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Three men jailed following self-styled ‘Muslim patrol’ harassment campaign in East London

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Reader comments

  1. Good riddance!
    Though unfortunately not jailed for long enough. Still, prison’s a picnic for criminals these days, anyway. What good will it do?
    I’m not prejudiced in any way, except for one way that is. If one doesn’t like the laws and values of this land, then go else where.
    There’s plenty of bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, theocratic states else where that’ll take their fancy.
    But Britain will never be one of them.
    Britain’s had a long bloody history of Christian tyranny, and we had to reason our way out of that through the enlightenment period.
    So don’t go thinking we’ll be welcoming the Islamic alternative any time soon.
    Your religion, your business. Not ours.

    1. How do you know “prison’s a picnic for criminals these days”?

      Don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids.

      1. How do you know I’m relying on the tabloids? Maybe I’ve been to prison, or maybe I work in one, or know someone who works in one.

        If prison was seriously a place one wouldn’t want to end up in, there wouldn’t be so many repeat offenders who’ve been to sent to prison multiple times. The thought of going to prison’s no longer such a deterrent.

        1. I’m reminded of a quote regarding UK prisons. During a discussion between a visitor and an inmate, the wise old prisoner said “We’ve got it too easy these days, it’s not like when I first came in, in those days it really was a deterrent!”

          The fact is many seem to think they have it too easy, but they ignore the basic fact that there is a complete loss of freedom. You could lock someone in a room with a TV, three meals a day and even access to the internet, and it STILL wouldn’t amount to a noble, free, useful life.

          I doubt all those claiming prison is too cushy would be able to last a day themselves in such a place.

          Removal of freedom is the punishment, rehabilitation the goal. It’s not supposed to be about torture and suffering.

    2. Danila in Russia 8 Dec 2013, 4:38am

      You know, as a gay person in Russia, I hear this kind of argument constantly. “If you gays don’t like it here, don’t like our laws – f… off to the rotten sodomite West!” The argument is flawed because a) for many of those Muslims the UK is home, they were born and raised there, and their parents as well b)shipping off Muslims, including militant ones, to other countries isn’t going to solve the problem, we live in a globalized world, they can gang up in organizations like Al Qaeda and still cause harm and c)It is the duty of the more advanced societies to help those stuck in their outdated ways to see light, otherwise change worldwide isn’t going to happen.

      1. No one is talking about “shipping them off”, just pointing out that if they are so devout then they have the choice of living elsewhere. No one is kept here at gunpoint.

      2. There is a difference, Danila. Those who live in the UK and try to impose imported and unwelcome cultures are not the same as Gay Russians. Homosexuality is not imported into Russia. It has always been part of Russian life. I don’t know how your countrymen would feel if the entire Bolshoi and Kirov companies took the advice to move to the west.

      3. No it’s not flawed. These are people coming to a nation with values and principles, with an agenda to change it to suit their own ideological beliefs.
        It’s like me moving to Saudi Arabia and expecting them to change their culture to ‘fit my ideas, choices, beliefs and so on’.
        Not only that, but also the way they go about it. We’re a democratic nation. We don’t employ thugs to go around enforcing ‘rules and laws’ on others who don’t conduct their lives according to our particular ideological beliefs.
        We’re a democracy first and foremost, and we strive to protect the rights of minorities, too. When women were first given the right to vote, had we gone on what the popular opinion was at the time, then women wouldn’t have been given the vote.
        Rights shouldn’t be up to the public vote.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Dec 2013, 8:11pm

    Judge Poulet’s comment that Islam is a peaceful religion would ring true if it weren’t for the fact that in the 21st century, it’s the only one of the three major Abrahamic religions whicht have some of its extremist members killing people who aren’t Islamic or who won’t kow-tow to sharia law and hardly a word of condemnation from the world’s leading mullahs or imams. Why aren’t the other two denominations saying something? Afraid to offend?

    1. Helen Wilson 7 Dec 2013, 8:31pm

      Lets not forget the Serbs in Yugoslavia and Hutus in Rwanda both committed genocide in the name of Christ!

      1. You’re quite right. It’s common for people to forget that Christianity (and other religions) are hardly any better than Islam in the developing world. In the west, Christianity is no longer as cruel and tyrannical, because we no longer allow Christian theocrats to dictate and rule over society. Christianity has been neutered in the west. One only has to look to Russia this past couple of years to see that. Their appalling treatment of LGBTs.
        Still, that’s not to say Islam is not a dangerous ideology that one should be weary of.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Dec 2013, 2:52pm

        Quite right, hadn’t considered that, thanks for reminding me.

      3. Not a power struggle ?

    2. Edgar Carpenter 8 Dec 2013, 2:55am

      Where have you been? Christian thugs, some of them priests, have been beating and killing gay people in Russia for awhile now. On video. Hadn’t you heard? And Jewish thugs have attacked Gay Pride marches in Israel and beaten gay people in the streets.

