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US: Gay teacher fired from Catholic school after applying to marry his partner

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Reader comments

  1. Sleep in the fire, you get burned.

  2. Confirms, as does the Cardinal O’Brien affair, that the Catholic church is more relaxed about homosexuality so long as it is confined to casual no strings hanky panky.

    But promise to love and honour a same sex partner for life and you’ve really overstepped the mark.

    What a bunch of debauched sickoes (not all, but so many of) the hierarchy still are.

    1. Punishing gay people for being serious about sex and relationships.
      It’s almost like they’re trying to convince us to stick to their negative stereotypes of us. And then if/when one of us does just that, they whine about how much we conform to their stereotypes?

  3. This school is nothing more than a house of abuse teaching hatred in its ethos and practicing abusive actions towards pupils and teachers through its twisting of education faith schools should be closed down

  4. If the guy was known for so long to be living with a partner with a clear implication that they were sleeping together then he was already known to be ‘violating the teachings of the church.’ Surely the point is that a marriage is an official and visible declaration of the ‘infringement’ and so the management has pounced.
    You can be fairly sure that other staff members are ‘violating the teachings of the church’ in lots of ways, be it using contraception, having straight sex outside marriage, or openly denying that the RC church is the only route to salvation (yes, that is a doctrine!). But none of it, naturally, will be official and visible, so no action is needed.
    It’s all about what’s on the record and the way things look. The usual limitless hypocrisy.

  5. A part of me does wonder exactly what he expected to happen. Of course, it doesn’t change the obvious hurt he feels, but he must have thought a lot about this and known that a religious school like this would not be accepting of his marriage.

    Also, it’s interesting to me that they chose this option, rather than the obvious alternative which would be to adopt a new contract which reflects the laws of the state. How can a school fire someone for something that is entirely legal within the state itself? This would be like an Islamic school firing a female teacher for learning to drive (if they hired a female teacher to begin with). That would not be acceptable in America, but obviously this story will be ignored as it being the “right of the school” to abuse gay people based on religious beliefs.

    It should be simple – no school or business should be permitted to practice bigotry. It’s providing a disservice to students and society. There is no place for this in our modern world.

    1. Frank Boulton 12 Dec 2013, 10:24am

      You make a good point, Bloke Toys, but the guy taught at a school in Pennsylvania, where same-sex marriages can’t be legally performed. He went out of state to acquire his marriage licence. However, it does not sound acceptable that he is being penalized for doing something which is not against federal law.

      The situation is complicated by the fact that he signed an employment contract which required him “to follow the teachings of the Church”. Even in countries and territories, where same-sex marriage is legally recognized, the battle of LGBTI equality is far from over. A new campaign strategy could be for us to seek legislation, which forbids employers, landlords and others to ask people to sign contracts, in which they are expected to waive their fundamental and inalienable human rights.

  6. Christian love on display again

  7. Can the school legally fire him for such a reason though? I understand they’ve written something in his contract but is that even legal? Or do the church have a Get Out Of Jail Free card on these kinds of matters.

    1. As long as a school does not receive state or federal funding, it can sack for almost any reason.

      1. Derek Williams 8 Dec 2013, 2:27pm

        So far as I know, all schools receive some state funding, even if topped up by private tuition fees.

        1. marshlander 9 Dec 2013, 5:51pm

          Even in America?

  8. Further proof bigots are idiots. All they had to do was quietly find another reason to dismiss him or have him quit. But, doing it this way created a much larger firestorm for the Catholics. Now, they have to explain how Jesus is all about love, but the Catholic church is smarter than Jesus.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Dec 2013, 1:16pm

    That’s why I’m against all or any state funding of faith-based schools. As long as that continues, no denomination should be allowed to sack someone because of their relationship. To think of the paedophile debacle, catholic clergy molesting boys and girls in their care makes this particular case that more hypocritical. The RCC in my view is morally bankrupt.

  10. So the Christian groups who have been arguing that same-sex marriage will lead to people being forced out of their jobs were right!

    Only this one they would approve of.

  11. Condemned for being unmarried and ‘living in sin’. Condemned for trying to get married. What hypocritical institutions these churches are.

  12. Derek Williams 8 Dec 2013, 3:21pm

    Religion is the scourge of the homosexual, and it is the scourge of humanity itself.

  13. Isn’t the catholic church one of the many groups yapping on about how gay marriage laws will lead to christians losing their jobs?
    Funny how reality shows it to be the very opposite, with christians not getting sacked but instead doing the sacking.

  14. What about all the Spiritan priests ( the order which runs this school) who were involved in the abuse scandals?

  15. Strongfemme 8 Dec 2013, 11:20pm

    Pope Francis said unless a new balance is found, ‘the moral edifice of the Church is likely to fall like a house of ‘cards.

    The hypocrisy, of some religious leaders-by saying one thing and doing another.
    And shame on you Father McCloskey!..
    Take them to a tribunal Mr Griffin? and much happiness to you both on your forthcoming marriage.

  16. Philip Breen 9 Dec 2013, 7:28am

    I am rather surprised that Fr McCloskey allowed himself to feel got at to the point of being pushed into a political corner that forced him to act. The Holy Ghost Fathers are more liberal these days, not bullies, & he could have made it plain what he thought, affirming Church teachings to cover himself & protect the teacher, without applying vindictive penalties. The fact is, there are good catholics who are gay just as there are good catholics who don’t tick other boxes the Church requires. Ironically, this dismissal causes greater scandal to catholics, wherever they are, than the subject matter in question, because it demonstrates a blatant lack of charity based on pharisaical lines & lack of humanity.

    1. Mr Breem should trying to square an impossible circle. Gay catholics are plain hypocrites and traitors to the gay cause. They (and he, if he is one) should be ashamed.

      Religion is a lifestyle choice and it is time gay people stopped giving aid and comfort to our enemies by embracing it.

      1. Frank Boulton 12 Dec 2013, 10:36am

        Harry, I wish that what you said were true. For many people religion is not a lifestyle choice. In many parts of the world, apostasy can lead to the death penalty. Even in more enlightened societies, children are given little choice about what ideology is to be drilled into them. I’m not saying this to support religion but merely to point out that the battle for freedom of belief (including non-religious belief systems) and for rationalism is a thornier problem than you think.

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