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Australian Labor MP to marry in ACT despite High Court challenge to equal marriage law

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  1. The Labor party could have passed gay marriage laws when they were in power. Julia Gillard, however, was opposed and gave her word to a powerful Catholic union leader that she would not change the law, in return for being made Prime Minister. Now we are stuck with a hyper-conservative anti-gay government for at least the next 3 years if not longer. The High Court will almost certainly vote against the ACT bill and the other States have made it clear they think the matter is a Federal one. Thus, although gay marriage will eventually come, it will be a long nasty and depressing march. Thank you Labor!

    1. You have nice beaches though! And plenty of shirtless guys hang out at Bondi Beach, Fremantle and Surfers Paradise. Aust is a very nice place to visit, just not to live. Its like Singapore in that respect

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