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James Arthur ‘not in a good place’ after backlash over homophobic lyrics

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Reader comments

  1. Are we supposed to feel sympathy? I’m afraid I don’t. If you don’t want to face a backlash, don’t be homophobic. Perhaps he’ll now take a long, hard look at himself …

  2. Homophobia is premeditated hatred – and being a talentless no hoper is as bad –

    No more tolerance for these vile heteros who blatantly preach hatred! Enough!

  3. People who do bigoted things like this all the time to get sympathy – see the use of “white tears” – white women crying when they get called out on being racist.

    1. Err – isn’t YOUR comment racist?

      1. Adam Beyonce Lowe 30 Nov 2013, 10:05am

        Davros, why is it racist? It’s like ‘white guilt’, surely?

        Besides, white people are not oppressed in Western society, so calling white people white in the West is not oppressive. Sorry to burst your bubble, dear.

  4. Craig Nelson 29 Nov 2013, 1:03pm

    I’m not a fan of this guy but I don’t want him to have a breakdown and lose his career. I want him to genuinely apologise and learn and make amends and then move on. He was stupid and should say so. He can still be a good example if he wishes to.

    1. Nice post to see among all the baying for blood.

    2. Robert Rowley 29 Nov 2013, 2:35pm

      It has no career.

    3. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 2:48pm

      Nice to read such a thoughtful comment. I agree; those who are forced to do some soul-searching after events like these can often be very effective advocates for positive change. There’s even a a couple of ex-leaders of the KKK out there who have since done a 180 on racism and now work to spread tolerance (Johnny Lee Clary being one).

      I won’t hold my breath but if he can grow up a bit and come back to do something more positive while he’s in the limelight I’ll keep an open mind.

  5. Lost my Aunt to Cancer this year. She was 64. She died in January after being diagnosed in the November of 2012. I lost my Grandad in August and I held his hand up until the moment he died. I wasn’t in a particularly good place after both deaths, neither was my family.. My mum and Nan especially… Did I resort to abusive language that insulted other people? No I didn’t… I think it’s a feeble excuse quite frankly

    1. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 2:59pm

      I am always tempted to be sympathetic in such cases but like you, my reaction is that this sounds like an attempt media spin, and a naive one at that.

      Even if it were true and the guy was in a terrible state with grief, it doesn’t undo the fact that he spent time “crafting” those words, that they were passed by label executives and management and whoever else and at no point did anyone in their industry apparently have either the intelligence to predict the sh1tstorm this would create for their artist, or the social responsibility to be concerned about the potential for offence. Did all of their grannies die too? Bah.

      1. Usually I would be sympathetic to such a situation having dealt with it myself so recently but I think it angers me even more. Yes it’s sad that his Nan has passed. I adored my Grandad and my Aunt but I would never EVER use their death for such an excuse. There is no excuse really. If my mum or family knew I used their death as an excuse for something like that I think I’d get a slap and an ear bashing.
        His team really are doing an awful job at damage control. If anything they are making it spread like wildfire

  6. I lost 5 people in the space of a year, in 2007. None of it let me to act out like this!
    All this publicity & comment is just an attempt to salvage a minuscule niche-market “career”

  7. RUBBISH – this is just an excuse to try and justify his actions because he knows he has gone too far!

  8. This wasn’t an off the cuff outburst caused by grief. His rap track was written, recorded, produced and then uploaded. He didn’t make the ‘music’ in his bedroom in 5mins (although it sounds like it was made in a dustbin in 1min), he had people help him make the dis-track. And now he is playing the victim card – his management team are trying to make everyone feel sorry for James Arthur, even though he’s the one who is guilty of a very pre-meditated homophobic ‘song’.

    First the excuse was that he’d apologised, now it’s his grandmother’s death, what are they going to pull out of the bag next? And all because they’ve invested a lot of money.

    I’ve said it before, if he had called someone ‘a fkcing n*gger” in his lyrics, would they even attempt the dying grandmother card? No. He’d have lost his deal, and would’t be on prime time TV on Saturday night. Shame on ITV and syco records for supporting a vocal homophobe.

    I certainly will never watch x-factor ever again. Thankfully.

    1. Please stop throwing the n word around, you don’t need to make multiple comparisons – we all know the offense both words cause!

    2. Frank Boulton 1 Dec 2013, 10:57am

      Yes, Mark Y, I have to agree with you. We all have emotions and can lash out and say hateful things to each other without thinking or caring about the words we choose. However, the words and music were written, rehearsed, recorded, produced, televised and uploaded.

      It’s a common abuser’s strategy to try to put the blame on some other person or event. If he can’t take responsibility for his own words and actions, then he’s worth no more space in the media.

  9. I don’t know (or care) who this [c]rap performer is, but to use a close relation’s death to try and excuse offensive behaviour is the most crass and cynical attempt at emotional manipulation. Shame on him.

    1. PantoHorse 29 Nov 2013, 1:47pm

      Well said!

    2. Absolutely correct. Despicable. “Oh sh*t. I’ve been caught out. No prob. People are stupid. They’ll lap up the dying granny one – just as they do at the X Factor auditions”. Cynical, disgusting attempt at damage limitation and media manipulation..

