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Speaker John Boehner: Republican Party should support gay candidates

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Reader comments

  1. #1 – For our UK cousins, the Congressman pronounces his own last name, Boehner, as Bay-ner. And, yes, there isn’t a Gay man in the US that isn’t giggling under his breath, knowing full well it should be pronounced as “Boner”. It is due to this simple fact, he’ll never be a US President because whenever he travels, all of the foreign diplomats will call him President Boner. For my children’s sake, I would have changed that name before they were born.

    #2 He is one of the worst of the worst in terms of being against any Gay rights. Because the Republican party had a thorough thrashing as their popularity continues to drop, he is desperately trying to steal votes, making the mistake that Gays are as stupid as his fellow Republicans. It’s a faux-Christian, old, white man party where women and blacks are paraded around as token minorities. “See, we’re not racist, we have this one black woman in our office that makes coffee in the morning. I think she’s Jewish, too!”

  2. Darren Yehuda 6 Dec 2013, 12:05pm

    In other news, 2 black candidates are running for leadership in the KKK. WTF!

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