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US: Archbishop of New York says Catholic Church has been ‘outmarketed’ on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. PantoHorse 29 Nov 2013, 7:48pm

    Caricatured as anti gay? What, because you are? How is that a caricature?

    1. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 8:40pm

      Isn’t that the essence of a caricature – to distil the subject down to recognisable simplification of reality? To essentially highlight a truth (be it a big nose, corpulent physique or indeed homophobia).

      Unsurprising that this fraudulent peddler of lies has an issue with the baldly stated truth.

  2. Christopher Coleman 29 Nov 2013, 7:50pm

    Yes, Dolan, keep fighting against it. Put all your energy into trying to spoil the lives of a very small minority. Continue to do noting to improve the lot of the majority, except encouraging them to pray for a better time in the next life.

    Why do so many people who are elevated to leadership positions become little more than a waste of space?

  3. The church is seen as anti-gay

    Water is seen as wet

    The sky is seen as blue (or grey, sadly more usually)

    Dolan is seen as a bigot

    Funny how that works – and it’s nothing to do with caricature

    1. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 9:18pm

      Its a question of perspective (and motes in one’s eye, perhaps): its astonishing that everyone else can see all of these things easily, apart from Tim Dolan. I’m never entirely sure whether this selective myopia is a result of the tormented mental state one needs to achieve in order to simultaneously believe the very large number of contradictory things required by one’s religion, or if it is simply a cynical attempt at “spin”.

      PS I thought your post was a poem which threw me a bit, so I wrote you a poor attempt at a haiku in revenge :P

      Autumn rains are wet,
      Tim Dolan is a bigot;
      Things easily seen.

    2. You are a funny guy:-) Sparky is seen as spot on.

    3. I like grey skies. But a healthy grey with moisture and rain, not a sickly grey with soot.

  4. Perhaps if the catholic church was more representative of it’s followers, it would not be seen as anti-gay. The average catholic is more likely to be in favor of gay rights issues than the average follower of many other major christian denominations, but as it is, the followers opinions and beliefs are given second place to the leadership’s bigotry.

  5. Its got nothing to do with ‘marketing’ or how cool it is. Your arguments were unmarketable anyway because they were wrong. Its that simple. People these days are more sophisticated and dont fall for the sort of rubbish the churches are used to putting out.

    You had no evidence for your assertions that equal marriage was harmful, we had plenty that it wasnt because of historical evidence in other countries. There is no fight to continue, we won, there is no going back now, in a few years no one will care and it will be a totally normal, integrated part of society.

  6. Bigoted catholic cardinal cannot see beyond his own corpulance, its another one one of those Galileo moments.
    Reality and evidence meets delusion and nonsense, what shall we do…….

  7. With archbishops like this one, the church needs no enemies – men like him are driving nails into the coffin of christianity quicker than a highly skilled carpenter could. That’s right Archbish, keep on fighting for injustice and inequality – makes you and the church look like deluded half-witted King Canutes.

  8. A suggestion for you Archbishop. Why doesn’t the Church get out of the bedrooms and in to the boardrooms – there’s a lot more people being screwed over there!

  9. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:44am

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  10. He said, ” it was difficult because it (the church) is up against film stars, politicians and “some opinion-molders”

    Because of course the church only has “God”… Awww!

  11. I think this is one of the first signs of reality starting to set in.

    With most of Western Europe signed up, plus a third of the USA, New Zealand, South Africa etc, they know that they’ve lost the battle and will have to change their doctrines.

    So rather than admit outright that they were wrong and saying ‘sorry’, it’s easier to start the process gradually by saying they lost because of better ‘marketing’ by film stars, politicians and opinion formers. It will help to prepare their followers for an eventual change of doctrine.

    So it’s good news as far as it goes, although there’s still a very long way to go.

  12. Another religious crazy who STILL doesn’t understand reality… society is evolving, religious insanity is being rejected. This is why we have equality increasing around the world, and why the religious cults will be forced into shrinking smaller and smaller, holding out in bastions of ignorance, until one day it is eradicated like the plague it is.

  13. Dolan pls

  14. The archbishop knows nothing about marketing! Successful marketing is based on making TRUE product / service statements. The catholic church’s teachings are homosexuality are LIES. People don’t want lies and don’t like liars. Telling lies is a losing marketing proposition. When will he and the church realize that?

  15. white squirrel 1 Dec 2013, 7:56am

    so what he is saying then is that religion is just about marketing
    I suggest then that the leaders of islam/judaism/orthodoxity and central african xiantity also remind their followers of this fact

  16. Not ‘outmarketed’ but ‘outlogiced’. Apart from religion, who says ‘marriage’ can only be between people of the opposite sex? Seems to me the only reason religion demand it be thus is to ensure the survival of their religion by perpetuating procreation under their particular faith. There are no logical reasons why two people of the same sex cannot form a loving union. To say otherwise is simple homophReligion’s ‘highjacking’ of marriage is both arrogant and, to non-believers deeply intrusive and offensive. THAT, sir, is why you’ve lost the argument and to state ‘the fight goes on’ is, I’m pleased to say, suicidal.

  17. Dominick J. 1 Dec 2013, 4:52pm

    This Archbishop is suppose to be an intelligent person. THEN how come he doesn’t know that if all species of life comes from HIS GOD, HIS God wanted wanted us here? AND his GOD, being an all loving GOD, never wanted any one of HIS creation mistreated in way shape or form… THIS man, the Archbishop, IS a HOMOPHOBE and is NOT an intelligent person at all! AS a matter of fact this Archbishop is borderline STUPID and STU{ID can NOT be fixed!!

    1. de Villiers 2 Dec 2013, 9:22am

      Come on Dominick. There are better criticisms of the Archbishop than that flawed logic.

  18. de Villiers 2 Dec 2013, 9:24am

    Being an American, the Archbishop of New York should have realised that the reason why the Church has been out marketed on this issue is because in this respect, the supporters of gay marriage are selling a better product.

  19. they [church] wanna beat EQUALITY…go ask yer maker fer a DONATION!
    oh yea that’s right…ghosts don’t have a bank account!

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