  10. What a load of tosh. I lost my Father to cancer this August, that didn’t make me a homophobe in my grief. Views like that will be deep-seated and there anyway.

  11. Gay people all over the world aren’t in a good place, literally, there are only a handful of gay friendly places in the world, so are we supposed to feel sympathy?

    1. no,you’re supposed to blame JA for all non-gay friendly people and places that are on this earth

  12. Now, lets see… I lost my father when I was 19, I lost my mother when I was 23, at neither time did I start attacking people and acting out in such a way. To use that as an “excuse” is almost worse than the actual incident itself. How low can these people get?

    I hope it’s his management coming up with that sick and twisted excuse and not him. Either way, it doesn’t look at all good and I doubt it will gain him any sympathy as they no doubt hoped.

    The fact remains, he has expressed homophobia more than once, and it seems he even lied about his “hardship” being homeless, when his own mother says he slept on a friends sofa once and was certainly NOT homeless.

    My opinions have not changed. I don’t want to see his life and career ruined, but it’s impossible to just ignore what he’s said and done. I think he probably is extremely depressed and vulnerable right now, so personal attacks are not acceptable. Ignoring it is not an option though.

    1. Exactly BT.. A good start for him would be to say ‘I was wrong. I am sorry’

  13. PantoHorse 29 Nov 2013, 1:47pm

    Poor little diddums says what? Excuses, excuses.

  14. He’s just adding insult to injury by attempting such a feeble excuse. Gay people suffer trauma and upset every day of their lives …. mainly at the hands of brainless, homophobic, sad plonkas like you.

  15. rapture777 29 Nov 2013, 1:58pm

    This piece of filth is now trying to play the victim and use the emotional blackmail and his convenience of a relatives death , in a way ,another attempt to blame the gays at being outraged at his homophobia. to garner support from the easily malleable On some sites there is more homophobia blaming the big bad gays for victimising him. He really is vile as is the other sh*t factor creep murs. Shame on Jeremy joseph & GAY for promoting these bigots.
    And if he is as unstable as is proclaimed , he’s too unstable to do sh*t factor at the weekend or will his manipulation tactic work and he’ll suddenly feel better.

  16. According to an anonymous source in The Sun?
    That’ll deffo be true then…

    1. Truer than anything this weasel and management would say to save his career. The anonymous source is probably his management team doing damage limitation and if not i’m surprised they have not been doing their addictive twittering to put their “truth” to the matter.

  17. Robert Rowley 29 Nov 2013, 2:33pm

    Let the talentless git homophobe off itself and do the world a favor!

  18. The comments here begin to sound like bullying now.
    I would hate to see James Arthur top himself over this mistake,
    the guy is sensitive and emotionally unstable enough to be pushed that far
    so knock it off.

    “I’ve done a lot of bad things in the past
    And when I let myself down, I swag it out”

    Forgive us for what we have done, we’re young

    1. My reply above more specifically to Robert Rowley’s comment.

    2. Why are you providing a link to this talentless, homophobic creeps audition?, doing a bad karaoke version of a sh*t song.

      1. i love his version of the song,but if you have a better one i’ll be more than happy to hear it!so let me know…

        1. What a stupid response, i’m not masquerading to the nation as a “singer” or as a karaoke contestant of some rubbish song. If you have no taste in musical quality and appreciate manufactured drivel , plagiarising more manufactured drivel , then that’s up to you.

          1. yes,it is up to me…it’s up to JA to sing his songs the way that he knows best,it is up to me to like it or not and it is up to you to like whatever you exactly,i don’t see where the problem is and i don’t understand why you are attacking people for their own choices which are their own can’t take away every singer on this planet that you don’t like and neither can i.and i don’t even want to.there’s enough place for everybody,singers and fans,and there’s no need to tear each other apart for diferrent tastes in music or i understand the fact that you don’t like JA but i don’t understand why you are so aggressive…my response was stupid,he is masguerading,the song is rubbish,i have no taste in musical quality(why,just because i like something different than you do)…you see,a lot of harsh harsh words that make you seem like an angry person,very quick to judge others and throw judgements at them.

          2. so regardless of JA or music i hope you come to a better place in your life and find more peace…with yourself and others and all things that are really bothering you,because this is just a pretext for other things that are going on in your life or you have encountered along the i wish you nothing but the best and wish that everything works out for,chris

          3. @chris, LOL! you sound so incredulously sensitive , you need to toughen up if you are so very fragile and find my language too harsh . You must have an extremely sheltered existence to even consider being “attacked” by my previous comment. Unlike you, I can assert myself sincerely rather than desperately attempt some clichéd, pathetic, psycho babble , passive aggressive idiom.

      2. As you asked…
        here’s the original version by Tulisa, I don’t think it’s possible to call James Arthur’s interpretation karaoke, I think both versions are brilliant in their own way but so completely different.

