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Comment: Why PinkNews has not reported on speculation about Tom Daley’s relationship

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Dec 2013, 5:58pm

    Yet Pride PAC boldly stated he’s dating Dustin Lance Black? How would they know?

    1. Exactly! How would they know? So, why are you repeating speculation?

  2. Chris Quinton 4 Dec 2013, 6:07pm

    Good for you. A balanced, well thought out, non-hysterical response. Kudos to you. Wish more would follow your example. He’s a legal adult, he made his announcement with dignity, and who he dates is no one’s business but his and A.N. Other. For those who bleat he’s too young – I’d say that being in the public spotlight for so long, carrying the responsibility of the hopes and prayers of a nation in major worldwide competitions, is likely to have made him mature beyond his years. Good luck to him. I wish him every happiness.

  3. Elston Gunn 4 Dec 2013, 6:23pm

    This is just speculation and no doubt we’ll find out in he fullness of time, but would it be fair to say that Daley was about to be outed anyway and thus we’re all reveling in something that he’s extremely uncomfortable about? Hence the ambiguous nature of his video. Did he get a phone call from some hack and then decided to put out there himself? I’d be interested to know.

    1. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:06am

      I suspected something like that myself. Remeber Stephen Gateley? I don’t think we have the full facts yet.

    2. PRflannel 6 Dec 2013, 3:33am

      Somebody else agrees with you-

    3. Clearly, the whole thing has been carefully managed by his management. We must keep the sponsors happy, so don’t say you’re gay – and those hundreds of thousands of female followers on Twitter, hey, say you’re still interested in girls. And just to ensure that everyone knows you’re still playing for Team GB, we’ll film you leaning against pillows with a design of the Union flag on them.

  4. Ms. Audrey 4 Dec 2013, 6:26pm

    Call me unenlightened, but who is Tom Daley, and why is it important that he came out?

  5. @MileHighJoe1 4 Dec 2013, 6:30pm


  6. Not a criticism of this article, but could we now please leave this little boy alone (ye,s little, he’s a 19 year-old pubescent teenager)??? As such he probably doesn’t know for certain what label he’d like to apply himself, as society now dictates. Let’s turn our attention to ourselves instead of obsessing about this kid’s relationship and what typecast he should be given.

  7. PantoHorse 4 Dec 2013, 6:36pm

    Good grief. Couldn’t bare a day with a Tom Daley story? At least it hasn’t been full on saturation today and, with any luck, you’ll leave the guy alone soon.

    1. BlokeToys 5 Dec 2013, 1:10pm

      I don’t see this all over the national news, and PN is a LGBT news source. Would you like to read articles on the health benefits of Brussels sprouts instead? Or perhaps you want 24 hour news coverage of the windy weather?

      I’d suggest that you’re forgotten what PN is SUPPOSED to be about. This is not a national news site, this is a LGBT news site, and this as an adequate story to follow.

      1. PantoHorse 5 Dec 2013, 9:02pm

        My comment was specifically about PN coverage and the saturation in PN on this story.
        I agree – this is a story for PN to cover. But I don’t think it needs so many articles.

  8. Gordon Patten 4 Dec 2013, 6:40pm

    After the initial “shock” reporting I think todays comment from Pink News is sensible, correct and balanced. I commend Pink News for this. I to tried to say this on Facebook to a number of people (no one of importance just general friends and acquaintances) and they too were of a similar mind. It seems that the “every day” press and gutter press have on thing and one thing in mind – to sell papers and subscriptions and this they shall do in any they can regardless of the truth.

    I also commended Tom Daley on Facebook. He is not just a shining example to his peer group, he is in my view, an ambassador to his sport, his family and his partner and his friends. We need a lot more Tom Daley’s in the world generally, be they LGBT or str8 – indeed be they black, green with pink spots, whatever it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how we treat each other.

  9. Brian Martin 4 Dec 2013, 6:49pm

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Exactly what I said as soon as I saw the headline in the Advocate. Kudos to you and shame on the rest of the mags for posting rumor and innuendo.

  10. Kudos to you PN after all there are other stories in the world. And if the speculations turn out to be BS you won’t be the ones with egg on the face. And if these speculations are the reason Tom decided to make the announcement to pull the rug out from under some grubby reporter from the gutter press, you at least have taken the high ground by refusing to sink into the mire with the daily rags. I can still remember the turmoil and stress i felt when i first came out and i think how much that would have been magnified if i was being stalked by the gutter press for any dirt, i can only imagine what the poor guy must be going through. Again kudos for not sinking into the mire along with the rest of the sewer rats.

  11. Stephen Glenn 4 Dec 2013, 6:56pm

    This is just what I was thinking earlier today when that “so called” paper that I have not trusted since April 1989 made its “exclusive” announcement. Well done to Pink News a paper that understands what it means for teens to take time to come to terms with their own sexuality to take the most mature stance of all the media outlets today it would seem.

  12. Al Robinson 4 Dec 2013, 7:05pm

    I think Tom’s decision to come out and the way he chose to do it is inspirational. He does not define himself or his relationship. For me, his video makes us look at ourselves more than anything. What should it matter to anyone what a persons sexual orientation (or even gender identity) is for that matter? What should it matter to anyone who they choose to be in a relationship with? One of the things that defines our humanity is our desire to be happy and for those around us to be happy. That should be the only thing that matters. Those who seek to remove that happiness by saying or doing things should hang their heads in shame. I have always admired and respected Tom Daley and Pink News. But the events of these few days have taken that admiration to a whole new level. These are the things which make a real positive difference to peoples lives. Setting the example for others to follow <3

  13. At least PN has finally got something right.

    But yesterday you got it horribly wrong by seeking out the most hideous comments (your own admission) that you could find on Twitter and republishing them absolutely verbatim. That was inexcusable.

