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Archbishop of Wales ‘delighted’ to be attending gay Christian carol service

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Reader comments

  1. This man believes that gay people are 2nd class citizens who should not have legal equality.

    He also believes in a supernatural sky fairy.

    My sympathy to those people brainwashed by bigoted religions like this man’s.

    Pink News really has an unhealthy obsession with religion.

    Weird seeing as I believe most LGBT people are atheist or agnostic.

    1. What a bigoted email! Sky fairy indeed – childish, ignorant view of the concept of God, a being that extremely intelligent people such as Einstein and C.S.Lewis believed in. Also, which gay people are you referring to when you make your sweeping statement about most LGBT people being atheists or agnostics? From India? From Thailand? I feel sorry for bigoted, short-sighted atheists like yourself who take such a patronising view of LGBT religious people! We don’t need or want your narrow-minded pity – we already get that from fundamentalists!

      1. While I completely disagree with SteveC’s hateful comments regarding persons of faith, it doesn’t help to try to “support” your cause with myth. C.S. Lewis WAS a devout Christian. Einstein, however, was not. he was more than agnostic. He called himself an “agnostic”, but was clear that that he did not believe in the concept of a “personal god” (ie: god personified).

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