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Tom Daley: It was love at first sight when I met my boyfriend

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Reader comments

  1. Which I pointed out but gotten thumbed down for, so far it’s all speculation and gossip about who it is
    I feel sorry for Dustin who is getting character assassinated for being a friend of Tom.

    1. Well if he didn’t engage in unsafe sex and film it we’d have nothing to asses his character with. Oh and dating men half your age seems a bit wrong especially if they are still in the closet and your are a self proclaimed gay leader. I guess he wanted to be first

      1. No law against men dating younger MEN if indeed Tom and his bf’s relationship has that characteristic. There is more than a whiff of heteronormativity in some of the condemnation here.

        1. Christopher 6 Dec 2013, 6:24am

          The kid is in love, you really find this okay? He’s half his age, are you telling me Dustin is in love with this barely legal swimmer who just came out of the closet.

          1. bobbleobble 6 Dec 2013, 10:00am

            Well first of all he’s a diver. Secondly. how do you know DLB, if he is Tom’s boyfriend, isn’t in love? Are guys over a certain age incapable of such feelings? Third, how do you know Tom is in love? Because he says so? What if Tom is taking DLB for a ride? He needs a career after the diving stops, what better way to move ahead than by getting yourself a Hollywood mover and shaker?

      2. bobbleobble 5 Dec 2013, 7:38pm

        Wow you really are channeling Andrea Minichiello Williams aren’t you?

  2. Elston Gunn 5 Dec 2013, 4:09pm

    urgh, this is just a joke – someone else said before that the feel-good factor was going and I agree. I presume he’s going to be hounded now until a name is given. Plus the comments on the other page were really out of order. I’m waiting for delusional types to start claiming they’re his boyfriend.

  3. IF it is Dustin Lance Black (which Pink News claimed – despite its laughable story the day before about how PN would not speculate) then he is a terrible person.

    The rule of thumb when it comes to spring-autumn relationships is that the younger party is not hamed by the relationship.

    Being linked to a middle aged barebacker with a skeezy reputation for preying on vulnerable teenagers (whether true or not) will surely damage Tom Daley’s sponsorship prospects.

    1. Corporates worried about a religious-right boycott, assisted in their wavering by moralists from our own community. Nice. Not the sort of gay-straight alliance I want to see.

      Anyway it would be nice if people stopped worrying about matters below the waist.

      1. Yes but let’s step into the real world for a moment.

        Someone like DLB who has been in the public eye for many years and who is old enough to know the sponsorship repercussions for a teenager (who has a short career window of opportunity to earn enough money to last beyond his retirement from sports at age 30 or thereabouts) should know better than that.

        The fact that DLB was involved in a bareback porn tape is his own business. But he is not stupid. He knows full well how Tom Daley’s corporate sponsors will not want to be linked to that type of story.

        If they are a couple then fine – I hope they live happily ever after (although let’s hope DLB plays safe these days) but seeing as this is Tom Daley’s first gay relationship then DLB is duty bound to make sure his association with Daley does not harm Daley’s life.

    2. Let’s hope he meets someone his own age soon.

    3. Your comments are uncharitable to say the least. I don’t see the necessity of pouring scorn on Tom Daley’s “boyfriend” and your use of the phrase “preying on vulnerable teenagers” carries more than a hint of homophobia. If Tom Daley’s sponsorship deals suffer, it will not be due to his choice of boyfriend, but good old fashioned homophobia and discrimination.

    4. According to the interview with Daley, it was Daley himself whom stated that he made the initial first move. What? He can’t chose a mate for himself? Bollocks! He is an adult. Your living in Never Never Land.

  4. Yikes, this has really been handled quite sloppily by PinkNews. You’d think after not watching the whole video before publishing the last erroneous article, the first priority would be to read the transcript?

  5. I am glad you are showing due respect to Tom (and his partner) by not naming the partner.

  6. Sorry guys. You’ve completely lost me now I went to the gym and it was one story and come back and it’s another.
    I appreciate it’s not your fault but why has this become such a mess. He’s been dating a guy since March, Obviously just me but what is all this announcement to fans and tv interviews all about if it isn’t about honesty.
    Why the big secret if he’s so much in love then
    I know he’s young but he seems very aware of what he’s doing and not saying
    Tired of it now. Good luck to him whatever is really going on.

    1. He’s keeping it private
      Can’t blame him after all rye fuss

    2. It IS PN’s fault though. They printed this story without having seen the show.

      That is sloppy and lazy and deeply negligent.

