well done to him, lets now look at all the other world leaders who have not even mentioned what is happening in Russia and discuss what they use to remain upright without a back bone. Cameron obviously has a stick up his ar*e, but what about the others?

    1. The German president’s role is similar to that of the queen here, lets hear what she has to say before Cameron? oh yeah she already showed her true colours at the commonwealth address by excluding LGBT from her speech.

  8. I second Oodle’s comment, “Good for him”. There aren’t many that wouldn’t pass up the publicity for a cause they believe in. Between beating and oppressing members of their LGBT community and poisoning helpless homeless dogs for the sake of 2 weeks of playtime, I think it’s an event more should have forgone for something more positive for all. The 50 billion could have done a lot of lasting good elsewhere.

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