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Tom Daley: It was love at first sight when I met my boyfriend

Reader comments

  1. But did he actually reveal WHO he is dating? This appears to be wildly misreported.

    1. It does say that this report is based on an interview with Jonathan Ross and that the interview will be broadcast on Saturday night at 10:45pm. I would say the answer to your question is, yes.

    2. The answer, according to Metro, is no. He refused to name his partner in the JR interview. Oops again, PN.

  2. Adorable.

    And thanks, PN, for your restrained coverage of Mr Daley’s choice of beau.

  3. Couldn’t help smiling the whole time I was reading this. SO beautiful.

    1. Can I ask why? DLB is twice his age when tom said he felt safe I knew there was an imbalance in the relationship. Why would someone who had won an Olympic medal suddenly feel the need to be safe unless he was convinced he needed protection? you couldn’t truly love someone if you’d stop them experiencing life with some at the same stage as them.

      DLB is not a good person

      1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 10:25am

        I feel safe in my relationship but it doesn’t mean I felt I needed protection. And what does him having won an Olympic medal have to do with it. Tom has plenty of friends his own age to experience life with why does his partner have to be the same age too. And how do you know there is an imbalance in the relationship or are you suggesting that older gay men are all predatory?

        And I’m assuming that you know DLB personally or is this all based on a mistake he made many years ago. He’s pretty much a tireless campaigner for gay rights.

        1. He’s pretty much a tireless campaigner for gay rights.

          so what? who else pretended to be a good person while acting like monster?

          1. Bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 10:57am

            And you know DLB is a monster how exactly?

          2. I’m not saying he is but people who brag about how good they are can sometimes use that for cover

          3. Bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:10am

            You said he’s not a good person which apparently is based on being the victim of a sex tape scandal and the fact that he campaigns for gay rights!

      2. Wow, James. I’m pretty shocked by your attitude here. What business is it of yours to tell people what an appropriate age difference is, or assert what the “motivations” are?
        It’s good to see others not agreeing with you, I was sure we were past the outdated notions of age differences and pseudo-psychobabble from fools about the reasons gay men have relationships with the men they choose.

        The fact is you know neither of these people. You are in no place to be telling others why Tom wants a relationship with this man. I fail to understand your motivations for almost attacking them both in this way.

  4. My understanding from digital spy is that no name is mentioned or has this changed ?

  5. Derek Williams 5 Dec 2013, 8:42am

    Thrilling beyond words.

  6. “Kid’s Choice” LOL

  7. I’m getting rather bored with this story now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him & glad that he feels that it was his time to come out as Gay/Bi or whatever. And yes we do need more role models that are in the public eye for support of issues & in turn we support them also. But seriously Pink News, can we please move on. It news for the LBGT community on the whole. Glad its Daily new, but bored now with Daley news on a daily basis.

  8. Derek Williams 5 Dec 2013, 9:26am

    This is going to be interesting if Daley and Black get arrested at the forthcoming Sochi Olympics in the context of Russia’s new law that bans openly gay people from being cast in a positive light in front of those under the age of 18. Russian police will have no choice but to arrest them, so as to show young people that it is not ok to be gay, the explicit intention of the law.

    1. There’s no diving at winter Olympics…

    2. Brett Gibson 5 Dec 2013, 11:11am

      I’d be more worried for the health of Tom’s brain if he were to dive into a pool of ice…..moron.

  9. Of course, it will all end in tears.

    1. Thanks for your little ray of sunshine.

    2. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 10:22am

      Yeah you might be right, they have lots stacked against them. The long distance, the age gap, this being Tom’s first relationship and the fact they are both in the public eye. My first two relationships both ended in tears before I found the right guy. But don’t write them off already, at least give them a chance.

      1. Or DLB is the perfect long distance cover for Tom’s real boyfrend

  10. I was hoping he’d met someone his own age and they would start a life together. when he said I feel safe I knew there was an imbalanced relationship DLB had bareback pics of him on the net. He’s not BF material Tom is only 19. I hope it ends well

  11. DLB has bareback sex and films it. He is not BF materials I hope Tom gets out soon before he gets hurt. Infatuation is not that same as love

    1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 10:31am

      What you’re neglecting to mention here is that the person he was having bareback sex with was his boyfriend at the time, I don’t wear condoms with my bf either since we’re monogamous and tested. He filmed it as something private between the two of them, he didn’t make a porn film for distribution. Although this isn’t something I’ve done I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that it’s something that couples do from time to time. Unfortunately somebody decided to make some money off the back of his new found fame and sold the tape. The filming happened as much as 7 years ago and as far as I’m aware no sex tapes have been released since. He is a pretty tireless campaigner for gay rights and apologised profusely for the mistake he made.

