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Egyptian censors demand that 13 scenes be cut from first gay film

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 6 Dec 2013, 8:24pm

    Better to withdraw the whole movie, in a very public manner, and then put it up on YouTube so everyone can view it and the producers can make money out of the online ads.

  2. Hany Fawzy (director of this film), please offer your film uncut to every film-festival in the world. Embarrass the hell out of that damned silly Egyptian film censor! And then release the film in Egypt in the require cut version. A cut film about such issues is better than no film at all, AND word will get around Egypt, via Facebook and so forth, that the version in Egypt is heavily cut, and that will just embarrass the censor even more! Good luck! Don’t be daunted! Submit your entire film to foreign film festivals NOW. Don’t show it in Egypt (cut) until after it has been shown abroad!

  3. I am Egyptian gay and don’t like the movie because it still promotes that gays are sick and need treat

  4. Ehab Khalil 7 Dec 2013, 6:45pm

    I’m the producer of the film ,and I need help to distribute the film in Europe
    I’m not anti guy or pro guy,
    I found a very good script based on true story,
    This is the first film in the history of Middle East to discus gays life in Middle East

    1. Christopher in Canada 8 Dec 2013, 8:00am

      Have you approached TLA Releasing? Google them.

      1. Is that Peccadillo Pics?

    2. @ Ehab Khalil. I hope you will not consider cutting the film to appease the bigots. There are plenty of other platforms for you to screen your film. The fact that there has been an attempt to censor it will raise your profile and create other opportunities internationally.

    3. Maybe you should read the comment from Pepo above yours and address his concerns.

      If you are portraying homosexuality as an illness then i’m glad it’s being censored

  5. Sorry I meant anti gay or pro gay

  6. Hang on a minute. Apparently this film is all about successful Gay conversion therapy! WTF!!!!!

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