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Russia says Italy can continue adopting its children because it does not allow equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. “We generally prioritise the adoption of children inside the country.”
    Vile liar! From 30 children who had to be adopted by USA famalies and already got acquainted with them and were left in Russia because of that law – only 1 was adopted, and 3 – already died.
    The number of adoptions in Russia decreased because both children’s homes and potential parents are afraid that theн will accused of something.

  2. ”It turns out that Italy is currently the only country whose citizens are able to adopt Russian children because, first of all, this country refused to recognise same-sex marriage, which, for its part, does not require Russia to change the existing agreement, and, secondly, (the Italians) abide by the terms of this treaty. That is all.”

    What a load of horse manure!
    Pavel Astakhov is under the impression that his country can, by itself and without any multilateral negotiation, decide not to follow previously signed agreements and international treaties? Like the rules don’t apply to them, they’re above the law, or something like that. If Putin’s plan of the moment is contradictory to the established rules, then f**k the rules, the plan comes first! (See Sochi Olympics)
    And Pavel Astakhov has the brass balls to praise Italy for abiding by agreements it has in the past made with Russia. What a hypocrite! How upset would he be if Italy reneged on it’s treaty obligations as well?

  3. Berlusconi, Pope Francais, Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin. You can stand as one and shout loudly “HURRRAAAA”.

    Disgusting :-/

  4. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:43am

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  5. Christopher in Canada 30 Nov 2013, 11:34am

    Like Russian kids are some coveted prize or commodity. Instead, they will be forced to live in a country of rampant alcoholism and bad teeth. Most men die at 60. How many Italian kids do the Russians adopt?

  6. It says something that they ignore the real problem here to begin with, they don’t even see it…

    How many children in the West and Europe need to be adopted outside of their birth country? I’m guessing nothing like those that have to be adopted out of Russia. And why is this? Because Russia is so terrible at caring for its own children that they have no choice. It’s like a developing nation only wealthier for corruption and natural resources. The healthcare system and basic services for the vulnerable are so appalling that people go there (as they do Africa) to adopt kids who have very few chances in life.

    The arrogance of their leadership is astounding. They would rather make politically insane points than actually improve their nation for those desperate children.

    We’re better than that, we care for our citizens. We don’t need others to come and care for our vulnerable children because we take responsibility for that ourselves like a proper nation and a decent government!

  7. I’ am not surprised, Italians and Russians have very similar narrow mentality when it comes to gay rights and macho attitudes.
    A famous Italian Journalist was used to say” Russia is the tragic version of Italy while Italy is the comic version of Russia”

  8. It’s a shame so many heterosexuals can’t look after their own children and give them up for adoption in the first place. And then they have the nerve to say ‘homosexuals’ would not make good parents – the irony of it.

  9. No wonder Ukraine can’t wait to detach itself from such a backward, demented, bigoted country. Brainless and despicable. And Italy is no better. Further proof that Putin’s Russia is feeling increasingly isolated and is simply attempting to galvanise support by marginalising gay people as a distraction from his failing regime.

  10. Let them keep their kids. Most of them are messed up due to alcohol and drugs anyway. Russia is such a wholesome place! No gays, but every vice thrives there.

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