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Survey: 74% of Americans oppose Russia’s anti-gay laws, but 59% against Olympic boycott

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Reader comments

  1. Danila in Russia 4 Dec 2013, 2:13pm

    The fact that a quarter of Americans AGREE with the laws is downright sickening.

    1. … but given the degree of religious brainwashing endured by the citizens of the USA over the years, it’s not really surprising.

    2. Given the almost exclusively parochial nature of US news, the result isn’t really surprising: I wonder how many know just how nasty these new laws are.

      It also depends just how biased the questions were; we’ve seen how the Christian churches used a ComRes poll to get the answer they wanted.

      It would have been helpful if PN had given us the exact wording and told us who commissioned the poll.

  2. I too am against a boycott. But I am for the IOC abiding by its OWN ‘Fundamental Principals’. These games should be taken away from Russia and staged somewhere which is not in breach of IOC’s Article 6. The IOC has lost a perfect opportunity to show that discrimination – on ANY grounds – is totally unacceptable. Not to have done so demonstrates that it is complicit in Russia’s homophobia. The IOC is a disgrace and has lost what little credibility remained.

  3. How very interesting.

  4. George Broadhead 4 Dec 2013, 4:21pm

    I don’t think 59% constitutes “an overwhelming majority”.

  5. Glasgow Oliver 4 Dec 2013, 8:35pm

    26% of Yanks are W@nks

  6. So…..26% of Americans are Country Music fans.

    YeeHaw for Jesus!

  7. noneofyourbusiness 4 Dec 2013, 10:57pm

    This is pretty disturbing, that this is what America has boiled down to…… Gay loving, abortionists. I am deeply sickened.

  8. noneofyourbusiness 4 Dec 2013, 10:59pm

    I commend Russia from the bottom of my heart. Thank YOU guys over there for standing your ground and not appealing to sick, twisted individuals who wish to pervert our very way of life.

  9. So a quarter of americans are against free speech…do they know where they live? Maybe they should be imported to Russia because they are against their own constitution.

  10. I live in America and over the years as I’ve grown and lived through the majority of my life, I’ve grown very unhappy with how hateful people are here. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend this much money on a 2 week event that awards very few and has zero impact on anyone’s life outside of the participants. And for this complete nothing of a return for the average person, financially or even personally, it’s even more of a disgrace that even 59% would not boycott these games. Even with the human rights issues for us put aside, 50 billion would go a long way towards bettering your country for it’s own people on a more permanent basis, as well as spare some unfortunate homeless dogs from being poisoned. Can’t say much living in a country where people go nuts because some phony billionaires dress up as hillbillies for 6 months out of the year because they promote hate an intolerance. It tells you where the mindset is here (and that’s why we’re moving out of the country).

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