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Former UKIP candidate Julia Gasper questions whether the only gay Holocaust victims were Jews

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Reader comments

  1. Stop giving this person the publicity she craves. Ignore her and she will crawl back under whatever rock from which she emerged.

    1. I think the most constructive manner of approaching this declaration from Julia Gasper is to urge all historians to thoroughly and exhaustively research this matter and respond accordingly to what Julia Gasper has written.

      Where she is wrong, she needs to be fully and very very publicly put right.

      Otherwise, her very loud words WILL live on, and we will hear them over and over again from homophobes and bigots.

      So, you university academics in history departments, GET TO IT, please!

    2. I agree, she is a waste of space, I’m pleased that UKIP have stripped her of her candidacy and Oxford chairmanship but feel they now need to revoke her membership! There is no room for people like that in mainstream political parties!

      1. > Implying UKIP are a mainstream political party rather than the bunch of overboiled nutters they are.

        Haha good one.

        Oh wait, you’re serious aren’t you?

  2. Vile bigoted Woman. Is she the homophobe that compared homosexuality to bestiality a while back and who looks like the serial killer Rosemary West?

    1. Benjamin Cohen 29 Nov 2013, 5:29pm

      She did in a blog post that she has now deleted. Thankfully, PinkNews still has backups!

      1. Thankfully the party has taken away her candidacy and branch chairmanship. There is no place for people like her in UKIP! I and others are calling for her membership to be completely revoked, we just don’t want anyone like that! I wish Kepler on this forum would stop branding her as representing UKIP and our views because she doesn’t!

        I’m saddened by the fact that many in the lgbt community try and exclude gay UKIP members! I have been called all sorts by some of the more intolerant members of our lgbt family. Fortunately I’m thick skinned, my favourite insult is probably “a self hating gay”. We in LGBT* in UKIP would like a little more inclusion, instead of mockery, insults and derision! We deserve better, just as any other human being, surely that goes to the heart of the LGBT cause?

        1. Midnighter 1 Dec 2013, 5:25pm

          Nick, popping up throughout the comments to engage in a spot of Python-esque finger-pointing at the witch-du-jour (a safe target now that “Sir” Nigel has tested her in his largest scales) is amusing to read but one suspects you are rather missing the point; as you note, she’s still a party member which is scandalous and hardly a reason for your readers to warm to the party you are supporting.

          Until she gets the boot, it is reasonable to assume that she doesn’t offend the party leadership in the same way she offends you and I.

          In regards to your second paragraph, respect might be more forthcoming if there were any signs of a pro-LGBT movement within UKIP achieving real concessions for the concerns of our community.

          As it stands, being cosy with far-right groups in the EFD and firing your youth chairman for supporting LGBT rights don’t seem the actions of a party that is terribly likely to worry about the odd holocaust-denier (until such time as the publicity gets too bad.)

  3. This dear, sweet and, above all else, scholarly* lady does not indicate why pink triangles were thought to be necessary then, if all those gay people who were murdered by the Nazis were Jewish as well. Why was a distinction needed? Or is she perhaps suggesting that the pink triangle meant you weren’t going to be gassed, just brutalised?

    * sarcasm alert

    1. Agreed, there is no place in a mainstream party for people like her. I’m glad to see that UKIP showed there disapproval of this degenerates views by revoking hair candidacy and branch chairmanship! Pleased to see calls for her membership of the party to be revoked getting ever louder and taken more seriously!

  4. Testament to the TRUE beliefs and values of UKIP.

    1. Actually, her views are totally contrary to the party view which is why she had her candidacy and branch chairmanship taken away from her! There are growing calls within the party to completely revoke her membership, which shows that her views are out of touch with UKIP!

  5. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 6:04pm

    Rewriting history is nothing new; one merely needs to ask what the revisionist has to gain from the act.

    The beauty of peer review in any academic subject is that such crackpots will find their work torn to shreds for its necessary inaccuracies and omissions, the authors reputation as an academic (if any) will be damaged and the whole sorry mess will only be of interest to a minority of crackpots and the odd news headline.

    1. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 8:29pm

      Having read her piece more closely it is about as void of content and rationality as it could be.

      For starters, it is glaringly obvious that she sidesteps any requirement at doing any real academic work by making no assertion other than that she personally can’t find evidence of a “holocaust comparable to that of the Jews”.

      So what? How bad does it have to be to “count”? Most genuine academics would spot the faux pas of announcing that their own work was a red herring up front, but not Julia.