      And again I assume you know DLB and Tom personally and well enough to know this is infatuation and not love?

      1. And do you know DLB? If not how can you be so sure I’m wrong?

        1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:02am

          I don’t know him and you might be right but I’m prepared to give them both the benefit of the doubt rather than declare DLB a predatory monster and Tom some kind of pathetic ingenue without a brain of his own incapable of making decisions about relationships.

          1. Ok DLB is a saint like all good people he films his bareback sex, does not have long term relationships and works in hollywood

          2. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:28am

            No one said he’s a saint either. All I’m saying is that I’m prepared to give Tom and DLB the benefit of the doubt. Lots of people don’t have long term relationships until they have one. I’ve already talked about the sex tape and why I don’t think it’s the terrible revelation that you do.

        2. Midnighter 5 Dec 2013, 11:05am

          You are the one making the claims, James, so you are the one who bears the burden of proof. If you have proof that he is *still* having unsafe sex and can justify your claim that DLB is not right for Tom, do so.

          Without such proof, some might consider your claim about his sex practices libellous, incidentally.

          I don’t think anyone here is so realistic as to suggest the relationship is guaranteed “forever” – we’re all well aware of the risks that people need to take in love. It is rather easy to cry “doom”, but unless you have some degree of substantiation you just wind up looking like any other nutter with a sign.

        3. Tom bless him is 19. If he was as smart as another person who was in his position like Will Young he would have taken a different path. Appearing on Jonathon Ross show some sort of naivety as that show only mocks its guests. Tom is a still growing DLB works in Hollywood the place known for its compassion

          1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:15am

            Again you’re making out that Tom is some pathetic little ingenue who can’t possibly know his own mind. It’s like something from the pages of the Christian Institute.

          2. He’s 19 years old. If he was dating another 19 year old I’d think how sweet but dating a 39 year old Hollywood producer does not sit well. If anything Tom and DLB are giving ammo to the Christian institute

          3. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:44am

            Imagine them not asking for your approval for their relationship, gosh, I’m stunned. Every gay relationship gives ammo to the Christian Institute it’s just a shame that they can’t get any support from their own community either.

          4. You really are a sad, opinionated, old git – and I pity you and your loveless life – quite, quite pathetic…..

        4. @ James! …We are sure you are wrong not just in your opinion but in your arrogance in feeling qualified to judge other people – & because you are clearly a bitter queen who has never been in love and everyone on here has thumbed you down ( and not in a good way)

          1. JD luckily for me popular opinion has not been something I have ever sought or I’d probably be married! My opinion is that Tom Daily is now the benchmark for young gay men. And to hook up with someone his dads age does not send a good message. It’s my opinion and I will keep it until they prove me wrong anfd I hope they do I’m cynical enough as it is

          2. Midnighter 5 Dec 2013, 2:02pm


            The only “message” I’m getting from Tom is that he’s found someone he loves, and he’s not going to let others dictate how he should live his life.

            What “message” is it that you are getting, I wonder?

        5. James, is this faux outrage and apparent jealousy because this 39 year old producer has got the boyfriend you wanted? There is no imbalance in the relationship as a relationship is what a couple make of it. You obviously have had no relationships yourself or you would know that within any given relationship each partner assumes a role within that relationship you seem to assume that because Tom is 19 and his partner is 39 that the partner is somehow ‘in control, or leading him on. This does not appear to be the case Tom is a confident self assured young man who has been in the public eye since he was 13!

    2. So the private choices of two men in a bedroom is justified reason for character assassination? My, Putin will be pleased that he has your support.

      1. In my day not using a condom was the most cruel selfish and wicked thing you could do to another man. this ass hat should not be inflicting himself on 19yr old “men”

        1. BlokeToys 5 Dec 2013, 2:40pm

          Last time I checked, whether people used condoms or not is THEIR CHOICE.

          You seem to think half of every relationship is fulfilled by a dumb, simple minded buffoon. In every relationship I have been in decisions like this have been made by BOTH of us.

          I think it says more about you than anyone else that you deem someone to be a “victim” here, without even knowing the nature of their intimate relationship.

