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Russian gay activists urge Olympic president to launch ‘investigation’ into anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. He’s going to be aware of every single issue, political nuance and human rights breach going on in Russia. The IOC stance have made their stance clear already and there’s NO way they’re going to risk upsetting Russia or disturbing the games in any form possible.

    His previous point blank refusal to meet with the group spoke volumes.

  2. The IOC is a disgrace. Russia is in DIRECT contravention of item 6 of the Olympic movement’s Fundamental Principals which states, “Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement”. I would like the IOC president to explain how he considers Putin’s anti-gay law is NOT ‘discrimination’.

  3. We need to understand that Putin sign-in the anti-gay laws in Russia shortly after his granny died, he has not been in a good place and we need to take that into consideration.

    Homophobia all around the world has been proven by countless studies to be sparked off by the death of a granny.

    Perhaps we need to take better care of our grandmothers if we really want to stamp out homophobia.

    1. Is this a serious attempt to justify Putin’s despicable discriminatory action? When my granny died, I didn’t dump my wife (so much for the christian ‘traditional’ values he claims to uphold), have a facelift, become a muscle-mary and a homophone all at the same time. If he is this unstable because of a bereavement, is he really the safest person to have a finger on the trigger of a huge nuclear arsenal?

      1. Sorry, I don’t think Putin’s granny died recently, it was a reference to another storey PN has been running, as there doesn’t seem to be any rational way of debating anti-gay laws based on irrational prejudice as recently introduced in Russia I thought I would give a rubbish excuse for Putin’s irrational anti-gay behaviour.

        I think it’s more likely that he struck a deal with the Russina Orthodox church that they would overlook his separation/divorce from his wife and continue tom back him if he cracked down on the gays and made them into a scapegoat.

        In 2010 there was a child abuse scandal at a monastery school run by nuns in the vladimir region, they had been half starving kids in their care and making them do punishing forced labour in the fields on only a few hours sleep, beating them and forcing them to get up really early to worship before working them.


        1. I figured it was a James Arthur reference. I thought I had perhaps missed some research as of course this was the pathetic excuse he too used. It’s the breathtaking hypocrisy of Putin, saying that Russia’s society needs to be based on Christian values while divorcing his wife. As can be seen by what’s happening in Ukraine, people are sick and fed up with Putin’s influence and style of government. When little men with too much power are cornered, they always lash out at minorities and seek to blame scapegoats for their own failings. It worked for Hitler… one can only hope it is not a long-term successful ploy for Putin.

  4. It’s OK, the IOC have assurances that the Russian government won’t really ramp up the queer-bashing and anti-gay legislation until the world’s cameras have gone, the olympic bunting comes down and the cheques have cleared.

    1. This is precisely why the IOC have lost all credibility for not immediately moving the games to somewhere else. Think how powerful that signal would have been to the rest of the homophobic world. Not only have they missed a perfect opportunity to denounce homophobia but they are now accomplices to it.

  5. •THE MYTH: The Olympic Games are the greatest festival of sport; they belong to the people of the world and are a magnificent demonstration of decency, fair play and openness.•THE TRUTH: The Olympics are now the plaything of the world’s top twelve multinational companies, who pay hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorship money. Doping is still rampant. Sports leaders promise to crack down but do little.•THE CLUB: The Games are controlled by a self-perpetuating oligarchy who travel the world like kings, most taking lavish gifts from cities desperate to cash in on the huge profits the Olympics now generate. In 1990 we saw the humiliating resignation of a leading member of “The Club”. He had been caught taking “consultation fees” from business •THE LEADER: The authors reveal that the ruler of the Olympic movement and world sport is a man who spent nearly forty years of his life as a fascist politician serving one of Europe’s longest-lived dictatorships.

  6. Christopher in Canada 1 Dec 2013, 2:19pm

    Why am I suddenly thinking of tha great Spencer Tracy film “Inherit The Wind”? I’m also thinking of snowballs in hell and pissing in the wind, but those platitudes aren’t as eloquent.

  7. He is the wrong nationality.

    This guy is German, the home of Angela Merkel and the Pink Triangle. Maybe if a Spanish or French President had been the IOC head, things would be different.

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