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Argentina: Pregnant trans man becomes first to marry under new gender identity law

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  1. I don’t really see the point in publishing some stories, since they are so short and so out of context that it’s impossible to understand. Were both women and now men?

    1. A trans woman and a trans man. Meaning they were each born the opposite sex. Try and keep up :)

  2. Yeah, what’s the point in this article? Some people got married. And was her name Karen or Luana?

    1. Luana is a young Argentinian girl of six who was permitted to register a legal change in her gender two months ago, making her perhaps the youngest trans child in the world to have obtained altered official documentation. PN covered this as a separate news story: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2013/10/11/six-year-old-trans-girl-allowed-female-identification-card-in-landmark-case/

      Luana’s case is linked to Karen and Alexis’s marriage only by the fact that both cases involve Argentina’s new trans recognition law.

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