  12. Tom you have done more than you can imagine, you have helped so many young people come to terms with similar predicaments … Congratulations and lots of Love from all the people on here that share my comments Alan

    1. No he has not he has done young gay people a disservice. How many parents would want their 19 year old son or daughter dating someone nearly twice their age? If he was dating someone who have more in common with that sexuality I’d be happier. WTF do they discuss?

      1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:47am

        What business is it of yours what they discuss? And what does your happiness about their relationship have to do with anything?

        1. Tom has out himself up there for role model so yes it is my business. Going on tv to discuss his sexuality then yes it my business because I gay person speaks for all in the uk.

          1. No one speaks for me, ever.
            If you feel that concerned about how every gay man in this country acts and believe it reflects on you, then I think you’re more than a little self-involved.

          2. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 1:04pm

            Nonsense, Tom is speaking for no one but himself. This idea that every LGBT person is representative of all the rest is yet another tactic straight from the pages of the Christian Institute.

  13. Is it official that he is dating Black?

    I hope he will be treated well.

    The rumours surrounding Black are not good.

    Aside from the bareback sex tape he made, there are lots of rumours online about his predatory behaviour with very young men – apparently his preference is closeted teenagers who he treats like dirt.

    Be careful Tom.

  14. I am surprised that an almost middle aged gay man whose career is is screenwriting woild bebon attendance at the Kids Choice Awards.

    It may be totally innocent but judging by the online rumours about Black and his treatment of his barely legal lovers , his participation in a bareback sex tape it is worth asking.

    1. None of the safe sex advice I’ve seen has ever said that a couple in a monogamous relationship who’ve both been tested shouldn’t indulge in the practice. As for Tom being barely legal he is 19. The US Federal age of consent with foreigners, that would apply to Mr Black, is 18.

      1. Oh I know that barebacking in a monogamous relationship where both partners are negative is fine. But when these pictures leaked it was revealed that Black’s partner was more a regular hook up.

        I guess we’ll see when he does the kiss and tell.

        I also know that Daley is legal. I was merely referencing the rumours about Black that were out there already. He likes his partners young. Very young. And he had a reputation for being predatory and exploitative of his very young lovers before this story as well.

        No matter how you look at it a middle aged man who writes movies for adults attending the Kids Choice Awards all seems a bit Michael Jackson to me.

        1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 1:24pm

          Sandra Bullock was there too, a middle aged single woman who doesn’t exactly make child friendly films. Are you worried about her presence or is it only gay men that concern you?

  15. Yesterday Pink News wrote: “Until one of the pair decide to confirm reports, and make a statement about their relationship, PinkNews will not report or speculate about it, in the same way that (after some lessons quickly learned) we would not apply a label to his sexuality.”

    Well, that sense of ethics lasted about 24 hours. Neither Daley nor Black has yet to confirm the relationship but Pink News is now quoting him Daley as if he said it was Black. In the actual quote he didn’t name anyone. Exactly what turned this publication from taking an ethical stand to joining the tabloid in the gutter by rank speculation.

    Now, the speculation may turn out to be true, or not. We’ll only know when know. But we don’t know yet.

  16. Christopher Wzxs 5 Dec 2013, 10:57am

    21 & 39? No chance – this won’t last 5 minutes.Daley has obviously been driven since childhood by his father who has since died – the boy is looking for a substitute who is also a lover.The age difference is too great.DLB is a well preserved 40 year old US gay in the film industry with who knows how many scalps behind him in his sexual history,TD is a green as grass bi-boy .It will all end in tears.

    1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 11:06am

      Well since they apparently met in March and are still together nine months later it seems you are wrong. And I’d be interested to know how long you spent with Tom so that you could come up with that psychiatric assessment of him.
      It’s astounding how judgemental we can be as a community. Give them some space and if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t. But don’t be wishing them to fail.

      1. you really think this will last forever? do you think they plan for the future? They are at completely different stages in life. I did the older gut thing only 10 year though but I was an object taken out and shown off yes I got to see the world but the price was that I didn’t earn anything and felt empty. He loved what I was not who I was. I dumped him started from scratch and never felt better.