      This premise is obviously a fallacious “argumentum ad ignorantiam” since she is apparently claiming that since she can’t herself prove that it was “as bad”, then it wasn’t.

      The crux of her piece is a brief game of “moving the goalposts” by seeking a greater level of substantiation for those statistics she finds inconvenient, “special pleading” which ignores a great deal of contrary evidence by citing a few specific cases.

      A red herring built upon logical fallacies; puerile drivel.

  6. Ben Foster 29 Nov 2013, 6:14pm

    The underlying implication that it was OK to kill gay Jews along with all other Jews would be disturbing if we didn’t know this was Mme Gasper of UKIP who talks trash like that all the time not the thoughts of a mentally balanced member of the Human race.

    1. This degenerate does not speak for UKIP, the party withdrew her candidacy and chairmanship and therefore do not tolerate such views!

  7. And David Irving claims there’s no authentic documents proving that Hitler knew about the Holocaust…

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Nov 2013, 6:45pm

    What a disgusting specimen of human existence! It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s an holocaust denier too. I’ve no doubt UKIP is infested with these demented freaks.

    1. Absolutely not, they get drowned out and kicked out! We don’t want them! So keep your intolerant assumptions to yourself!

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Nov 2013, 12:45pm

        Intolerance is UKIP opposing equal marriage and using just as vile rhetoric as others in opposition.

  9. Derek Williams 29 Nov 2013, 6:48pm

    I was not there of course, but a Jewish friend (the late Mrs Kitty Fischer) of mine was, and in fact owed her life to having had raw potatoes passed under the fence to her by a homosexual fellow inmate at Auschwitz. There was first hand evidence that homosexuals were targeted because of their sexuality, not their race or creed.

    The pink triangle was introduced for that reason, otherwise all prisoners would have worn the same yellow star badge.

    Non-Jewish homosexuals were never exempted from the criminal statue outlawing homosexuality. Worse still, because homosexuality remained a criminal offence after the war, unlike Jews who were released from captivity upon liberation, homosexuals were forced to continue their sentences in prison.

  10. Some people are ashamed to parade their stupidity in public. It seems Julia Gasper has no such shame.

  11. Dr. G E Subero 29 Nov 2013, 7:17pm

    Despite the fact that Dr Gasper has published her article via it is vital to understand and recognise that her article has no real academic validity. This is not based on the fact that her data (or lack thereof) is unsubstantiated by any previous research or original research or her own. Although operates as a platform to share academic knowledge, only referenced papers from refereced journals would be regarded as having academic credibility. Sadly, she’s allowed to express her bigotry and homophobia and disguise it as academic work. However, do not consider her an academic. Her work cannot and will never be considered as such by any reputable academic institution!

  12. When I visited Auschwitz, I asked one of the tour guides (her father had been an inmate and survived the camp) about the numbers of homosexuals imprisoned in camps and she could offer very little in the way of hard facts, save for prisoner testimonies.
    What emerges are witness accounts of harsh brutality towards homosexuals, not only from the guards, but also sometimes from other inmates.
    She also said that the figures available were guess work because for so long, this subject was un-researched, due in large part to the many anti-sodomy laws in force in Europe until the 1960’s and 70’s and many survivors could not come forward.
    There are also instances of known homosexual survivors of the camps being re-arrested because they could be identified as gay.
    And on a further note, she added that the true number may never be known, because homosexuals could conceal themselves in a much more effective way compared to other groups.

  13. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 7:25pm

    Very seldom I feel the urge to call a “lady” A SILLY COW. But now the line has been passed. One top rank nazi officer in Hitler’s Germany said : “Homosexuals are against God and Nature, they must not be shown any mercy !” And because there were many thousands of gay and lesbians in those other groups too- it is correct to say that Nazi Germany killed and tortured hundreds of thousands gay, lesbians and transgender persons. Haven’t this stupid cow heard about the Pink Triangles worn by gay people in the camps ? The horrible massacres in Nazi-Germany is one of the absolute reasons why WE must fight suppression and homophobia today. ( Learn from History! ) WE must never give in !

    1. Midnighter 29 Nov 2013, 8:02pm

      Her stupidity is not in her ignorance – I’m sure she’s fully aware of the points you mention – but in her naive belief that other people are so gullible as to be taken in by this fraudulent garbage.

      This is not (just) an incompetent academic getting in a muddle, this is loathsome and evil person making a deliberate attempt to rewrite history to suit her homophobic agenda.

