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US investors put pressure on Sochi sponsors over Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t drink Coke anyway. It will rot your teeth and fatten your gut.

  2. Paula Thomas 6 Dec 2013, 10:42am

    Sadly in this world the power lies in the money. So this may work where petitions and letter writing campaigns were destined to fail.

  3. This will work for sure!

  4. This will work for sure!!

  5. “Back in August, Coca Cola’s official line on Sochi appeared to be that the games should remain there, as long as Russia adheres to the Olympic Charter”.
    How can they adhere to the charter? They are already in breach of Article 6 of the IOC’s Fundamental Prinipals which state: “6. Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender OR OTHERWISE (my emphasis) is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Targeting gay people for special discrimination – ie: laws which single them out – is, to me, BLATANT discrimination. Coca Cola and the other sponsors should be ashamed of themselves. I have stopped buying ANY Coke products.

    1. Midnighter 6 Dec 2013, 1:29pm

      A good point well made. I will make a point of doing the same with Coca Cola from here on. (McDonald’s have had nothing from me for at least 20 years)

      1. Frank Boulton 8 Dec 2013, 7:19am

        I’ve started drinking soft drinks that are not produced by Coca-Cola because of there stance over this matter. I haven’t bought McDonald’s since their attempt to keep gays out of their fast-food outlets in New Zealand a couple of years ago. I think that the games should go ahead in Sochi, as it’s the only opportunity that the international community has to protest against Russia’s discriminatory legislation, However, I agree entirely that we should boycott companies, who deny that the legislation is in breach of Article 6 the IOC’s Fundamental Principals.

  6. It always works to hit them in their wallet. The fact is that these corporate sponsors don’t really care about the abuses in Russia, they make gestures to placate whichever audience they feel they need to placate to avoid bad press, and nothing more.

    This is why boycotts do work, specifically against corporations. If every LGBT person on this planet suddenly stopped buying from any of these corporations, it would most certainly do them damage and be seen in their profits. This is a fact. There are millions of us, and our money has power.

    This is perhaps more effective though, it’s simply asking for a statement, and it’s backed immediately by a large chunk of cash.

    I already boycott Coca Cola and McDonalds, but I know many more LGBT people who don’t think about these things. It’s a shame to see so many people completely apathetic.

  7. floridahank 10 Dec 2013, 6:08pm

    All these companies are strictly in their arguments for benefit of publicity and garnering more $$$ from the homosexual groups. If they truly want to do something useful do it through their internal activities , not through anything to do with athletics — it’s all a sham anyway. Most Americans will not be affected by these companies and their objections.

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