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Johnny Weir: ‘I’ve never had someone call me a fag in Russia’

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Reader comments

  1. Johnny Weir is a medal whore who supports the Olympics to the last cent in his bank account. As for LGBT lives being subjected to State persecution and sanctioned murder, well nobody has tried to murder him so that’s everything alright in Russia as far as he is concerned. Anyone with shred of decency in them would refuse to have anything to do with the Russia or the Olympics as both are as corrupt as each other.

  2. Yet….The sad reality is homophobia in figure skating is bad, in the West, never mind Russia.

    Johnny Weir is unfortunately, about a good as it gets. Look at Skate Canada’s recent history of homophobia. They actually employ a Communications Director, whom Skate Canad hired from an Evangelical Ministry, currently promoting a cure for homosexuality.. Diane Sawyer of ABC News even did a story on Skate Canada just before the last Olympics.

    Yeah Johnny Weir is off base, but compared to figure skating at large, he is about as good as it gets, which is very depressing.

  3. Not to his face, I guarantee someone said it behind his back. This Johnny is an idiot, shut up already.

  4. Derek Williams 3 Dec 2013, 7:15pm

    Weir’s position in the video interview I saw a couple of months ago was that it was better to turn up and be openly gay in Russia, as an act of civil disobedience, than to boycott the games, and thus invite the fury of the Russian majority to attack local LGBT as having been to blame for it. The cost of cancelling the games would be immense. Gays would be killed in the streets in open retaliation.

    After Weir’s argument was met with derision, he announced his retirement.

    1. There is no way the Olympics are going to be canceled now.
    2. If there is a boycott only by LGBT athletes then all that does is deliver to Russia EXACTLY what they wanted all along, an Olympic free of any gay athletes, in parallel of their plan for Russia. The Sochi event would consist of heterosexuals only.
    3. It is illegal to be openly gay in Russia. Weir going there whether as competitor or commentator is already breaking the law unless he says he retracts all his public statements that he is openly gay.

  5. Of course they haven’t to his face. He’s a celebrity, bound to have never come into contact with anyone that might give him such an opinion in the country, lest he badmouth them to the international sporting committee. Fool.

  6. David Fagan 3 Dec 2013, 8:13pm

    Perhaps it’s time to award Johnny Weir his tiara and let him parade off into the rainbow. Perhaps Johnny Weir is irrelevant. He certainly is not willing to engage in the realities around him.

  7. I’m gay from Russia. Putin’s main tv channel “Russia-1” told people not to call us gays or homosexuals. They said that people must call us fags, sodomites or perverts. They said that people must insult gays.

  8. “I never had a bad experience in Russia. I’ve never had someone call me a fag, or queer, or try to beat me up,”

    That’s because they say “pedik”.

  9. It was this kind of attitude that allowed Jewish and gay people (and other minority groups) to be persecuted in Nazi Germany. Turn a blind eye as long as it doesn’t affect them.

    This man is disgusting. He doesn’t care how other gay people are being treated in Russia, just as long as he lives a very comfortable and privileged life.

  10. David Fagan 3 Dec 2013, 8:40pm

    Perhaps it’s time to award Johnny Weir his tiara and let her majesty fad away into the rainbow. He’s almost irrelevant now as it is and despite his being a commentator for NBC he’s unlikely to do anything on or off camera that would be media worthy.

  11. Ha! They call him like that a lot!
    Check this video on u-tube HXlGUYQcS6I
    It is in russian – the hosts just saying homophobic things about Johny and laughing at his appearance.

    1. This clip should be sent to him. This narcissistic man likes to believe just because his partner is Russian, all of Russia loves him. This clip will be his wake up look.

  12. He’s an embarrassment, isn’t he. A chap who was a wondrous skater, but clearly not a chap with a deep-thinking brain. When one places his acknowledgement that there IS an ugly homophobic side of Russia (“I’ve only seen the golden side of Russian reality.”), alongside his admitted choice “to see Russia in a very arrogant and selfish way, and only see the beautiful side of it”, one realises this man does not understand what integrity is, what it means to be congruent, to be a person who thinks with integrity.