      And the author of the original piece routinely does stories littered with factual errors, incomplete stories and even spelling and grammar mistakes.

      1. PantoHorse 5 Dec 2013, 7:08pm

        SteveC – note how this story hasn’t even got an author, not even “Staff Writer”?

        What a farce!

        Smelt a rat as soon as I saw the tagline “Deputy Editor Joseph Patrick McCormick on the ‘thoughtful and heartfelt’ comment piece about not speculating. That piece was a vehicle to brag about his status as deputy ed and nothing more than self-aggrandising publicity seeking, much like the stunt at the PN awards. The man’s an atrocious writer, so how he got to deputy ed is beyond me.

    3. ‘He’s been dating a guy since March….’

      He’d only be eighteen then.

      1. @Doug – so that’s two years above the legal age of consent then. Just so we’re clear.

        1. Christopher 6 Dec 2013, 11:36pm

          That isn’t really the point is it, the guy is dating a 19 year old, we all know what that says about him.

  7. Frankly I am surprised and disgusted by both the speculation and condemnation I have seen on these pages. IF it is true he is involved with Dustin Lance Black then it is their business and their business alone, they are both consenting adults and have a right to do what they wish and further more without idiotic right wing rubbish following them around.

    Some of the condemnation seems born out of jealousy. Well sorry guys he is taken!. As for the age difference, what does it matter when 2 people love each other? There is no moral issue here. And @James maybe YOU are a lonely sad old queen who has never been in love, but believe me you can’t choose who you fall in love with. That applies to both the younger and older partner. If this was a 70 year old star dating a 20 year old woman then nothing would have been said about it, maybe the old nudge, nudge wink wink what a lucky guy attitude but because they are 2 guys! Homophobia? No can’t be can it?

    1. Christopher 6 Dec 2013, 6:26am

      You think Dustin is with the kid because of love? He’s a guy who is known to like young guys, and he’s playing with him and its working, he’s in love for gods sake and I doubt Dustin is in love.

      1. A chicken butcher – like a lot of comment readers on this site it would seem.

      2. bobbleobble 6 Dec 2013, 9:56am

        No, he is a guy about whom there are unsubstantiated rumours on the internet that he likes young guys. And even if he does like young guys so what? If he likes them young and Tom likes them older then it’s a good match no?

        Why are you so quick to believe that DLB couldn’t possibly be in love? I have no idea whether they are or not, whether DLB is the guy or not but why be so quick to judge? And why must we assume that DLB is the bad guy in all of this, it’s not like it’s unheard of for younger people to take advantage of older ones now is it?

        Why can’t we give them the benefit of the doubt? Why be so frigging cruel about people you don’t know and situation you cannot possibly understand? We get more than enough of that from homophobes, do we really need to add to it ourselves. Tom is 19, he’s an adult now, if he’s made a mistake it’s his to make. Stop being so bloody judgemental and let him get on with it.

  8. Does anyone want to know who my husband is? Not interested no didn’t think so so why the sudden interest in a young smooth athletic lad oh that’s it he is “famous” what ever that is. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great TD has a partner just as much as any othe person who is happy. So what if he is going out with a guy who is 20 years older. If a guy was 40 going out with a 19-20 yr old he would get a tap on the back. Is it just jealousy from others? Let the guy be who he wants happy and in love it’s not as if he is under age.

  9. I don’t see why all the condemnation for those who are speculating about his bf tbh, and all the negativity against pink news for saying it was dustin lance black is pathetic. He came out publicly, he’s a celebrity, he has his own TV show. It comes with the territory when you’re someone who does Johnathan Woss interviews – people are going to gossip. He’s not some genius scientist, artist or even sportsman with integrity – he’s doing a gameshow called splash with eddie the fkcing eagle for gods sake. £££££

    I think everyone should get off their righteous high horse and pink news should set up a page with a game on it – votes for who his bf could be? Who they think would make a good bf for him? Is dustin lance black a daddy too far? Would he better with a daddy like Gareth Thomas? Is he really bi? or is he gay? etc

    The whole thing is like something out of heat magazine, it should be treated like that. Tom McDaley is the Britney of the diving world. And what’s wrong with that? £££££

    1. “….a daddy too far?” You can say that again! Jeeeezzzzzzz!!