      None of the Abrahamic religions is free from violent extremists, supported by violent fringe religious leaders. Even Hindus and Buddhists have violent fringes.

      One of the reasons we don’t hear all the calls for ending violence from Islamic religious leaders and scholars is that they have a very hard time getting their anti-violence activities covered by news organizations and bloggers – they’re out there in good numbers, though. Almost all Muslems are peaceful people – as high a percentage as peaceful Christians, anyway. Complain to news organizations for not covering peaceful Muslims, don’t falsely accuse them of complicity.

      1. @Edgar. Although some Muslim voices speak out against extremism there are never enough. Only the Muslim community can sort these problems out. Where are the protest marches? Where is the loud condemnation from the whole community. They are generally complicit in their silence. Young people are being radicalised in the mosques and too many Muslims make no effort to integrate.

    3. Danila in Russia 8 Dec 2013, 4:41am

      You are wrong on that. African Christians are still much like European Christians of the previous eras – engaging in actual literal witch-hunts, killing members of other religions, living in very rigid totalitarian religion-oriented societies.

  3. It’s good to see these thugs brought to justice and dealt with properly.

  4. strikes again!

  5. Islam, peaceful? Yeah, of course, I’ll pretend I believe.

    1. Frank Boulton 8 Dec 2013, 7:47am

      I think it must be another one of those religious paradoxes. Christians burnt alive for centuries all who disagreed with them on the tiniest detail of doctrine and referred to these deeds by the euphemism “act of faith”, in order to persuade themselves that all of these horrific deaths were acts of love. Why shouldn’t a religion, which is constantly in the news for kidnappings, bombings and other acts of terrorism, call itself by a name, which can be translated as “Peace”? I have such trouble understanding paradoxes. Try as hard as I might, I can’t see the “peace” in 9/11.

  6. Britian’s reaping what it sowed and is now paying the price for centuries of aggressive imperialism. Just as Britian tried to impose itself on the world, now the world is trying to impose itself on Britian. Britian may have won this battle but with the birth rates squed as they are, it won’t be long until whites are a monority and the war will be lost. Britian will eventually regress to being the most socially conservative country in Europe under Sharia law. It’s the beginning of the end. God help Europe.

    1. Religion (of all kinds) is on the decline in Britain, and in every other modern secular society. You can read all the nonsense you like from UKIP, the BNP, the Daily Heil and whatever other tabloid trash you want, but no one can deny the facts.

      Religion is only surviving by the skin of its teeth in the UK thanks to immigration of the faithful from African and Eastern European nations, and the immigration of others to this country is nothing new. Islam is not “taking over” any more than Christianity or Catholicism is. All are on the decline in our modern world.

      Your tone regarding “whites” is also laughable. You do realize that you yourself are the product of migration and invasion too, right? These isles have been invaded countless times, and we emerged from the major land mass before this country was separated from Doggerland and became isolated.

      1. Most of the points you make are viable except the fact that Islam is the one religion that’s not in decline, in the UK or anywhere else.

      2. No, you’re wrong about islam in decline in the UK (and Europe, and the World). Learn some facts……

        1961 – 50,000 muslims in the UK
        2011 – 2,869,000 muslims in the UK

        1961 – 0.1% of the UK population
        2011 – 4.8% of the UK population

        1961 – 7 registered mosques in the UK
        2011 – 1500+ registered mosques in the UK

        in 1991 there were about 1.1 billion muslims Worldwide, in 2011 there were 1.62 billion. That figure isn’t declining, it is growing, in 20 years there will be an estimated 20% increase – judging by the documented rates of conversion.

        these figures have nothing to do with UKIP, BNP or the daily mail. These are facts.

      3. “Religion is only surviving by the skin of its teeth in the UK thanks to immigration of the faithful from African and Eastern European nations.”

        A good argument for stringently limiting immigration to people who will respect civil law.

      4. I agreed with almost all your comment, except for the fact that the historical invasions on Britain had very little impact on its population. Something like 6% from the Saxons and the Romans, to the Vikings and so on.
        The vast majority of the British people can trace their ancestry back a good 12,000 years to this land.
        So just wanted to correct you there.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Dec 2013, 2:55pm

      Are you out of your mind? For Sharia law to replace our current judicial system it would take an Act of Parliament. Do you really believe the three major parties would vote en masse for that? Labour certainly wouldn’t and nor would the Liberal Democrats or even UKIP.

      1. Commander Thor 8 Dec 2013, 3:27pm

        Or women could “voluntarily” decide to ignore a court where they are a full human being, and go to one where they are 1/3 of a human being…oh wait. It’s here.

      2. Not currently, no. But if things continue as they are, it’s not unfeasable that as the number of muslims grows and more and more muslims enter politics that one day Sharia law in Britain could be a reality.