        1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 2:34pm

          I have no idea how long it’s going to last or whether they’re planning a future although I have read a report that suggests this is the case. In his statement on Monday Tom seemed to suggest that he is taking nothing for granted by stating he still likes girls and that he is in this relationship at the moment. Tom is hardly in the same position as you were, he has his own career and he is earning his own money. Just because you had a bad experience it doesn’t mean everyone else will. One of my best friends met a guy 16 years his senior age 20 and they are still together. All I’m saying is give them a chance.

    2. Relationships with a big age difference can work. Last week I went to a friend’s funeral. He was 79, his wife was 55. They had been happily married for thirty-something years and had a raised a family together. For that matter, the age difference between my parents wasn’t much less, and they had been together since my mother was younger than Tom Daley currently is. Sometimes these relations can work, sometimes they don’t.

    3. Christopher Wzxs 5 Dec 2013, 2:36pm

      I met my partner in 1962 when I was 19 and he was 21.Nine months is a long gay relationship? Please I lived with my partner until he died a month short of my 62nd birthday. It may well work out but I think Black has done too much mileage to stick to his English toy boy.

  17. colonelkira 5 Dec 2013, 11:13am

    Well……there it is…..time of death on this whole “Oh he is a role model to the youth of today, and only doing it for hmself” crap is right about now!……He’s dating a Hollyweirdo who is 8,000 years older than he is!……..God I just LOVE being right!

    I wonder how long it will take for all that support to melt away?…………Cue the “Dirty old fag converting the young innocent guy” vitriole!

    1. Hes young its his first love let him grow up. Hell have loads of boyfriends. The age distance makes no difference. I met my partner when I was 19 and he was 42. That was illegal then) we are still together nearly 34 years later at 53 and 75 respectively. My first love was a bit of a wrongen to but I wouldnt listen I was 16 and new It all! Toms 19 very sensible and mature. You cant wrap him in cotton wool what hes going through is part of growing up. I hope they will be very happy. Tom is a lovely young man and deserves some emotional and sexual happiness.

  18. Am I missing something? Tom Daley is 19. Dustin Lance Black is 39, just 3 years younger than his father (if he hadn’t died from cancer 2 years ago). Talk about an awkward family Christmas in both families’ homes. I hope they can make it work. My advice, just avoid all of the “when I was young” stories. When Dustin was 19 in 1993…
    – IRA bombs exploded in the town centre of Warrington.
    – A high speed train makes the first journey from France to England via the Channel Tunnel.
    – Princess Diana sues the Daily Mirror over photographs that were taken of her at a gym.
    – Commodore Business Machines releases the Amiga CD32 multimedia home console.
    – Maxis releases SimCity 2000, sequel to the tremendously popular SimCity.
    – Space Shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) installs corrective optics.
    – The Intel Corporation ships the first Pentium chips.
    – Cher, Meatloaf and UB40 had #1 hits.

  19. Aside from the rumours about DLB’s allegedly abusive treatment of his barely legal lovers, there is the issue of his bareback sex tape.

    That could have disastrous implications for Daley’s sponsorship deals.

    Especially considering that within a week the Sun or Mail will probably run a very damaging interview with Black’s partner in the sex tape.

    And the rumours about his preference for barely legal teenagers is not new.

  20. I’m pleased for Daley that as a high-profile individual he is going to have the support of someone with a strong gay-rights brain. It’ll help Daley immeasurably in dealing with matters in the years to come.

  21. I must admit that when I first read that Tom’s boyfriend was Dustin Lance Black, I was a bit surprised because it was a man so much older and also because he’s a Hollywood figure. I’d assumed Tom was dating someone from the field of sports around his own age, I didn’t even know he mixed in Hollywood circles.
    But good luck to them, who are we to criticise them? Maybe it won’t work out, maybe it will, but surely that’s for Tom & Dustin to decide?
    I do wonder if all the people and newspapers who were so supportive only a few days ago will remain so. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to get a few stories about an older, predatory homosexual from sleazy Hollywood corrupting a young, innocent British olympic hero.

    1. They’re already being churned out. Which makes Tom’s decision to come out on his own terms all the more wise.

      1. Isn’t it funny how acceptance of gay people has it’s limits? Most people were accepting and supportive of Tom only a few days ago but now they’re criticising his relationship. I actually thought some of the “supportive” newspaper articles and columns in the mainstream press when Tom came out were insincere and I wondered if they only took that stance because they can’t be seen to be openly homophobic these days.

