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Dick Cheney: I wish Mary Cheney hadn’t attacked her sister for not supporting equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I would say Dick is remonstrating with the wrong daughter, it was after all Liz Cheney that has the problem with her sisters relationship and marriage and went public about it on TV.

  2. bobbleobble 4 Dec 2013, 1:20pm

    It was Liz Cheney who threw her sister under the bus in an attempt to appeal to the voters of Wyoming. She attacked her sister and Mary and her wife simply acted to defend themselves and point out Liz’s hypocrisy. Still who would expect Dick to act fair?

    1. Not true.

      Mary Cheney has ALWAYS supported bigots.

      She does not live in Wyoming so why is sh suddenly for the first time in her life interested in equality?

      She made that post about Liz to assure the voters of Wyoming that Liz is a bigot they can feel comfortable voting for

  3. So its alright for one daughter to publicise her views because she is heterosexual but not alright for the other daughter who is gay. Love how hypocrisy in politics is seen as alright

  4. I wish Dick Cheney was on trial for his crimes against humanity.

    the Cheneys are evil scum – Mary included.

    Mary donated money to Mitt Romney – a religious lunatic who wanted to amend the constitution to ban equal marriage.

  5. This is a guy who ‘accidentally’ shot his friend in the face… He hardly has good judgement in any context…

  6. People need to remember Mary Cheney’s shameful history of supporting and making donations to homophobic bigots.

    This whole ‘dispute’ is fake.

    Mary Cheney does not care whether gay people can marry. If she did then she would not have supported Bush or Romney.

    Her Facebook message is very calculating. The religious loons which make up the base of the support for the Republic**ts need assurances that Liz Cheney is a bigot.

    Mary has done this. She is supporting her bigot sister by solidifying her support among the loons.

  7. ““It’s always been dealt with within the context of the family and frankly that’s our preference.”

    The rallying cry of the dysfunctional family. Except that marriage equality is much bigger than a family issue.

  8. I’m sure it would have been lovely for the family if Mary had kept her mouth shut – just as it would have been lovely for the rest of us if Liz had kept her hypocritical, redneck mouth shut on the subject.
    Having said that, Mary is also a redneck

  9. Mary Cheney has NEVER supported equality before.

    She has consistently supported homophobic extremists.

    Republicans in Wyoming are suspicious that Liz may be a liberal.

    Not any more.

    Liz and Mary and Dick must be congratulating themselves at this clever wheeze.

  10. RoughRugger 4 Dec 2013, 3:27pm

    It IS strange that Mary, who has never had any trouble with anyone else’s anti-gay views, or silence in the face of anti-gay views, would suddenly find the need to stand up for equality. It definitely makes it seem like she’s providing cover for Liz. She certainly gave Liz cred amongst the WY bigot crowd.

  11. Now what’s that phrase I’m searching for … the one Republicans use against us all the time when they’re trying to scaremonger people into believing Gay Rights equals Soddom and Gommoragh? Oh yes – that’s right: ‘Family Values’.

  12. BlokeToys 4 Dec 2013, 3:45pm

    Typical political scum, saying one thing in person but something else to their audience. Liz is being a disgusting political slimeball, saying whatever she needs to say to get votes, even willing to attack her own family for a couple of extra votes from her bigoted audience.

    We all know that politicians are some of the lowest form of Human life on the planet, and this is just another example of that. These people are ruthless, even with their own families, willing to sell everyone down the rive if it means getting that position.

    Absolutely gross!

    1. Surely you don’t believe Mary Cheney cares about equality.

      The last time she was in the news was for donating $3000 of her own money to Mitt Romney – a man who wanted to amend the US constitution.

      This whole story is a scam by the Cheneys to get Liz elected.

  13. Tom Cotner 4 Dec 2013, 4:13pm

    Mr. Cheney never has had to embrace the scorn of those whose hatred of homosexuals knows no bounds — he has had only to fend off those few who criticized him for lying to the American public about the Iraq war. Not at all the same!!!

  14. You can’t reason with a Republican! On one hand he is outspoken against equality… but it is not OK for his daughter to advocate equality! He is deluded by his own hypocrisy.

    Further, to insinuate that it was a family matter and should stay that way… tosh! Here is a man standing in the way of progress and equality, not just for daughter, but for the LGBT in America. His daughter has a justified right to speak out, just as her sister did when thrown under a bus.

    If the man doesn’t want family matters made public… Why is he writing books about himself and his various heart conditions etc. It seems he shoots himself in the foot with every thing he tries to justify. He can speak out about his medical conditions… the love and support of his loving family… but his daughter can’t (or shouldn’t according to him) speak of the lack of love and support she and her partner receive from her family. He does it for money… but she can’t for her rights? Hypocrite!

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