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Elton John to address Russian anti-gay laws in Moscow concert Friday

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Reader comments

  1. It’d be nice if more celebrities would try and work WITH people on the ground in Russia, instead of making big statements then swanning off and leaving the plebs to deal with the fallout from authorities.

  2. It is good that Sir Elton still intends to go and confront the situation. Madonna got away with it but I hope he is careful. He would make a retry glamourous hostage if Putin decided to get nasty.

  3. I hope Elton makes a really forceful peaceful protest that gives the Russian authorities one BIG headache.

    If they stop the concert, arrest him or deport him then they’ll get unwelcome headlines all around the world. If they turn a blind eye then it undermines their nasty new laws. It’s a win-win situation.

    Making a forceful protest is a quid pro quo for going to Russia. If it’s made effectively it would be far better than a boycott because a non-concert wouldn’t be news for long.

    Good luck Elton and whatever you do, don’t let us down !

  4. Christopher in Canada 6 Dec 2013, 11:49am

    I don’t know – I want to think well of his intentions, but “being cautious onstage” translates to ” I’ll do my show and be paid my ticket sales” more than anything else, in my mind. I’ve never regarded him as a political spokesperson for the Gay Community, and I’ve heard his music on my radio since Daniel and Your Song, back when he was still a tenor. I guess we need to wait and see what transpires.

    1. I’m sorry, Christopher but your statement is ignorant. Elton John is one of the most outspoken people in the world on equal rights for the GLBT community. And he puts his money where his mouth is.
      Since its founding, the Elton John Aids Foundation, for which he works tirelessly, has raised over $125 million.
      In 2004 he donated over $43 million to organizations around the world, making him the most generous person in music – a title he retains year after year.
      I’m not even a huge fan of the music but credit where credit is due.
      Every time somebody tries to do something positive people like you have a bitch about it. #ownworstenemy

      1. Christopher in Canada 6 Dec 2013, 4:13pm

        Well, aren’t we being testy? Not enough sugar in your wheaties this morning? I thought my comment covered both sides of the situation, especially regarding a gay performer from my generation who plays for gross American conservatives. You are the one painting him one colour. I use several. PS – I came out before he did, have contributed my money and talents to the AIDS Committee of Toronto, and was an AIDS Buddy while he was still in a drug haze. As far as I’m concerned, he has only been playing catch-up.

        1. What do you want sweetheart, a Merit Badge?

          1. Christopher in Canada 8 Dec 2013, 3:24am

            What do you want? How have you contributed to the struggle?

  5. I hope he makes a good statement, and that there is a reaction to it by Putin and the government. That would do more to highlight this issue around the world than anything else.

    Putin’s arrogance is renowned, and there are several politicians in his government who would not hesitate to arrest him without thinking of the global ramifications. Perhaps that would be the best option, although uncomfortable for Elton it would highlight this story across the planet and focus all eyes on that despicable government.

    I said before that if Elton performed and didn’t challenge Putin’s government on this he would be classed as a sell-out and collaborator. I would support him going and performing if he uses it as an opportunity to highlight the abuses of Putin’s regime.

  6. This could go one of two ways: 1: the Russian dictatorship will ignore him and look weak. 2: Elton will be arrested and the Russian dictatorship will look like the backwards, idiotic homophobes they already are. I shall be watching with interest.

  7. That There Other David 7 Dec 2013, 11:10am

    The Russian authorities will play this down. It’s their only option out. Throwing Elton John in prison would be enormous news across the world.

    Elton is lucky that this concert is happening before the Sochi Olympics though. I’m not sure that the Russians would give the same care and attention to world opinion once those are over.

  8. Frank Boulton 8 Dec 2013, 6:56am

    It’s highly commendable that Sir Elton is prepared to take such high-profile action over what is happening in Russia. It will no doubt bring some small comfort to LGBTI Russians to see that there are people abroad who are concerned for them. However, it will do little to melt the hearts of Putin and his henchmen. Sir Elton’s protest will just prove to the Russian authorities that they need to take an even stronger stance against “Western decadence”. They will just become more resolute that the Russian people must use their “moral strength” to fight the trends followed by the developed nations. There can be no positive reports of Sir Elton’s concert and protest in the Russian media without those responsible being put on trial for “promoting non-traditional relationships”. The little comfort that Sir Elton will bring to Russian gays and lesbians will still be more good than most other protesters has so far achieved.

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