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Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger denies paper outed gay GCHQ staff

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Dec 2013, 11:30am

    I find it very odd that Ellis should consider a Pride group relevant to the GCHQ inquiry. Smacks of pre 1967 when gays were considered security risks even though he’s supportive of LGBT equality. Nobody was outed so I fail to see why he brought it up.

    1. Tory ignorance and bias, just a guess. It seems to be a habit with some of that persuation. ;)

    2. He brought it up because MP’s know that the public is backing the Guardian and Snowden, and they hate it. They’re looking for anything and everything they can find to attack them with, and they hoped that this would get the UK LGBT community riled up.

      These MP’s are so stupid they actually think we’re stupider than them. The truth is that the public is outraged at the breach of our rights, the wholesale selling of citizens to the NSA, and the complete degradation of democracy in this country. Nothing they try will change that opinion.

  2. How utterly ridiculous!
    So basically, this is now becoming a hatchet job where they’re desperate to attack the Guardian over anything they can think of, and hoped that this little revelation would somehow turn a section of society against them.

    The fact that there’s a LGBT group is not a shock, no more so than any other group within such a large organization. It doesn’t “out” anyone at all, and they know it.

    Nothing said here is going to change the opinions of the majority of the British public – the government has allowed a shadowy group of powerful individuals to breach the basic rights of free and innocent citizens, consistently and repeatedly. This secretive cabal is a threat to democracy and has to be reigned in very publicly.

  3. A Tory MP trying to stand up for the rights of LGBT members of GCHQ… What delicious irony.

  4. It says on GCHQ’s own website that they have “established support networks for women, disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), and black and minority-ethnic (BME) employees” and that they are “part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme”. Incidentally, I also found a reference to their cake sales.

    Blatant mudslinging combined with a (presumably) straight politician playing the LGBT card on our behalf. Ugh.

  5. The desperate scrambling of the government (and much of the media – you know, the ones who were complaining about press regulation not very long ago) to sling any mud at the Guardian in the hope that some of it might stick is truly pathetic to watch.

    Rusbridger’s response to the question was as deservedly contemptuous as Ellis should have expected.

  6. Patrick Lyster-Todd 4 Dec 2013, 3:28pm

    I’m afraid that this just goes to show that some Conservative MP’s (aside from being closet homophobes – they still just don’t get it do they?) have infinitely smaller IQ’s than the editors of national papers (though I’d better exclude the Mail from this – better used as emergency Andrex). Anyway – good put down by Mr Rusbridger.

  7. Both sides are subtly playing on the public-disdain-for-gays card. They are using homosexuality as mud to throw at each other. The Guardian by casually linking GCHQ to “organised” homosexuality (why was it newsworthy in the context of the privacy issue?). The UK government by arresting the investigative journalist’s partner in order to make the public aware of his homosexuality and hate him a bit more.

  8. Desperate measure to try and imply that the Guardian had outed some people. Surely the MP should be aware that almost all Government Departments now have LGBT Groups. I chaired one myself and many have fostered links to Stonewall and openly advertise that their Group exists.

    Cool response from Alan Rusbridger though – I like it.

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