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Manchester Police Commissioner: ‘HIV does not discriminate and neither should society’

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  1. HIV does discriminaate though.

    It prefers people who engage in unsafe sex.

    I loathe well meaning clichés like this headline.

    1. Lung cancer prefers people who smoke – solution stop smoking`! HIV is a sexually transmitted virus – it does not discriminate as a virus Gay Str8 Black white – it is transmitted through unsafe sex –

      I loathe dickheads who love to contradict

  2. Most often the discrimination isn’t fueled by hatred but by fear of contracting the virus. Sorry but I’m not going to hang around with someone who has HIV because there is a small change that they could infect me. What if they cut themselves and their blood got in my eye? Anything could happen, even if there’s a small chance. I don’t think of people with HIV as dirty, immoral or lesser because of their disease but I am afraid of them.

    1. *chance

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