      2. Whilst I totally agree that the reasons these two are together are no ones business but theirs I do not think that Tom’s decision and the way he announced things – shortly followed by an appearance on Jonathon Ross filmed earlier this week – was not necessarily his own decision or even a wise one.
        I suspect, since they have been ‘together’ since the spring and Tom it appears spent most of the summer with Dustin, that the story was about to go live and damage limitation was called for – Dustin is an award winning writer and if they are as close as we are to believe it seems likely he ‘advised’ Tom on what to say and how to do it.
        And let me assure you that 39 in Hollywood is 24 in London. Rich gays age differently in the California sun.
        I’m not sure Tom is quite as naïve as some seem to think and it seems unlikely he was forced to make 11 hour flights to Los Angeles again and again and again.
        BTW be interesting to know who was picking up the travel costs LOL

  22. I have just read through these comments – What a bunch of vile bitter old queens you all are! – Weren’t any of you ever in love and young? – What gives you the right to sit in judgement over anyone else – He is a young man finding his way in the world (and in the glare of the dreadful world press)

    If you can’t say something nice shut the feck up!

    1. I don’t think expressing concern about the welfare of a closeted teenager whobis in a relationship with a middle aged barebacker who has a reputation for exploiting his very young lovers is being bitter.

      I have been reading the rumours about Black and his behaviour with his teenage lovers for a long time.

      1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 1:21pm

        I’ve read things on the internet about Tom being a calculating fame seeker who won’t do anything unless it raises his public profile. Given that Tom apparently made the first move perhaps it’s Dustin we should be worrying about.

        Or maybe it’s all just internet rumour and innuendo that should be ignored until proven true. Either way it’s really none of your business.

      2. Then you sad old f u c k – you need to get a life and stop building your opinions on RUMOUR!

      3. Midnighter 5 Dec 2013, 2:11pm

        “closeted teenager”
        No, he’s come out, that is rather the point.

        “middle aged”
        Nothing wrong with being middle aged. What are you saying?

        I expect there are a lot of those too.

        Context and factual accuracy are so inconvenient sometimes, aren’t they? For instance “Expressing concern” is simply a euphemism for sticking your nose into other peoples business, surely?

        “Expressing concern” is the same argument used by religion to attempt to control the lives of others, and at some point you either have to accept that other’s can make their own choices, or stone them to death.

      4. steve. Gam may cant be help up to scrutiny on this site all gay men are good and decent people in this world of idiocy

        1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 2:39pm

          Nobody has said anything like that. DLB might be the devil incarnate, hell Tom Daley could be the devil incarnate for all we know. Who’s to say he’s not using DLB to help raise his profile in the US? Why are you so desperate to believe that DLB is some kind of evil doer?

  23. Now it’s doing tv interview shows…………………nothing more than a PUBLICITY WHORE!

  24. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Dec 2013, 12:47pm

    I wish them both all the very best, but long distance relationships, assuming it’s going to be one of those, seldom pan out. I don’t see Black moving to the UK and since Tom spends an amount of time on his diving career in America, then maybe they’ll work something out, but it won’t be that easy.

  25. Hes young its his first love let him grow up. Hell have loads of boyfriends. The age distance makes no difference. I met my partner when I was 19 and he was 42. That was illegal then) we are still together nearly 34 years later at 53 and 75 respectively. My first love was a bit of a wrongen to but I wouldnt listen I was 16 and new It all! Toms 19 very sensible and mature. You cant wrap him in cotton wool what hes going through is part of growing up. I hope they will be very happy. Tom is a lovely young man and deserves some emotional and sexual happiness.

  26. This seemed such a sunny, inspirational story when it broke so unexpectedly a few days ago. Now I’m not quite so sure; it seems to have clouded over a bit.

    And it seems a big mistake to be interviewed by Jonathan ‘Sachsgate’ Ross. I really hope I’m wrong and that everything goes well now and in the future.

    I’ll have to wait and see, but right now I wish it was still Monday…

  27. colonelkira 5 Dec 2013, 1:10pm

    He has done nothing for young people. Publicity seeking celeb whore. Looking to get on tv.

    The saddest part of all this is the sheer amount of pathetic gay sheep who can only latch their level of self worth to a twitter post or a so called celeb coming out story. I weep for our community’s future

    1. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 1:16pm

      Actually I think the saddest part is the bitter old queens who are so desperate to see the dark side in everything that they can’t even bring themselves to wish one of our own good luck.