  14. Just to clarify the last part of that comment. That many who were imprisoned were able to conceal their otherness more easily compared to Jewish or Roma inmates. Bear in mind, she said that they were not given new uniforms and if the identification mark fell off, the prisoners lost distinction.
    We should also bear in mind those who had to undergo castration, both in Germany and other occupied countries. This method offered a way out of the camps. As well as experiments to try and locate a possible ‘gay gene’ by the nazis.
    This woman should visit Auschwitz and actually talk to the guides there. Denying a part of a holocaust shows, I think, where her true sympathies might lie.

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 7:43pm

    Many gay and lesbians who survived the Nazi camps, did not get economical support from Germany, because of the former “anti-gay laws” in the country. Laws which now have been abolished. These actual persons died before Germany became “gay friendly enough”. Sad but true !

  16. UKIP candidate a homophobic holocaust denier? Why am I not surprised?

    1. She had her candidacy revoked as UKIP do not tolerate such views! Come and speak to some of us gay UKIP members instead of believing everything you read in the media, you seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for their dishonest narrative. If you’re interested in having a mind of your own and hearing both sides, then come and talk to me on twitter @TheNickonomist, all that I ask is that you engage in sensible discussion as opposed to spilling bile and mud slinging.

  17. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 8:15pm

    Some years ago, there was an interview here in Norway, done by a well known lesbian activist ( K-C. Friele ) She talked to an old lady who had been a prisoner in one of Hitler’s camps during the Nazi Period. This lady most probably is dead by now. She was not a lesbian. BUT she told us that “GAY AND LESBIAN PRISONERS ENCOURAGED” other prisoners in the camp ! And made their horrible days a little better ! What a positive fact to remember for all of us. Imagine- Our Sisters and Brothers – in this inhuman situation had “Gay Power and Gay Pride” ! In the 19 40s. My eyes are wet.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 9:32pm

      K-C. Friele —: Karen-Christine Friele. ( Born 1935 )

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 11:26pm

      Here is the name of that Norwegian lady I refer to, who was imprisoned by the nazis- In the Nazi Camp Ravensbrück : Sonja Coucheron. One of the sentences she said in that actual interview is similar to this : ” The tenderness and love lesbian women in Ravensbrück gave to eachother, also gave strength to other female prisoners.”

  18. If it walks and talks like a fascist, it’s a fascist.

    1. Good thing UKIP have made it clear that they don’t want her as a candidate or branch chair!

      1. You’ve said that about 10 times now.

  19. גרגורי אדלסטון 29 Nov 2013, 9:05pm

    As a gay-Jew I find her comments horrifying. Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Mentally Disabled, Poles, Anti-Socials were all interned in Death Camps. Some had two stars, gay-Jews. From what I recollect 250,000 gay individuals perished in the Nazi Camps. This woman is shameless.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 10:30pm

      THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT ! You are a gay Jew. I’m a gay Norwegian ! WE ARE BROTHERS. I wish you all the very best in life !

  20. As a gay-Jew I am truly horrified by her comments. Ghastly woman. She can go off and marry the devil.

  21. That There Other David 29 Nov 2013, 9:07pm

    I think it necessary to bring this to the attention of every European government that has Holocaust denial as a crime. I’m sure being a UKIP supporter she probably never wants to leave Good Old Blighty anyway, but it would certainly be justice for her to be turned away a few times at the departure gates because her planned destination country have barred her entry. IMO she fits the “undesirable” label pretty well.

  22. i thought she only looked stupid and paranoid…

  23. it seems she is still nursing a bloody nose from the last encounter with pink news and its commentators.

  24. The horror of the story of gays in the holocaust isn’t just that they were gathered up and killed, which they were. Even if they hadn’t been killed but simply detained the injustice of what they went through was unique to what everyone else did for one reason. After the consitration camps were torn down, and after the trials for crimes against humanity had been held, Jews who survived were able to try and live and move on. Gays were put in jail because it was decided what was done to them wasn’t a bad thing. The laws made by the Nazis were kept on the books until the 70s. This woman may not want to admit it, but the world owes that generation of gays. They owe them a hell of a lot.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Nov 2013, 11:34pm

      YES, Erica Cook ! I fully agree with you ! The decades after The War are extremely important- (H. V. T.—-Norway )

  25. QueeRevolutionary 30 Nov 2013, 12:18am

    That gay bashing Holocaust revisionist forgot to Never Forget that three years before Nazis arrested Jews for being Jews they had already arrested Gay Germans, shipped them to Dachau and tortured them.