    I hope PN is belatedly realising that churning something out fast is not the only thing that matters.

    1. I disagree that PN should not have published those negative comments. As unpleasant and upsetting say were, we need to be aware of positive AND negative reactions to GLBT interest news stories.

  14. Nicholas McMillan 4 Dec 2013, 7:52pm

    This is a paper that has respect and that is the way it should be. The person that wrote this should know that he is doing the write thing. I am so happy that there are people in this world that have a heart. God bless you and I respect the way you thank.

  15. Pink News has really impressed me over it’s reporting of Tom Daley’s coming out. It’s not often you get a news outlet who take an ethical stance. Well done everyone at Pink News!

    Furthermore, on a slightly different topic, I’ve also been really impressed with Pink News over the last year or 2, and especially in recent months, specifically for their in-depth coverage of LGBT Scottish stories which tend to go largely unreported by the Scottish mainstream media, who clearly don’t think any of their readers might be LGBT. They often also go unreported by London based LGBT outlets, who sometimes forget some of their readers might be Scottish. But Pink News has been fantastic in reporting these stories.

    Let’s hope Pink News continues to go from strength to strength!

  16. Gimme a break. Look at yourself. You are now reporting a story on why you are not reporting a story! You are as much a part of the media frenzy as anyone else. He is a guy with a boyfriend. This is not World War 3.

    1. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:03am

      Well said!

  17. Are we to be treated from now on to endless long articles about why PN is not reporting on A, B, C, & D?

    Tomorrow: “Why PinkNews has not reported on very nasty rumours about [insert names of endless list of celebrities]”.

  18. Tanukisan 4 Dec 2013, 9:56pm

    TOTALLY agree with the tenor of this article; Tam Daley’s sex-life is Tom Daley’s business. He has chosen to reveal as much as he wishes to quash rumor and speculation; now how about we give the boy some privacy and let him get on with being in love?

  19. Great sentiments, but please learn how to write the Queen’s English – no pun intended. Hire a good editor who understands the proper use of who and WHOM.

  20. Thank you PN. I’m genuinely relieved that you didn’t print the speculation.

    Let’s leave that invasion of privacy to the Daily Mail.

    Let’s give the guy some space and time…. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have every newspaper reporting everything you done in your first same sex relationship!

  21. Why is it so important not to say he’s gay, even mistakenly? Is gay so bad?

    1. I’m with you on this one. He’s dating a 40 year old man. That is Gay. His reluctance to use the word doesn’t make it a label any more than Irish or Jewish is a label.

      1. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:22am

        What does the age of his partner have to do with anything? He hasn’t used the word gay himself, so no one else should. What happend to respect, for god’s sake?

    2. BlokeToys 5 Dec 2013, 1:12pm

      Because he has not stated that, and all information would more accurately suggest that he’s bisexual.
      Aside from all of this, he has not stated that he is gay, and news is supposed to present the facts, not what you want to invent in your mind.

      I wish people would stop insisting what other people are. You are not an authority on the sexuality of others.

    3. Because he himself has not adopted that label. It’s a little thing called “common courtesy,” of which there is way too little these days.

  22. Totally agree with this. Let the kid get on with this in his own way.

  23. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:10am

    No need for speculation – Stephen Green knows it all:

    Just take a look at the comments – one of those kind, compassionate Christians even seems to bre hoping that he will commit suicide. I hope that some of you will leave your own comments – though I doubt that they will be published!

    1. No she’s not hoping any such thing, Barrie. You’ve let your anti-Christian hatred run away with you. And only you have posted an anti-comment at this time of writing.

      1. Dave Godfrey 5 Dec 2013, 5:51pm

        Not anti-Christian, just your twisted, putrid, nasty take on Christianity.

        1. Bob Hutton 6 Dec 2013, 9:33am

          You people go on and on about “bigotry” but I suspect that many “gays” and their supporters have a huge amount of anti-Christian bigotry in their system. Some people believe the Bible to be true – get over it!

          1. Dave Godfrey 8 Dec 2013, 6:07pm

            If people believe in the bible, that’s their problem. You have no right making it other people’s problem. And plenty of Christians have no problem with homosexuality, so I am not the one who’s anti-Christian, you are.

  24. Stephen Birkett 5 Dec 2013, 9:54am

    Good for you!

  25. Stephen Birkett 5 Dec 2013, 10:11am

    Good for you.

  26. HAhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  27. So much for that, I guess!

  28. PRflannel 6 Dec 2013, 3:29am

    Here’s an equally even-handed analysis of it all as a cunning PR stunt.

  29. I couldn’t agree more. There are way too many “stories” floating around and being repeated ad nauseam with nothing behind them whatsoever. I’m perfectly content to wait for Daley to make his own announcement in his own time — if he chooses to do so at all. And if he doesn’t, that’s also up to him.

    After all, it’s not really my business. (Although I admit to a certain amount of envy toward the lucky man — Daley’s a real cutie, and he’s obviously got a head on his shoulders.)

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