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Comment: Ignorance still dominates the public debate on HIV in the UK

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Reader comments

  1. Mike Hersee 2 Dec 2013, 7:18pm

    Hamish inadvertently hits the nail on the head – “given that there are loosely definable criteria as to what actually constitutes an Aids diagnosis”. That is part of the problem: The definition of AIDS changes with geographical boundaries, which people you’re evaluating (big racial difference in Africa, for instance, as to how symptoms are interpreted), and the definition has considerably expanded over time to include surrogate markers such as low CD4 counts in peripheral blood with which you can still be completely healthy. Yet HIV is somehow the sole and necessary cause of all these substantially varying definitions of AIDS. That right there should be the first loose thread for at least some people with their critical faculties still intact. Again I agree with Hamish – do some reading. But don’t just do a bit of light reading, do some proper investigation: Just pull on that loose thread and see where it leads.

  2. Christopher Kay 2 Dec 2013, 8:29pm

    A great article and I couldn’t have summed it up better. The ignorance surrounding HIV is terrible and the gay community seem to be no better than the rest of society, which is something I find even more distressing.

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