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US: Judge denies lesbian couple divorce, saying Mississippi does not recognise same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. I was always wandering if polygamy was legal in states and countries that don’t recognize SSMs. In theory a woman can marry another woman in California, then go to Mississippi and marry a man, since in the eyes of the latter, she is single.

    So in that case if Mississippi refuses to let her marry a man, it admits that the woman is indeed married and recognizes her same-sex marriage. If the state allows it, it in fact lets the person to enter in a legal polygamous relationship!

  2. Oh – what a tangled web …..
    If religion had just kept its big nose out of the whole marriage debate, perhaps America could have set an example to places like Russia. As it is, homophobic Eastern Europe must be laughing like drains at the whole sorry mess.

    1. Midnighter 3 Dec 2013, 4:38pm

      Quite; America didn’t win the Cold War, that victory went to Religious fundamentalism.

      Its always seemed to me that the ‘fallout’ of the Cold War turned out to be the religious usurpation of democracy enabled by the paranoia gestated in the McCarthy era, in which you were far safer to be seen ‘in the club’ than ‘out of the club’ at all social levels.

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