    3. And of course, Islam has no imperialistic nature to speak of.
      Since the 7th century Islamists have invaded one nation after another all through the middle east and into parts of Europe to spread it’s doctrine. Submit, convert or die. Was the motto.
      Great Britain isn’t innocent, but don’t for one moment pretend Islam is either. Or Christianity for that matter. The truth is, most cults, nations, states, religions and so on throughout history have committed atrocities on their own peoples and others. Be it Britain or Spain, Arabia or Asia. Christians and Muslims. Catholics and Protestants. Sunni or Shiite.

  7. Here’s a few vital details completely missed by PN that others are reporting…

    Jordan Horner, Ricardo Macfarlane and another man sentenced to jail for 68 weeks, 12 months and 24 weeks respectively.

    Lets just hope that the authorities don’t drop the ball on this and lose track of them when they are released. They should be monitored for several years to come to ensure they are not a more radicalized group upon release than when they went in.

    We know how this has gone in the past, and I almost expect them to do something horrific in another five or ten years, then for this story to resurface and questions be asked about why they were not monitored. We all know this is a risk and we’ve seen it happen before.

  8. Ignorant fecking SCUM – It’s time all evolved humans stood up to organised Superstition and reduced it’s authority to what it actually is – make believe, imaginary charaters, and an unacceptable excuse to justify bigotry and hatred!


    1. Derek Williams 8 Dec 2013, 4:00pm

      Brilliant comment!

    2. de Villiers 8 Dec 2013, 5:24pm

      Science has also created nuclear weapons, the atom bomb and eugenics.

      1. You forgot to mention chemical weapons, global warming, nuclear energy (chernobyl, fukushima etc), genetic engineering ….. And of course Wars have always been fought and won by those with the greatest scientific inventions, not the greatest religious faith.

        Science is also amazing, medical cures, global communication, etc. Personally I couldn’t give a toss about going to the Moon or flying into buildings, I’d rather we spent the money on feeding people and building hospitals.

        And of course, incredible things have come from religious faith, science being one of them.

        Point is, fundamentalism is bad if you’re an atheist (like JD) or monotheist (like osama bin laden). Individual freedom is what’s important, and some people want the freedom to have faith in God – I respect that. Some people don’t – I respect that too.

        It’s just a shame that some atheists (like JD) are as bigoted as the monotheists they hate so much.

        1. incredible things have come from religious faith, science being one of them.

          I’d love to know which particular branches of science you believe developed from religious faith.

        2. Here is how you comment reads – whinge whinge – spineless whinging – yawn yawn yawn – So dick breath if through reading and understanding I come to the evolved conclusion that religion or ‘faith’ as you generalize it is utter and proven bollox then I am a bigot? – do you even know what a bigot is – Pathetic!

        3. Lmao “Religion is responsible for science” good one.
          We’ve been exploring the world via scientific method since we left the trees.
          The method of science is neutral. It’s the one who abuses the knowledge it brings that determines its outcome. For good or bad.
          Science is the tool we use to discover what’s “true” about the world,
          Religion is the delusion we impose on ourselves before science is able to give us the true answers.
          That’s why science advances, and religion… does not.

    3. And racism keeps us in the gutter

  10. Derek Williams 8 Dec 2013, 3:58pm

    This will get worse before it gets better, but it’s good to see the law standing up for the rights of ordinary citizens, and even better that Director of the London Muslim Centre condemned anti-gay bullying as “un-Islamic”.

  11. Still haven’t forgotten the ferocious, unprovoked attack on a then 20-year-old man named Oliver Hemsley by a Muslim gang as he left an East London gay pub in 2008. The fashion student was left paralysed from one of the stab wounds. The pub itself was also stormed by a Muslim gang who attacked customers after one of Oliver’s teenage attackers was jailed. Look it up online if you have a moment – some commentators suggested that even the few outlets that reported the case downplayed the suspected Islamic homophobia/ ‘patrolling’ element.

  12. yea extreme RELIGIOUS hate is a total waste of time to understand…lock em up and throw away the key!

  13. yea extreme RELIGIOUS hate is a total waste of time to understand…lock em up and throw away the key!

  14. A lot of people on here are talking about big topics like Islam in the UK, immigration, and secularism vs religion. While these are interesting debates, I see this story as a small gang of East London thugs called the “Muslim Patrol” who aren’t supported by the wider Tower Hamlets community.

    It’s a gang just like the many dangerous gangs roaming London, only this one has an Islamic twist.

    My concern is, have they all been caught and the network disbanded or are there more MP members out there?

    1. They cannot exist within the community without the support of the community.

      1. I refer of course to Muslim gangs existing in the community having protection from the community.

    2. Good that you see t that way. Now, move to East London, be openly gay and enjoy.

  15. Mark 4369 9 Dec 2013, 3:26am

    Let’s hope they get treated to some “fun” while in the jail’s showers – they deserve it!

  16. Mecca contains a meteorite at the center of the shrine, and people bow to the meteorite 5 times a day around the world. Sanity is not a strong point of religion.

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