      1. colonelkira 5 Dec 2013, 2:53pm

        Actually the “saddest” part is some moron who is not smart enough to realise that by doing what he is is doing he is HURTING our community NOT helping it. And WTF is one of our own meant to mean you idiot? He’s a human being! We are ALL one of our own! Gay straight, bi, transgendred purple blu yellow whatever!

        How are you not getting that that very statement is divisive and counter productive?

    2. @ colonelkira

      Absolute nonsense. Tom’s shown how someone can have a dream at a very early age and make it come true by lots of hard work and determination. He’s been subject to bullying and overcome it. He’s had the trauma of losing his father but he kept going. He’s a splendid ambassador for demonstrating what a young person can achieve.

      What have YOU ever achieved in your life? Do tell why you’re so much better than Tom ! Use another sheet of paper if necessary…

      1. colonelkira 5 Dec 2013, 2:42pm

        I am 27…….that makes me 12 years younger than DLB.

        As for the other reply, it was such a pathetic attempt to belittle and attack that it doesnt dignify a response.

        I was under the impression we were all discussing his so called coming out, not his diving career path. If you cant stick to facts then stick to being an internet troll.

        If he cared about helping people he would be out there hands on helping them………NOT lining up paid appearances on tv shows……….but you keep living in your own little fake utopian worlds!

        1. Midnighter 5 Dec 2013, 3:24pm


          Why should we believe you that Tom is “hurting our community”? All Gerry is pointing out is that you have yet to provide a single reason for us to agree with you.

    3. @colon elkira
      You sad old man.

  28. Stephen Glenn 5 Dec 2013, 1:45pm

    He may have spoken but as far as I’ve heard he didn’t name names! Shame on PinkNews for hiding this breaking of their ethical stance yesterday under an anonymous staff writer. Now that is a name we all should be told!

  29. From your deputy editor’s post yesterday.

    “Until one of the pair decide to confirm reports, and make a statement about their relationship, PinkNews will not report or speculate about it, in the same way that (after some lessons quickly learned) we would not apply a label to his sexuality.”

    Lessons learned?

    Your reporting of Tom’s coming out has been, frankly, pretty shambolic start to finish. At least have the decency to read your own posts and stick to them.

  30. Direct quote from your deputy editor’s post yesterday.

    “Until one of the pair decide to confirm reports, and make a statement about their relationship, PinkNews will not report or speculate about it, in the same way that (after some lessons quickly learned) we would not apply a label to his sexuality.”

    Lessons learned?

    Your reporting of Tom’s coming out has been, frankly, pretty shambolic start to finish. At least have the decency to read your own posts and stick to them.

  31. Mark Nolan 5 Dec 2013, 1:59pm

    Tom doesn’t actually reveal the name of the per son he is dating in the show, does he?

  32. onesecond 5 Dec 2013, 2:20pm

    I wish them both all the best. I hope DLB is responsible enough to not endanger Tom Daleys health by having safe sex and getting a HIV-Test. We all know that he had unprotected sex with a fling. Of course he can do what he wants in bed as long both agree and there is nothing wrong with living a promiscous sex life, but considering Tom Daley being 19 and new to the scene and in love I can’t help but feel a bit worried for him.

    1. BlokeToys 5 Dec 2013, 2:48pm

      And yet again, Tom is deemed to be an imbecile, incapable of thinking for himself, unable to make decisions, like a child we should wrap up and protect from the “evil gay world”!

      My, the self-loathing in these comments today is astounding.

      If I were Tom, reading this, I would be appalled by how my partner’s character is being assassinated by people who know f*ck all, and I would be concerned that people seem to view me as a dribbling buffoon incapable of thinking for myself.

      Grow up, Tom is not ours to “protect”, and people know absolutely nothing about the man he is with. More importantly, the notion that he’s being “preyed upon” by someone is sickening to me. They are both adults, they can make their own decisions, Tom is in charge of his own life and even if you think this relationship is ill advised, he’s going to make mistakes as he traverses the world just as the rest of us did.

  33. it’ll make fer a great tragic love story for the Sundance film festival i’m sure fer DLB…for Tom…just be safe :)

  34. Edgar Carpenter 5 Dec 2013, 3:07pm

    @SteveC – “barely legal” means “legal”.

    A couple I know have been happily together for over 20 years – one is 46, the other is 71. They are glad they’re together, and they’re annoyed whenever some busybody suggests that there’s something wrong with the age difference between them. Why is that anyone else’s business?

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