        1. :) i meant if rapture can sing a better version of this song,i would be more than happy to hear it,since he seems to know everything so well…

          1. Oh sorry if that was confusing Chris, I was responding to rapture asking why I linked to Jamar’s audition etc.

        2. I don’t believe it’s possible to call it anything other than bad karaoke of an appalling song. I think both versions are chewing gum to the ears and torturous to endure. They both sound like a load of ole sh*t to me. But, musical taste is subjective , and you could probably think similar of mine.

    3. I hate what he said. I hate his lame excuses. I think he’s a sorry loser who deserves every bit of wrath he has incurred by his idiocy. HOWEVER, i agree that the remarks of ‘just let him kill himself’ make the people saying them horrible, disgusting people. This is a human being, and these kinds of remarks are simply showing that the people making them are just as disgusting and full of idiocy as he is.

  19. This manly man’s man should grow a pair. At age 25, the death of a grandparent shouldn’t induce hysterical “breakdowns” and public bouts of homophobia. The death of an adult’s grandparent may be sad, indeed, but “mental exhaustion” my ass, he’s just a common bigot who got caught out.

  20. DONT BE SO DUMB Ive had people close to me die I don’t go outside calling black people the N word or Asian people the P word get a grip and STOP using this as a excuse – This is NOT the first time his been caught using homophobic language

    1. Urging James Arthur to kill himself as Robert Rowley did in his comment is going much too far.

  21. If he’s looking for sympathy, he’ll find it in the dictionary, between s**t and synthetic, both of which are what his pathetic excuses are.

  22. Oh for the love of god, blame the death of ya granny for being homophobic ! shameful

  23. Derek Williams 29 Nov 2013, 3:49pm

    Apology accepted. But I find it interesting that a death in the family causes homophobia. Does it work in reverse? i.e. if a gay man’s granny dies, does he hate straight people?

  24. Seymour Cat 29 Nov 2013, 5:15pm

    [Quote] He was criticised by comedians Matt Lucas and Frankie Boyle for the lyrics. [Quote]

    Criticised by Frankie Boyle? That man’s got some neck on him with all the transphobic crap he directed at Lady Gaga and his frankly tasteless AIDS jokes, the words pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

  25. His cover story of ‘problems’ and ‘not in a good place’ following a recent family death is just not a reasonable or justtifiable reason to spout homophobia in what would have been a well rehearsed and intentioned song. He knew exactly what words he was rapping. This is a cover up and his has the unrespectful cheek to use a family members death as an excuse. He’s only upset now as a rejection by Syco/X factor would ruin and tarnish his image. Should have thought of that before you Rapped your way into problems! Rap and homophobia has a reputation of going hand in hand.

  26. Brian Latham 29 Nov 2013, 7:03pm

    Having your grandmother die, doesn’t give you an excuse to be apology was pitiful and not sincere. He also hasn’t apologised to Lucy Spraggan.

  27. some of the comments here are just awful.don’t we just love throwing hate at others and trying to bring them down and then feeling that we are better than them.the man made some mistakes ok,but give him a break!!no need for so much hate!!and he blamed it on his grandmother?where?where did he say that?! oh,wait…a source said…you people believe everything that a newspaper writes,but you have no idea who said that.but never mind that,there’s some new oportunity to spread some more hate,so we’ll take that.pleeeese,give me a break!!

  28. Orange Lucozade 29 Nov 2013, 7:49pm

    Grief doesn’t make you a bigot, all it might make you is less likely to cover up your bigoted viewpoints.

  29. That There Other David 29 Nov 2013, 9:10pm

    Simon Cowell Inc. are doing their best to PR manage the fallout I see, even desecrating the memory of a recently deceased family member in order to try and change the narrative. Truly cynical and truly disgusting IMO. Anyone actually fooled by this shameless piece of media engineering?

  30. He should not be allowed on X factor his apology is meaningless as he is only doing it to save his career boycott x factor if they don’t drop him there is no place in society for idiots like him

  31. James Savik 29 Nov 2013, 11:14pm

    Why do we care what some semi-talented kid on a talent show thinks or does?

    He’s nobody. Now… let’s talk about this Alex Baldwin ass hat…

    He’s in a position of some power and prestige and is a repeat offender.

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  34. Mark in Halifax 30 Nov 2013, 6:18pm

    What I find insulting in this debacle, apart from the idiot’s behaviour in the first place, is how we the public are expected to accept that this was as a result of him being in a difficult place after a death. Just how stupid do these people think we are? The amount of spin that is used to cover up the actions of pillocks like James Arthur is astronomical. He should be made to account for his actions and if that means losing critical exposure on one of the biggest programmes on UK TV today, then so be it. One would hope that he may think twice before doing it again.

  35. Ben Foster 1 Dec 2013, 11:29am

    If losing his granny,something that we all have to face sooner or later, makes him this mentally exhausted and incapable of responsibility for his actions, I hope he never has to deal with a really big tragedy in his life. (Listening to memorial service for Clutha victims at this moment. People who DO deserve our sympathy.)

    1. All the homophobes out there are that way because they just lost a granny…didn’t you know already.
      Putin signed the anti-gay laws in Russia after his granny died I’ll lay money on it (lol).

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