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Six of the most hideous reactions to Tom Daley’s coming out video

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Reader comments

  1. He won Bronze! But I can’t believe what some people will say publicly!

    1. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 4:33am


      1. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 4:41am

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    2. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 4:39am

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  2. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2013, 1:47pm

    Unlike the courage of Tom, the haters wouldn’t dare show their faces in public and utter their disgusting bile which simply proves how cowardly and woefully ignorant they are with less intelligence than pond life.

    1. I’ve seen a few people make quite vitriolic comments on twitter. Most of them are “religious” or “Born again”. They usually don’t have a face picture so they can hide behind a faceless profile while they spew their hate. MrAidenRussell is one in particular. He constantly tweets homophobic comments but spends his time visiting Pink News. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the trolls I have seen on here now and then.

      1. Religious or born again merely means suffering from a serious mental illness, so there is no need to become concerned about what such people say.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2013, 2:27pm

        I too have seen it on Twitter. You’re probably right about Aiden Russell too. I can only imagine what is being said on Facebook, My Space and others.

      3. Beelzeebub 3 Dec 2013, 3:01pm

        You can contact Mr Aiden Russell as follows:

        He is one twisted individual..

        1. I’m blocked by Aiden as I called him a c*** after several run ins with him and reading his tweets. Debate with him is futile. He blocks most people that question him. Now I just highlight to my followers some of the more moronic tweets he posts. I know I shouldn’t lower myself to swearing but he really infuriates me.

          1. Beelzeebub 3 Dec 2013, 4:51pm

            In that case, this will give you a good laugh.


        2. LOL Thanks Beelzeebub … Although I have seen that link by Stavvers before. I loved it :-)
          Aiden is an absolute loon. As is his pal QuietPreacher. Always the same people that pop up whenever it is anything to do with the LGBT community. One day the pair of them will go too far and hopefully they will get their just desserts.

  3. Supporting Tom 3 Dec 2013, 1:48pm

    would be interesting to see what the police do on this one. regardless of Tom wishing to take it further or not. As always, replace the word gay (and abhorent versions of it) with black or jew and you can see that this would be racist…. I hope the police really start treating hate crime with equal measure – gay, bi, lesbian, black, jew, indian etc. All the same hatred

    1. Paula Thomas 3 Dec 2013, 2:16pm

      Will Twitter release the names and email addresses of the people doing this to the British Police? Probably not!!

      1. I have been retweeting thier horrid messages to the following …… do the same! @GalopLondon @MerseyPolice @stophateuk @true_vision_hc Please do something about hate crimes

        1. Robert Rowley 3 Dec 2013, 5:59pm

          Read the article on HuffPo, far more viscous posts there, many from the UK where their comments are considered hate speech and a crime.

    2. Rhoderick Gates 7 Dec 2013, 3:46am

      And if they’re overseas, outside the UK?

  4. Supporting Tom 3 Dec 2013, 1:52pm

    from alltomyself on twitter……….. I’m praying for all my followers! Homosexuality is a serious disease and it’s very hard to defeat.

    1. So is bigotry and unthinking hatred for fellow men.

    2. Typical miserable fundie.

  5. Will such exhibitions of cruelty and hatred convince that considerable number of gay men who have said in these threads things like “NOBODY cares if your gay any more! Get a life! Get off your soap-boxes!”

    Oh, no, there’s still a massive amount of homophobia out there, even in our own “advanced” UK society.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2013, 2:30pm

      Thoroughly agree with that, Eddy. What is so saddening is that some of the homophobic comments are coming from some of our own. Ironically, right now Parliament is discussing cyber bullying.

  6. And there it is toleration at its best but never acceptance. Be gay but keep you mouth shut and “don’t shove it down out throats”.

    1. Yes. For many people its OK for Tom to be gay, but if he snogged his boyfriend as in celebration of winning a medal or did anything else overtly gay, the reaction would be different.

      1. Being tolerated is not a healthy state. When I lived abroad me and bf used to hold hands and had regular picnics in our local park snuggled up without anyone batting an eyelid. I would never do that here. I made a huge mistake coming back, but I’m rectifying it

        1. Where “abroad”?

  7. If everyone replies to their tweets and @’s @GalopLondon @MerseyPolice @stophateuk @true_vision_hc then hopefully the evidence is there and something can be done

  8. two minutes googling and I found where one of these trolls lives – and a picture of him in a very camp outfit!

