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Lucy Spraggan clarifies to say she thinks James Arthur ‘isn’t a homophobe’

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Reader comments

  1. More of the Simon Cowell/X Factor “damage limitation” at work methinks!!!

    1. Lucy Spraggan clarifies to say she thinks she is Pam Ayers after all.

  2. “I bet you want to stick your d*ck in me. You fkcing queer” sounds pretty homophobic to me.

    If he had called someone a “fkcing n*gger” in his lyrics, would anyone be trying to say he wasn’t racist? And would he be appearing on prime time TV on saturday night. Me thinks not.

    1. LGBT are bottom of the sh*t heap, so we are an easy target and have little respect. But it’s disgusting that a lesbian should try to excuse his hatred.

    2. Why can’t James Arthur imitate Pam Ayers, the way Lucy Spraggan does, instead of aping black gangster rappers and rapping in a suburb ebonics style.

  3. And I wonder how much pressure has been exerted on this former X Factor contestant to damage-limit? I think she’s lost a lot of credibility by indulging in this furious back-peddling…..

  4. Spraggan just shot herself in the foot, try telling a bullied, suicidal 12 year old gay teenager being called a dirty queer at school ,that Arthur is not homophobic and her saying he’s not, is disgusting and untrue and enabling further homophobia.

  5. I’ll be devil’s advocate: there is a difference between saying something homophobic and hating gay people. I hope James Arthur was simply reflecting thoughtless behavior and emulating what he has grown up with in language, rather than expressing an inner belief or attitude. From what I have seen of him, I’m suspending judgments. And Lucy is someone I would trust to be honest.

    1. Forgive me, but I believe that is just semantics. If, as he now claims, his outburst was down to ’emotional issues’, doesn’t that mean his homophobia is always bubbling under the surface and explodes at times of stress? How many more times are we going to find excuse for people like this? To attempt to do so indicates a degree of self-hatred, in my opinion. You cannot be ‘a bit homophobic’. You either are – or you’re not. Arthur is CLEARLY homophobic but usually manages to control it. ANY outburst of this kind is one too many as the brainless will use it an justification for their OWN homophobia. Like it or not, these people are ‘role models’ (I know – scary isn’t it …?) and if ITV allow him to appear tomorrow night, they may as well open the door to ANY radical views – on Islam, race – whatever and would have to include them. They simply cannot allow him to appear for the dangerous precedent it will establish.

  6. Interesting use of ‘clarify’ as an intransitive verb:

    (1) She clarified.
    (2) She clarified, in order to x.
    (3) She clarified to x.

    I have never really encountered this usage before.

  7. she shot herself in the foot?!no,she felt guilty because she knows him personally and knows he isn’t a homophobe and she probably felt like she needed to clarify this.and i don’t think she was pressured into anything.she just wanted to clarify her position and say what she really feels.i’m not saying JA’s words and behaviour were ok,because they were not,but i think he understands that now.and to turn him into a scapegoat for all the homophobia that exists in this world,especially when people around him that know him said he isn’t one,is just i think he got his lessons now,more than enough,just let him move on and do what he does best,which is play his the name of justice people are starting to promote hate and intolerance.i know he was wrong,but i feel sorry for him.i think other people’ behaviour isn’t better either.

    1. I’ve already held my hands up as ‘guilty as charged’ on jumping on this particular bandwagon, as I don’t think this is just about James, but also about the responsibilities of his management and his label.

      I don’t think the PN readership is generalising but I agree with you that we need to keep some perspective. On that point I was disgusted by the one comment elsewhere calling for him to “off” himself, as clearly were many others judging by the red thumbs. Not only would that be a tragedy for his friends, family and fans, but you’d hand the far right who love to bleat about the gay agenda a ready-made martyr to their cause.

      The public reaction to this will hopefully have been an education for James and his associates in the music industry. I’m optimistic that some good will ultimately come out of it if the LGBT community keeps an open mind and allows him the chance to make amends. I’d hate to think we were all as guilty of intolerance as those bigots we face ourselves.

      1. Craig Nelson 30 Nov 2013, 11:13am

        I very much agree. His career is probably now over and he will be quietly dropped in 6 months or so. He was stupid and the lyrics were vile. He now realises this. I take no pleasure in seeing him lose everything dear to him. I’d rather he spent some time with young LGBT people and learn from them and then go on to educate others. He should use his mistakes to work for the good.

        1. My thoughts exactly as I tried to explain in a previous article that was shot down with red thumbs. This shouldn’t be about revenge but learning and growing and becoming better. Instead we are crucifying someone for ignorance and stupidity. If we continue down that route we are all screwed.

  8. I’m pretty sure he is. By his words and actions we can judge him

  9. Warren Peace 29 Nov 2013, 10:33pm

    He doesn’t personally hate gay people he just uses hatred of them for commercial gain / rap cred sorry I’m not seeing any difference.

  10. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:33am

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  11. joshxxxful 30 Nov 2013, 7:50am

    James Arthur is an ugly person in all senses how hes got this far is amazin. Thing is what nobody’s saying is hes trying to emulate black rap artists and tossers like EMINEM .They are the real villians. It always amazes me that people who have been subjected to so much intolerance and prejudice can be so vile to others.So while having a go at a silly white boy for emulating his black heros start attacking them as well.

    1. You know when white youth are copying gangster rap artistes when they start speaking in that deliberately illiterate “ebonics” style.

      1. Craig Nelson 30 Nov 2013, 11:19am

        Ebonics is as much a dialect of English as any other and does not connote illiteracy. Young people always vary the language.

        1. I am not talking about African American ebonics which is probably genuine but suburb ebonics which is an illiterate approximation of ebonics by silly middle class white kids who want to sound street.

  12. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:56am

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  13. Lucy Spraggan was a talent back in the 1980’s where her Pam Ayres style belongs and should have stayed.

  14. Irritating attention seeker do one!

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