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Grandparents of Tom Daley were ‘confused’ by his coming out but said they will ‘always be here for him’

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Reader comments

  1. What “decision”? The decision to date someone? Or the “decision” to be Gay? It’s not a decision!!!!!!!!! Grow up, Grandparents.

    1. I think they may have been referring to the decision to come out now and not at a later date.

      1. Midnighter 3 Dec 2013, 10:19pm

        “… we’re quite liberal. But …”

        The key point is here that the word “but” links us from the idea of “having liberal views” to a statement about “being old enough to make a decision”.

        If the decision was to do with the timing of the announcement, then I can’t see what that has to do with whether or not you have liberal views. It makes more sense to assume the decision was “liking guys”.

        In any case I don’t think we should get overly upset on his behalf, his Grandparents are still processing and are clearly supportive.

        1. It is my belief that this is a classic tabloid ‘outing’. They did it to Stephen Gately. If they have evidence that you are gay, they confront you with it. They ask you to give them an exclusive interview. If you refuse, they make-up some awful, salacious story. In the old days, celebrities cornered in this way would often go to a rival newspaper and out of themselves so that at least they can do it in the best possible light. That was before the advent of social media. Tom Daley is lucky that he has been able to use YouTube to come out on his own terms.

    2. Actually maybe you need to grow up – or at least get your panties out of your crap as they seem to be making you nasty.

      Only Tom knows his sexual orientation and if he is bi-sexual then it is indeed a very courageous decision, giving his age, to say – for now I am dating a guy. Particularly as he is a popular public figure and has more intrusion positive and negative into his private life then any of us have to endure.

      As reported I think his grandparents were really sweet and understandably concerned that he has done the right thing – giving the amount of public interest and his age.

    3. de Villiers 3 Dec 2013, 10:05pm

      Come-on Cal. His grandparents probably do find it difficult to understand, given their generation. I never told my grandmother that I was gay. Still, they have expressed themselves as being of love and of warmth for their grandson.

    4. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2013, 10:24pm

      At least his grandparents love and support him regardless. Far better than having them opposed. They’re older, so we should be willing to cut them some slack in this instance.

    5. Too many exclamation marks made me sound angry. Didn’t mean it like that. His grandparents will grow up as they get to know more about his true self. I appreciate that their reaction was compassionate.
      The panties and crap comment is unusual.

    6. Yes, I’m sure Tom will be just thrilled to hear you slag off his grandparents.

  2. Did Daily Mail actually seek his Grandparents out hoping for a Shock Horror story? I don’t read the rag so don’t know how they reported Tom’s announcement.

  3. Do you believe everything you read in the Daily Mail?

  4. Jeez!! he’s gay, why National news?? why cant people leave him alone, he has chosen his life, if they cant accept it, stay away……………

    1. I put something similar on here the day the story broke, Scotty. I received dozens of thumbs down. I was trying to say what a pity it is that we are still so stuck in the past that it is national news. I hope I live long enough to see a day when it isn’t.

      1. Midnighter 4 Dec 2013, 11:48am

        I think it is because many of us are well aware that “who cares” is (also) the fallback position of religious bigots where they’ve lost support for their previous campaign. Previously they cared so much ostensibly that “out of love” they felt they should hound and vilify us. Since that position has become socially unpopular and lost them a great amount of support and membership numbers, they’re now hoping to make us disappear by suddenly not caring at all.

        The identity of sexual minority shouldn’t matter but it still does matter.

        For what its worth my thumb remains in neutral on this one, because I took it in the spirit of “it shouldn’t matter”, but I think we do need to be careful with that one.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t this guy not long ago say he wasn’t same sex attracted and that he accepts anyone’s comments?

    1. He said he wasn’t gay which isn’t quite the same thing

  6. I sincerely hope those who abused him on Twitter will be sought out and punished. I thought homophobic abuse was a ‘hate crime’ .. or is that only when physical harm is inflicted on someone. Also, we need to shame these homophobic cowardly trolls publicly and expose them for the self-hating closet-cases they undoubtedly are ….

  7. I think it would be unfair to judge his grandparents too harshly. They grew up in a different time, where these kinds of things were just not talked about.
    As they have said, they love him and they support him, but they obviously have their own ignorance when it comes to these issues.

    They are seeing him as their little grandson, so of course they’ll think he’s too young to be making this statement. But then, when will he not be considered too young by them? They’ll always view him as a little one.

    I think he’s pretty lucky. He has the support of millions of people, and his family and friends too. His grandparents haven’t rejected him in any way, they’ll just need time to get to know the situation and experience this first-hand.

    Having read a lot of comments on the video, there is a lot of bigotry and stupidity out there, mainly (it seems) from teenagers in txt spk and religious nutters. It’s a minority though. Everyone else is supportive.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Dec 2013, 1:27pm

    Rumouir has it that the man in Tom’s life is Hollywood screen writer Dustin Lance Black!

  9. ENDEAVOUR 8 Dec 2013, 8:36am

    How could they not know he was gay, ARE THEY BLIND !!

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