    By the 1936 Nazi Olympics, Jews were not yet being arrested for being Jews but Hitler promised the International Olympics Committee that no gay athletes from other nations would be arrested, while Nazis continued arresting gay Germans

    That gay basher forgot to look here for the truth about what Nazis did to gay Germans

  26. James Savik 30 Nov 2013, 2:33am

    In 1944 when it became obvious that Hitler’s Germany was on the verge of defeat, high ranking Nazis frantically began trying to destroy evidence of war crimes. The Nazis were models of bureaucratic efficiently and created meticulous records of everything. Top officers gave orders to stop sending Jews and others to the camps but their fanatical subordinates like Adolf Eichmann continued up to the surrender (and after in a few cases) to continue their reign of murder. While many records were eventually found, tons of documents were burned in the months before Germany surrendered. This is well known by historians and was a major impediment to war crimes prosecutions in many cases. Actual survivors of the camps were used as eyewitnesses at the Nuremberg trials to convict numerous SS officers because the documentary evidence had been destroyed. Many war criminals escaped prosecution for their crimes because no living witnesses.

  27. if they were sent to the death camps only because they were jewish… they wouldve been given the star sign not the pink triangle sign…


  28. I can’t express gratitude to my parents — both of whom may have been homosexual anyway and simply found themselves in bed. I can’t express much of anything about their condescension in making me, since I don’t really feel I needed to be born in the first place… especially not in this modern neurotic world of straights afraid of their children’s shadow. I hope she’s grateful to us for creating the world of university and intellectual freedom in the first place, allowing her to publish her ideas. I’m ok with her publishing ideas.

  29. Edgar Carpenter 30 Nov 2013, 7:07am

    Holocaust deniers have been around since the beginning of the Holocaust, haven’t they? How is she different from all the other loonies who think that the voices in their heads are more real than the voices of the Nazi’s victims?

    Why is defending the Nazis so important to her? What personal demon is she trying to hide from us with all this flim-flam?

  30. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:18am

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  32. Don’t brand all us Ukip as the same. I am just as horrified by these comments!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Nov 2013, 12:40pm

      Well, until your party persists in opposing equal marriage then yes, the majority are all the same. At least the delusional Nikki Sinclaire had the sense to leave it, the only positive thing I can say about her.

    2. Indeed, it’s a good thing that the party took away her candidacy and branch chairmanship! It proves that these views are not tolerated. Sadly there are so many people on here who buy into media narratives, seemingly do not have a mind of their own.

  33. She lives around the corner from me, apparently. Despite her claims she is a ‘don’ she has nothing to do with Oxford University. She’s just a sad little bonkers person with a PC and internet connection, poor dear. There is a well-regarded psychiatric hospital just down the road. UKIP would be better off fielding a frozen chicken as its candidate in this nice liberal/labour voting area of leafy Oxford suburbia – it would get the same number of votes as she did – i.e. zero.

  34. One of those who think all the world is represented on the Internet. Ever heard of books and archives?

  35. Holocaust denial, no longer just for antisemites, now also available in exciting new homophobic and prawn cocktail flavours!

  36. .....Paddyswurds 30 Nov 2013, 5:55pm

    What has caused this demented hags sudden obsession with Gay people one wonders?…

  37. So, while decrying the lack of substantive references her own scholarly practice* (“I consulted a few books) is of course beyond reproach and an exemplar of how to address contentious issues with respect and an enquiring mind. (*sarcasm alert). As a member of the academy I am ashamed to have this drivel pass as anything other than bigotry and hatred. Whether gay or not, or |Jewish or not, or young or old, or rich or poor, or female or male, real live living breathing human beings were murdered and tortured and we may never know the true extent of his horror or the full boy count – why – because people were discarded when dead. The last and vile act to eradicate any trace of identity – Nazi practice that certainly benefits supporters and friends of denial.

  38. She is a lying fascist c*nt who should be tw*tted in the face the moment she shows herself in public.

  39. Dr? in what?

  40. UKIP? Spurious dissection of the Holocaust.?We’ll be getting a paper from Ms. Gasper on
    which parts of the moon are made of Camembert or Brie next..Dotty academic.

  41. I agree with the last person to comment i.e. we should all ignore her and feel compassion for a person who is clearly mentally ill. I remember her from school days and used too look up to her as a senior pupil and ‘role model’. LOL – How naive I was then. She’s a very sick and twisted person. Not much of an advertisement for Oxbridge either.

  42. Think this nasty offensive, fascist, homophobic, racist ,homophobe bit the dust!

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