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Countless celebrities were inspired by Tom Daley’s coming out video, here are just a few examples

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Reader comments

  1. I loved David Walliams his comment. But of course PN don’t publish that. They don’t like no bi people …

    1. Joe, you are talking complete nonsense! Seriously, get a grip! Find a hobby! Instead of saying a bunch of lies!

  2. Good. Great. Fantastic.

    Now, PN, please also share with us some positive and affirming responses from people who are not themselves gay or who are not known to be heavily involved with sections of the gay community. Surely there have been lots of positive comments from other names? Please give us a selection of them.

  3. Where is David Walliams comment? It was the best one I read. Funny how you ignored Matt Lucas his nasty anti bi dig against Tom before he corrected himself …

  4. And don’t forget John Barrowman – he recorded a lovely little video for Tom – very kind & encouraging words:
    Nice. Great guy! :)

    1. Midnighter 3 Dec 2013, 4:18pm

      Yay that was a sweet and honest message from John, thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s a shame Stephen fry stole the joke from sickipedia! I thought he was more original!

  6. Boy George sounds the wisest.

  7. LulaWSoto 4 Dec 2013, 5:09am

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  8. Brian Dempsey 4 Dec 2013, 2:34pm

    The Glasgow Herald is reporting Daley’s statement that he is in a relationship with a man as an “admission” – – they have also allowed an sneering anti-bi comment but have blocked my comments that their language is inappropriate. I’ve written to their letters page –

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