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US blogger Perez Hilton to appear in TV series about gay dads

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Reader comments

  1. Congrats on him being a dad, but that guy’s an asshole.

  2. This can’t be happening. Please tell me this a nasty rumour (that he made up)?

    The fact that this hypocrite and parasite is even a dad to begin with is scary. This is a human being who spread lies, gossip and rumours about people to simply make money – goodness knows what that did to their mental health. This is a human being who tried to berate Azealia Banks for using the word “f*ggot” when he called Will. I. Am a f*ggot and continually spread rumours about him being a “f*g”. This is a human being who DEFENDED Paris Hilton when she said that gay men are disgusting, how she would be afraid to be a gay man incase she got “aids”

    He is to appear in a TV series about being a gay dad? Disgusting. He doesn’t deserve to be a parent. He doesn’t deserve that gift. And people often question my logic when I tell them I’m a eugenicist? This is one of many reasons why I am

  3. I forgot to mention how he linked loads of pictures from Dustin Lance Black’s sex tape just to spite him several years ago. Pathetic. Go away and never return. Take your Tiara (along with Johnny Weir) and sashay away!

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