    He has literally said that he is happy to choose to only see Russia as beautiful, to ignore its dark side.

  13. Athletes have never been the rocket scientist types.

  14. Christopher in Canada 4 Dec 2013, 3:06am

    The man is an ostrich with his head in the sand.

  15. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 5:01am

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  16. Twit/Twat

  17. Strongfemme 4 Dec 2013, 8:10am

    If the SS mentality knock on your door Johnny, i’m sure you would feel differently? Humility, can’t be bought you either have it or you dont (in my view) life’s circumstances can change in the blink of an eye? I hope life continues to be kind to you Johnny! However, remember their are others in different parts of the world who are murdered in cold blood through man made laws?
    Boycott Sochi Olympic 2014 games.
    Equality and Justice must prevail over a tarnished gold medal.

  18. Idiot! they mock him in Russia. Maybe they’ll award him an uncle tom medal.

  19. What an ignorant, arrogant, self-centered pr*ck!

    Unfortunately, I think Weir is the result of lack of education in certain respects. This is what happens when a LGBT person grows up distracted by modern comforts and has no clue about what has happened before in order for him to gain that freedom.

    I’ll guarantee you this, if you asked him about the second world war, about the concentration camps, about regional politics throughout the 70’s and 80’s, about LGBT rights in the US for the last 40 years, about Stonewall… he would have no freakin’ clue.

    He’s an ignorant fool who doesn’t understand history, and he couldn’t give a rats ass about anyone else being attacked and assaulted in Russia, as long as he’s still getting to do the things that he wants to do.

    As I said, ignorant, arrogant, self-centered pr*ck.

  20. Well, that’s probably because he doesn’t know Russian well enough to understand
    пидор, педик, голубой and other similar = fag (or variations of the word)

    In fairness, I’ve never had any Russian throw these words at me, either. My Russian mates are all liberal, decent folks.

    But whether Weir has been called names or not is beside the point. We’re not focusing on his experiences, but on those who DO have to deal with Russian homophobia on daily basis. And, trust me, name-calling is only the start…

  21. I agree, it’s a shame and a disgrace. I’ve only two words to describe Johnny Weir’s hypocrisy, and his inability to be mature and accept the fact that he, too, has a dark side; one in which he frequently and wrongfully attempts to hurl the blame regarding his own immature, ignorant, hateful and inhumane comments and attacks, that he willingly throws at the GLBT community, onto his fans. My two words are WEIR. DONE.

    I have a splendid idea. Why not make Ts with this caption, sell them and direct the total proceeds to The Trevor Project or some other worthy GLBT cause? They’ll sell like hotcakes. Guaranteed.

  22. Athletes are in general, not rocket scientists types. They are very simple, isolated types, raised in a sheltered world of physical repetition.

  23. Glasgow Oliver 4 Dec 2013, 8:45pm

    Retiring at 29? Jammy b@stard!

  24. “dumping vodka that’s made in Lithuania” – Actually the Stolichnaya that’s sold outside of Russia is in fact proceeded in Latvia, not Lithuania by the SPI group whose HQ is in Luxembourg, which is indeed having disputes with the Russian government over the trademark. I, too, was against the dumping as Stoli as they’ve supported gay rights and have nothing to do with the Russian government’s anti-gay laws. As for the rest of his comments… what utter tripe! >.<

  25. Edgar Carpenter 5 Dec 2013, 2:53pm

    Claiming that because Weir has not himself been attacked for being gay in Russia that Weir is “suggesting” that LGBT Russians are not being harmed is a really sleazy way to dismiss him. Lots of commenters are jumping on this made-up bandwagon.

    Weir has come out frequently and explicitly against the anti-gay actions of the Russian government and against anti-gay violence – and has said that in his view (which is as valid as a Queer Nation view, none of these guys has been elected as our representatives) – in his view, going to the games and being openly gay is the way he wants to protest the anti-propaganda laws. Good, let’s support him. There’s room for all of us.

  26. There’s a movement started in Cincinnati, Ohio USA through the gay newspaper GLBTq NEWS to boycott the viewing of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This would deny the sponsors of the event of having their advertisements viewed by millions, if not billions of people. I wish them lock!

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