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Cleric: Why would I call for the death of gay people when my sister is gay

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Reader comments

  1. What he will say is that he isn’t calling on people to kill gays. Rather, he is a calling for the establishment of an Islamic State in which gays would be executed. That, to Chambers, is an important difference.

    It isn’t to me.

    1. Also, it is male, not female homosexuality which carries the death sentence. So he wouldn’t be calling for the execution of his sister in any circumstances

  2. rapture777 4 Dec 2013, 7:08pm

    Was just watching the news about the possible introduction of terrorist asbos. On bbc London, The double standards/hypocritical group Liberty’s spokesperson was rabbiting on about free speech in universities etc that invite hate speakers but didn’t Liberty oppose Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom party from proclaiming free speech.
    So this evil cleric is allowed a platform for his views but any civilised person opposing such is not. This country is doomed.

  3. Come off it, Peter. Everyone knows Muslims don’t kill their sisters.

  4. Watch this deluded religious nutter here:

    He is SO playing a role!
    He is SO performing the role of some kind of sage!

    It’s hilarious what some people will do in order to acquire feelings of self-importance in the world!

  5. A hate filled bigot hiding behind a protected fascist ideology – again. He can say anything offensive and get away with it but if we criticise him or his brain rotting religion – that’s racist!

  6. johnny33308 5 Dec 2013, 7:54am

    Maybe because you’re Islamic, and we commonly hear of such things happening…females can be killed at a whim, when the man deems it is ‘necessary’….maybe that’s why you would ‘call’ for such a thing? The old ‘honor killing’ thing maybe? Calling for the deaths of LGBT people is rather common and mundane in some Muslim and Christian circles, and Hindus as well….the Jews don’t really do that sort of thing any more. Oddly, only the religious and no one else call for such inhuman and criminal acts…

  7. It’s the usual stuff. They voice their deranged hatred when ‘among friends’, say something else to other people, and think no-one will leak or spot the difference.
    Stupidity and pathological hatred. Bedfellows, it would seem.

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