    1. Name and shame please

  9. Supporting Tom 3 Dec 2013, 2:31pm

    Whats even more shocking is that Jonathon 1990 is a gay guy himself it would seem!

    1. Internalised homophobia through gender role social conditioning this is the main cause of the bulk of homophobia and you`ll notice it comes mostly from males not so much females patriarchy strikes again.

      1. Rudehamster 3 Dec 2013, 6:12pm

        A straight friend of mine noted that, should the ranks of homophobes ever run out of abusive comments, they look no further than yesterday’s plethora of appalling abuse from gay men. We truly are our worst enemy at times.

  10. I thought twitter were cleaning up their act with abusive twitterings, after the misogynistic controversy.

  11. That There Other David 3 Dec 2013, 3:01pm

    Tom Daley has achieved more in his 19 years than any of those losers have, especially that bunch of placard-waving freaks in Topeka. Nobody gives a toss what they say, nor will they ever, and the poor little mites can’t handle it.

  12. LGBT* in UKIP 3 Dec 2013, 3:01pm

    We are proud to have Tom as part of the LGBT family. He is a true inspiration to many young aspiring athletes out there and we must show support for those who have the courage to be who they are in the face of discrimination. We utterly condemn the faceless attacks made against him on social media and will continue our work in the spread of tolerance. Every single one of us should be proud to have an athletes of Tom’s stranded wrapped on a Union Flag, why on earth should that pride be diminished because he’s LGBT.

    We love you Tom :-) x

    1. For heaven’s sake, he’s not Lesbian or Transgendered ! That really is PC taken just a bit too far.

      1. LGBT* in UKIP 3 Dec 2013, 3:35pm

        How so? Since there is some controversy surrounding labeling him “gay” or “bi” specifically, seems appropriate just to refer to him as one of us.
        Really don’t see what your problem with the phrase “lgbt” is.

      2. What is that supposed to mean? He is a part of the LGBT community / family. I thought we had evolved past segregation by now. Ridiculous.

      3. That There Other David 3 Dec 2013, 3:59pm

        “Political Correctness” is a phrase normally only uttered by swivel-eyed loons after reading too many Daily Mail editorials, pitiful cases who seemingly cannot abide people being inclusive rather than divisive towards other human beings. All very sad, in both senses.

  13. Copy in the link to this article and report the offensive tweets to Twitter

  14. That_Matt 3 Dec 2013, 3:29pm

    One has to wonder why Pink News decided to trawl through twitter comments just to search for hateful things to write a news story about. If that isn’t just a poor attempt at baiting a reaction from your readership, I don’t know what is. It’s like dangling raw meat in front of a tiger.

    Poor, irrelevant journalism. We all know that people hate us. We don’t need you to constantly remind us of the fact.

  15. Sometimes PN can be worse than the unlamented News of The World.

    Just as with Westboro, PN delights in giving further gratuitous publicity to the predictable hate speech that disfigures Twitter. There was absolutely no need to publish these tweets verbatim; it would have been quite sufficient to run a brief summary saying that Twitter were being far too slow in deleting them.

    I hope that PN isn’t starting to go the same way as Stonewall. There’s nothing wrong in being profitable, but it’s all too easy for the corporate tail to wag the dog and lose sight of what the original objectives were.

    1. I don’t want PN or anyone else to censor the news for me. Sure, I would be mortified if any news outlet glorified the language in these Tweets, but simply not to report them or to censor them is not a solution. I tend to think that ‘know your enemy’ is a good stanhd to take and for that reason I am interested in what the Tweets actually said.

      On occasion there are news stories where I see a headline and think ‘I don’t actually want to read that/see those pictures’ and I don’t look. But I want the choice and I am glad that PN provides a full coverage.

      1. @ nick

        I certainly don’t want to censor PN. I want to know what’s going on, even if it’s not very pleasant.