    2. Well said – the whole thing is so manipulated it’s a joke.
      Fine – young man, who just got a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, finds love and is happy. No ones business really.
      But every girl he’s sat next to he’s happy to name but not the person he’s ‘loved since March – weird standards even from a confused young man.
      I’m sure this is all real but increasingly seems odd.
      Maybe even before Splash returns he’s back to Cheryl Cole or perhaps Kylie Minogue, who knows.

      1. Probably wants to keep it private for his own reasons
        Can’t blame him with the garbage being spewed

        1. If he wanted to keep things private, then why come out on youtube and then do a johnathan woss interview, whilst publishing a book about his life called my story and doing an ITV game show called splash, and being an avid twitter writer, etc etc etc. I know more about his private life because of his outspoken public statements than I know about some of my extended family. Just like all the other celebrities who live their lives publicly and make money – their living from being in the spotlight.

          He’s fit as fck, and great at diving, but not a very private person – just saying – and nothing wrong with that. Good luck to him. But don’t expect people to treat him like a private person when he’s a media whore.

          Personally I think it’s great he’s a media whore. I hope he does all the press he can, and make it totally normal to come out of the closet, instead of brushing it under the carpet as if someone has just died and we must respect his privacy.

    3. He has integrity and you are just spewing garbage

  10. I too fell in love, for the first and only time, when I was 19. I remember it like it was yesterday, though eleven years have passed in the meantime. Love like that is a very powerful thing.

    Sadly it was not to bring me the joy and exaltation it has brought Tom. Quite the opposite in fact. My life ever since has been wracked with depression and emptiness, as I have struggled to cope with the savagely burning flame of true love as yet unfulfilled.

    For by the time I was able to come to terms with my sexuality, to admit it to myself and to my beloved James that I felt this way about him, he was already with someone else. So began the long wait, year in and year out, until he is at last free to be with me as I so profoundly crave. The wait continues still.

    But he is young and beautiful, where I am old and hideous, so perhaps it is fitting that it should be this way. I hope that true love brings dear, beautiful Tom all the strength and comfort that it has stolen from me.

    1. “Old”? At 30? You need a reality check, perhaps in more ways than one.

      1. Hey, I felt uncomfortably old when I was 20, let alone now. As with so many of life’s subjective experiences, it ill behoves one person to demand how another ought to perceive the passage of time.

    2. You cannot judge their relationship by your failed one.

      1. Please don’t be so horrible. It really isn’t edifying.

        My relationship with my James has not “failed”, it has merely been temporarily frustrated by extenuating circumstances. Sure, the long wait until our dreams are fulfilled has been painful and debilitating, but love is worth the wait. Penelope waited twenty years for her Odysseus to return, after all, and I intend to go the distance until everything works out. Nasty backbiting comments on internet forums or no…

  11. Pinknews, I think the best way to not report on a story is to not report on it, rather than writing endless articles about how you’re not reporting on it (and thereby reporting on it anyway), and making a complete mess of your attempts not to report on it. The end result is that you’ve been just as sensationalist as the Sun.

  12. Are you really removing comments criticising PinkNews? Good grief.

    1. PantoHorse 6 Dec 2013, 2:30pm

      Wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve had several comments removed. One of them three times from the same discussion. Censorship is alive and well, and being practised regularly by the powers that be at PN.

  13. Please Pinknews – STOP with the Tom Dally stories. Not interesting. “I love my boyfriend” is not news. Stop. Write something intelligent, something interesting. Stop perpetuating the idea that all gay men care who’s in the closet, who’s dating who. Get some respect and actually conduct some journalism worthy of reading.

    1. I’m totally interested. Can’t wait to find out the truth about his boyfreind, and I can’t wait for the sex tape. I hope pink news provide links when that happens.

      Just so you know. Pink News isn’t some high brow literary pittstop for your daily intellectual fill. It’s a website with gay related news, littered with spelling mistakes, hundreds of adverts, but its bloody brilliant.

      Also, in my opinion, it’s contributed more to connecting its readers to the gay rights issues of today than any other gay news website. It’s owner, Mr Cohen probably cares more about gay rights in one day for setting up this website, than I suspect you do in your lifetime.

  14. Dustin Lance Black is scum.

    Not for being a middle aged barebacker with a reputation for being abusive and predatory towards his teenaged lovers.

    he defended the movie Ender’s Game written by a rabid homophobe Orson Scott Card.
    Black encouraged the LGBT community to give money to homophobes

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