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Australia: ACT equal marriage law could be struck down five days after taking effect

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Reader comments

  1. “a uniform approach throughout the commonwealth”??? He wants to ally Australia with the politics of backward African countries rather than the civilised world. That’s deep-rooted homophobia!

    1. A pom able to use wikipedia 4 Dec 2013, 11:43pm

      The Commonwealth of Australia i.e the Australian federal government.

      1. Thanks. In that case it’s simple. Legalize it across all states. No problem with consistency there.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Dec 2013, 7:49pm

    Let’s hope it’s not struck down.

    Meanwhile, we’re still languishing with no date as to when the first marriages can take place by summer 2014. It’s been almost five months since the law was passed and no indication of a date. Absurd.

    1. barrybear1980 5 Dec 2013, 8:10am

      Indeed, and your local register office won’t even think about holding a date even for October 2014 because no date has been agreed :(

  3. Christopher in Canada 5 Dec 2013, 3:02am

    Just what is Australia’s problem? Canada is just as rural and backwoods, a few cities, but really, AM Country and Western radio coast to coast to coast… you’d think that Oz would have passed it before us…

    1. I understand; Australia does not have a Charter of Rights like in Canada (I believe equal marriage was started in provincial State courts in Canada before it was enacted nationwide in Canada by the National Parliament) Unfortunately Australia does not have that option of basic law in its constitution. So I hope ACT have managed to find a loop hole in the 1961 marriage act, and it’s not struck down, there is a section which refers to state and territory local laws?!

    2. It’s a problem I’ve been seeing that anti-gay people think their country is different and allowing marriage equality will some how, in some undefined way, will hurt their society even when it’s had zero impact on others like Canada. I think such attitudes are ludicrous. Same sex couples are just as capable of having lasting loving relationships as opposite sex ones. There is evidence that they are just as good at parenting too with some evidence that lesbian couples are better at developing their children. There is NO evidence that same sex couples with raise their children to be homosexual – opposite sex couples do that.

    3. I think politicians have a bit of a backbone in Canada, they were willing to do the right thing even if it meant losing votes. The same can be said of pollies in Hawaii, France, Scotland, NZ and (to some extent) here in Westminster. Thats not to say that I like Cameron, but at least I admit he and Clegg have some decency and a conscience. In Australia, all politicians care about is votes and supporting a minority group is usually not a good way to win votes. Womens suffrage, abolition of slavery, banning the use of corporal punishment against children, none of them were “popular” when they occurred. Plus Australia is a very religious country. Ever been to Adelaide? Theres pretty much a church on every street!

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