        But PN could simply report the fact that there were hate tweets needing deletion (which is hardly news, trolls are everywhere) and perhaps summarising the issues mentioned, or even providing links to a few of them. But I really see no need to republish many of the worst ones VERBATIM, that’s just doing the homophobes’ work for them.

        It’s a bit like TV news showing close-ups of mangled bodies in a car or train crash. It’s just an unnecessary ghoulish way of boosting audiences / readership.

        1. Frank Boulton 4 Dec 2013, 11:46am

          We need PN and other publications to publish facts. If we are not armed with facts than we can’t strategize our campaign for equality. Much progress has been made in securing precious rights and freedom for LGBTI people since the 1950’s. We haven’t made this progress by burying our heads in the sand.

          What is noticeable with these homophobic comments is the fact that most of those, who post them, don’t have the courage to stand up and identify themselves.

  16. soapbubblequeen 3 Dec 2013, 4:18pm

    These idiots, or more appropriately, tweeting twits, just never learn do they?! I hope that their employers see these twitterings and haul them over the coals for their attitudes. These are the kind of people that participate in homophobic bullying in the workplace. They should be exposed and shamed.

  17. Unfortunately youtube is as bad with homophobia.

    Tbh – it’s depressing but homophobia survives

    I am just happy Tom admitted to being in love , that is what matters

  18. Why even bother to give these negative people attention?

  19. I suggest as many people as possible report the most homophobic messages on twitter direct to the police not just twitter This is hate crime some of it is inciting hatred

  20. those twaters are a waste of electronical reactions! report them and get their accounts deleted!

  21. John Thorpe 3 Dec 2013, 5:46pm

    I think it is a great shame that Pink News chose to repeat the offensive tweets about Tom Daley.
    Far better to put out the supportive messages because repeating the homophobic trash is likely to discourage other youn people.
    In the meantime,good luck Tom!

  22. Rudehamster 3 Dec 2013, 6:06pm

    I tweeted the annoying little homophobe @kashNG. He & his friends rounded on me quickly. They got pretty upset when I told them what I thought of their homophobia & their ignorance. In the argument I’m accused of disrespecting them & their female friend. I suggested they all go off & fcuk a camel…they then told me one of their friends was an Arab & my comment was therefore racist. It seems they are all muslim, though I didn’t know this at the time. But wait…Islam? Homophobic? Quelle Surprise!

    I pointed out that, like all bullies, they can give abuse but not take it…at which point I was deluged with dozens of whining tweets saying I was racist & I ought to have more respect.

    What these people deserve, they sadly won’t get. They wear masks in their icons & hide throw abuse from behind anonymity of the internet.

    One of the mob @Abraca_Asian stated that homophobia was acceptable, but not racism.

    Don’tcha just love the young Islamic generation.

    1. “Yu’s is a racist blud , cuz yu’s said weez is noz llowed be hoimophobic, pussy clot!” Did their retorts go something like that? Don’t you know in the uk , you have no right to question fascism from certain minorities , otherwise the race card is used to silence .And sounds like they were making the race association about the camel comment, could be internalised racism on their behalf? or most likely , they are inbred imbeciles.

  23. Carol Davis 3 Dec 2013, 6:18pm

    Those who believe that homosexual acts are gross perversions, like bestiality, are perfectly entitled to feel disgusted and not want Daley representing the country. Just as others are entitled to feel the opposite. Better to know where you stand then have the truth suppressed by the PC thought police.

  24. Robert Rowley 3 Dec 2013, 6:29pm

    FAR more names listed here:

    @DrugFeud (Who claims to be an “Anti Bullying Activist.”)
    @Framie88 (Account now suspended)
    @macagalvin (Birmingham, UK)
    Jared Quinn @jidddda (Northamptonshire,UK)
    @WillFoster22 (Who has now locked its tweets)
    @LukeTurner_5 (From Leicester, UK)

  25. Tanukisan 3 Dec 2013, 8:58pm

    Right …. and Tom Daley, one of the most successful young athletes on Earth today, should care about what these total non-entities think for what reason exactly? These people are nobodies; sad, pathetic little losers at the game of life who have nothing better to do with their time than slag off a high achiever because they have no successes of their own to celebrate. They will be long forgotten when he is still shining brightly.

