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Leeds United promotes gay equality through Stonewall’s diversity programme

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  1. Stonewall hand out “Diversity Champion” to anyone who pays the money. There are previous articles on here where the thrust of the comments is: “My employer displays the Stonewall Diversity Champion logo on their website, but LGBT staff have to meet in secret, and daren’t be out at work, because of the culture.

    Nothing but PR and to some degree, extortion.

    Never forget: this is the same Stonewall that refused to back Same Sex Marriage until the campaign was well in full swing. A little research will show Somerskill’s opposition to SSM.

  2. I hope they’re attempting to pin down the REASON why certain men are homophobic. It simply isn’t good enough to say, ‘Because I am’. What actually drives their homophobia? If it’s made clear WHY most men are homophobic – which, latest research seems to prove is an attempt to project outwardly inner-fears of same sex attraction – then maybe it could be stamped out. People would be foolish to demonstrate they are closet cases by denigrating others, now wouldn’t they …?

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