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Watch this bi guy jump out of a plane naked to raise money for terminally ill kids

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Reader comments

  1. Leave the shadow in…?

    PN you cheeky things

  2. Elston Gunn 4 Dec 2013, 12:36pm

    Wow, you did it, well done! Amazing effort for a great cause

    1. Ooops accidently pressed the report button when giving you a thumbs up sorry xxxx

  3. Many thanks pink news for all your support in this story :)

  4. Many thanks for all your support Pink news :D

  5. Helen Kalmár 4 Dec 2013, 1:18pm

    Good for him that he raised money but is it necessary to state that he is bi. his name would have been sufficient.

    1. Derek Williams 4 Dec 2013, 2:16pm

      Because LGBT are thought often to be self centred sex addicts, it is important to see that we can be good citizens too. It also empowers others to avoid fulfilling the prophecy of contempt.

    2. Our opponents chomp at the bit to mention sexuality when a less positive story is being reported. Well done Dan, jumping out of a plane with clothes on is challenging enough.

  6. Surely the nub of this story is that he raised money for ill kids; not that he identifies as bisexual, ambidextrous or whatever. What the heck does it matter? Get a grip Pink News!!! And isn’t it now becoming more widely accepted that “gay”, “bi” and “straght” are now recognised as loaded terms that cannot ever hope to accurately describe the fluidity of many people’s sexuality now that people feel freer to explore that side of themselves? And let’s face it sexuality is only a small part of who people are overall. Time that the gay lobby accepted that most people can no longer be neatly and conveniently labelled and categorised.

    1. Derek Williams 4 Dec 2013, 2:16pm

      Because LGBT are thought often to be self centred sex addicts, it is important to see that we can be good citizens too. It also empowers others to avoid fulfilling the prophecy of contempt.

    2. BlokeToys 4 Dec 2013, 3:53pm

      In an ideal world it wouldn’t matter, but we do not live in an ideal world.
      I think it’s beneficial to promote the idea that LGBT people are doing all kinds of great things, and associating their acts to these positive things can help to change the stigma and unfounded bullsh*t from those who would eagerly state our sexuality when wishing to attack us.

      When our sexuality is no longer used as a method of attack by fanatical bigots, then we should stop promoting the good things that people do and associating their identities to their sexualities. Until that day comes, bring on the good news with all the sexual labels we can gather!

    3. I am perfectly happy with the article, I appreciate what you are saying, but Pink News have done so epic in getting me sponsors :) They call me a guy and a skydiver, just descriptions of what makes me me :)

  7. But I wanted to see his willy waving in the breeze!!!! Disappointed but congratulations anyway!

    1. casparthegood 5 Dec 2013, 12:02am

      In those temperatures ? Just thinking about it causes shrinkage :-)

  8. Good for him – well done..!!! Lots of respect!!!
    But what’s the fact that he’s Bi got to do with it….????
    I’m Bi and totally out – but I never feel the need to attach a note about it to any achievement in life…

  9. Why do you have to say “this BI guy” … why not just “this guy?”

  10. Elston Gunn 4 Dec 2013, 9:24pm

    I’d also like to give due respect to Dan in being open about his sexuality. It is unfortunate, but true, that most of the time we only read about celebrities, people whose jobs are dependent on their sexuality (charities etc.), or victims of crimes. For Dan to put his name and face, and now naked body, in a popular news outlet takes guts – I hope we hear more fun community news like this in the future.

  11. Well done to anyone who raises money for charity, however the only reason this is being reported is because the guy is slim, attractive and – most importantly for the “story” – naked. It’s cheap titilation at the most obvious tabloid level.

    Like I said, well done to him for doing it and this is in no way a dig at him, but I think it’s ridiculous that this is “news”. They’ve managed to create a false reason for reporting it because he identifies as bi, but lets get real; they wanted to publish a story about nudity to get all the guys clicking the link in the hope of seeing some flesh.

    I’m gay and will be running the Brighton Marathon next year to raise money for a charity that fights homophobic bullying in schools. Will that be covered by PN? Of course not. If it did it in nothing but a pair of briefs they might because they know it’ll get hits.

    I may be cynical, but this is Daily Mail levels of manipulation.

  12. I do tend to agree with some of the sentiments of the posts below. Plenty of LGBT do things for charity, whether volunteering or fundraising.

    I do t wish to detract from his achievement in raising money for terminally ill kids, but the whole things does seem to be attention seeking.

    Some people are bi. Get over it.

  13. Ciaran McHale 8 Dec 2013, 12:46pm

    If the article was about a gay man who sky dived naked for charity rather than a bi man doing the same thing, then I suspect there wouldn’t be so many posts here claiming that the man’s sexuality is irrelevant to the story.

    As for nudity being titillating, not everyone feels that way. For me, the main thing about this story is that the man found a novel variation on a fund-raising idea to make his fund-raising more effective. To him, I say congratulations and “Thank You” for doing something for a good cause.

  14. “Bi guy” or just… “Guy”? Here’s one way to encourage homophobia, by pretending LGBT people are in some way different or separate from the rest of the population.

  15. Aryugaetu 2 Jan 2014, 8:55pm

    I tend to agree with many of the other commenters here. His sexuality has no bearing on the event. We all get it; Gays and Bis are people, and we can skydive naked, too (these days, who doesn’t?) If 2 guys were the first Gays to get married while skydiving, then it would be salient. Personally, I probably wouldn’t see the video unless it were 2 naked Gays getting married while skydiving with the whole naked wedding party.

    Regardless, always give to the less fortunate whenever possible. Many will allow you to be naked while donating online or over the phone. If you can’t donate money, donate your time… but, they’ll probably want you to be dressed when you arrive.

  16. Stoke Pride 4 Jan 2014, 11:09am

    Well done Dan from all your friends at Stoke Pride x

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