  26. James Campbell 3 Dec 2013, 9:19pm

    Portrait of a level 2 bigot:

    Narrow view of life (“men should marry women not other men”):
    Limited intellect (prefers pictures to text);
    Illiterate (grammar & spelling is a challenge);
    Dated vocabulary (use of words such as “retarded”);
    Limited social interaction (rarely fraternises beyond internet social media);
    Cowardly (Prefers anonymity);
    Transparent behaviour (attitude reveals more about them than those they criticise);
    Fragile sense of identity (unable to cope with anyone who is ‘different’);
    Insecure (Prone to highlight (what they deem to be) deficits in others (to disguise their own insecurity);
    Lack critical reasoning (unable to think for themselves and instead rely on unproven evidence (such as inaccurate translations of biblical text);
    Insignificant public profile (jealous of those who achieve success, especially that which attracts a high public profile).

    (Level 1 is reserved for those who have received a good education and often do enjoy a fairly high profile)

  27. Dr Cory, Hove 3 Dec 2013, 10:38pm

    Well done Tom for your honesty and better still for not feeling obligated to the press to hang a label round your neck!!
    We should all stop categorizing each other and accept that we are all unique individuals and you, Tom, are just yourself. We all have a lot to learn from this amazing man!
    Shame on the press for hounding someone so much just for the titillation of wanting to publish something so banal as an individual’s sexuality.

  28. People deal with homophobia every day. Why is this particular case being highlighted? The amount of publicity surrounding Tom Daley’s is ridiculous. He’s just one person among many that is exploring and coming to terms with his sexuality. Yes, he’s famous, so he is a target for internet trolls and bigots, but that isn’t the point. He’s famous, so he can log into twitter and see the thousands of messages of support and congratulations. He has money, he has security and he has support. Thousands of young gay men and women don’t. He’s not brave, he’s entitled.

  29. Peter Trevino 4 Dec 2013, 4:06am

    Why bother with this crap. Presenting the joy of coming out adds to the occasion.

    1. I’m inclined to agree.
      The internet is a bottomless cesspit of trolls and bigotry if you know where to look. That’s not really such a big revelation seeing as we even had them here until very recently. Honestly, did anyone here expect better from WBC?
      Reprinting this crap just gives them an inflated sense of relevance. Report and ignore.
      Just look at Youtube comments for any length of time if you really want to extinguish all faith in humanity.

  30. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 4:42am

    just as Allen replied I didnt know that any one can earn 8475bucks in 4 weeks on the computer. Check This Out…..

    1. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:46am

      Can we not report comments now?

      1. I have just reported this. Clicked twice on the thumbs down button and hold. Changes to “report”

  31. The sad thing is other gay people are almost as bad. I heard someone in my local bar say ‘I always knew she was a fag’.

    So both internally homophobic and misogynistic at the same time!

  32. The tears of the homophobes will sustain Tom Daley as he proceeds to win yet another medal. You go, dude!

  33. I find it depressing that @KashNG berates someone for racism and picking on a defenceless female. How chivalrous. Shame she’s able to stand up for herself if she thinks its OK to be homophobic and shame that he thinks the same

  34. Brian Dempsey 4 Dec 2013, 2:29pm

    The Glasgow Herald is reporting Daley’s statement that he is in a relationship with a man as an “admission” – – they have also allowed an sneering anti-bi comment but have blocked my comments that their language is inappropriate. I’ve written to their letters page –

    1. Aye, the Herald also called him “gay” in their headline…despite him not saying that:

  35. Anything to take the focus off the way Pink News reported it (and Tom in general):

  36. barriejohn 5 Dec 2013, 8:14am

    How about this for hatred, then?

    Look at the comments. One of them is actually hoping that Tom will commit suicide soon!

  37. Westboro missed the point that the Glasgow tragedy happened BEFORE Tom’s video.

  38. i am new in north cyprus, i need a gay friend, and i am from nigeria
    i am 25years

  39. Tom deserves a GOLD for coming out. His few detractors have serious mental health issues and they are the ones who should seek treatment. Thank God they are, hopefully, a tiny but loudmouthed minority!

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