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Activists call on UK Government to recognise indeterminate sex

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Reader comments

  1. Don Harrison 3 Dec 2013, 6:34pm

    About time too.

  2. Way beyond time this was addressed and proper action taken

  3. Please note that this misrepresents the position. The call is to recognise that some people who happen to be intersex may choose not to identify as male or female. This is not the same as calling for an indeterminate sex category on birth certificates, which while not stated explicitly in the piece appears to be the implication. The forum in Malta you cited explicitly rejected this, making it only available by choice:

    “To register intersex children as females or males, with the awareness that, like all people, they may grow up to identify with a different sex or gender.”

    “To ensure that sex or gender classifications are amendable through a simple administrative procedure at the request of the individuals concerned. All adults and capable minors should be able to choose between female (F), male (M), non-binary or multiple options. In the future, as with race or religion, sex or gender should not be a category on birth certificates or identification documents for anybody.”

    1. How is it possible for people who choose to not identify as male or female to record their status if it’s not going to be recorded on their birth certificate?

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