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Watch a 13-year-old use his Bar Mitzvah speech to call for equal marriage for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. He means well but that poor child does not seem to grasp that what the buybull says about marriage should be of no consequence.

    Does this brainwashed youth not understand that marriage has nothing to do with his or anyone’s religious cult.
    Hopefully he will one day realise how malignant the lifestyle choice of being religious is.

    1. You obviously have no idea what this beautiful and articulate boy was trying to say. He was not saying that marriage has anything to do with the Bible, simply that many people who oppose gay marriage immediately turn to the Bible to prove their point, but their point is invalid because the marriage laid out in the Bible bears no resemblance to marriage today. I think you need to listen before you judge simply because the point being made comes from someone with a faith. As he says during the speech, he and the rest of the congregation are 100% behind equal marriage and equality. Not every religious person wants to stone us or burn us at the stake. Your condescending post, about a thirteen year old boy (who is on your side!!) is just as bad as some of the rubbish that gets spouted at us every day.

      Mazel Tov!

    2. Benjamin Cohen 28 Nov 2013, 4:25pm

      That is just offensive. If you belong to a faith that does not discriminate against LGBT people, what is wrong with having a faith?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Nov 2013, 4:31pm

        Well said and Hanukkah Sameach, Ben!

      2. Well, if you are an antitheist, like me, you believe that all “faith” is an insult to our intelligence and our humanity. Of course, religious people can be good people too, but in spite of their faith, not because of it. Lovely kid, though. His heart is in the right place.

      3. Belief in a sky fairy with no proof of its existence is wilful stupidity.

        it is not offensive to point this out.

        the OBSESSION with religious cults on this site is far more offensive than pointing out that religious people’s beliefs are nothing more than lifestyle choices.

      4. I totally agree with you Benjamin!

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Nov 2013, 4:30pm

      Not all people of faith are brainwashed. There are some very good people in all religions who support us. How can you say such a nasty thing about a lovely young man who is saying something positive about gay people?

    4. Wha?! Did you watch the same video as me? That kid did an incredibly brave and noble thing for our rights to be recognised, and in doing so used the bible to show why the bible is not a justifiable reference point for the definition of marriage – and he did it respectfully to the people who share his faith!! Faith is not a poison, people using their faith poisonously is. I’m sorry Steve but that child showed more wisdom in his few years than you have done, and I’m gonna guess you have him beat by a fair few.

    5. Michael2912 28 Nov 2013, 4:45pm

      Oh dear. That really is a classic misfire. I listened to that amazing speech and wept. Your cynicism does you no credit. I write as an atheist who respects the rights of others to practice their faith and hold onto the hope that they respect my right to my own position and my right to live in a same sex partnership. I don’t think too much is asked there of either side.

    6. You are getting some stick! In your defence, I know exactly what you mean. People can believe whatever they want to believe – however childish it appears to rational people. But, ‘faith’ IS a fact. I no more want the patronage and consent of people of faith for my lifestyle than I want the patronage and consent of my milkman (although I believe his is a much more practical and beneficial service to the community). I suppose we should not be churlish. This 13 year-old is, hopefully, representative of a more tolerant, educated generation. So, I suppose he should be applauded for at least trying. But I do see your point that religion does not – nor should it – have ANY say whatsoever over who should be allowed to form a loving partnership and who shouldn’t. If people of faith want a faith wedding, they should have one. But they should not attempt to impose their particular faith’s beliefs and values on those NOT of their faith. To attempt to do so is, in my book, fascism.

    7. I attempted a (supportive) reply, SteveC … but it hasn’t appeared.

      1. Ah – now it has – with some thumbs down.

    8. Steve C, I’m sure you agree that all things should be taken in moderation, considered with moderation, said with moderation? I have no truck whatsoever with any of the world’s many religious delusions, BUT what shines from that video, for me, is the clarity with which that young man has discerned that “traditional marriage” is not what so many bigots believe it to be. Put his unfortunate religious delusions aside, and consider that that is quite an extraordinary thing for a young man, of such tender years, to say so bravely, and so confidently, before the most important people inhabiting his world.

    9. de Villiers 28 Nov 2013, 10:14pm

      Steve C, I think you have a mental illness.

      1. To make such a fatuous comment. you have obviously not taken the trouble actually to READ and THINK about what Steve C has written. But I suppose that’s your religious brainwashing to blame. His is a perfectly reasoned argument against the brainwashing of organised religion and those who refuse to be influenced by it. In this, he is totally correct. And to those people who have attempted to condemn him for his views … well, you are no better than the religious bigots who would have us ALL hanged. Let’s just grow-up a bit about religious ‘belief’ (self-delusion?), shall we? Believe what the hell you want … but just stop trying to convince others that you’re right and we’re wrong.

        1. de Villiers 29 Nov 2013, 11:54am

          Obviously truth. Obviously.

          Perhaps you should follow your own advice.

          1. de Villiers 29 Nov 2013, 11:56am

            > Believe what the hell you want … but just stop trying to convince others that you’re right and we’re wrong.

            And SteveC was doing what… exactly?

        2. de Villiers 29 Nov 2013, 11:55am

          > well, you are no better than the religious bigots who would have us ALL hanged.


    10. I know where you are coming from, as I abhor religion myself, having been psychologically damaged myself by fundamentalist religious belief in the past, but what he is saying is that society has moved on since the days when the Torah was written, and that we can’t allow slavish adherence to a literal interpretation of ancient religious texts, nor to “traditinal teaching” and interpretation of those texts, to dictate what is acceptable to us today. It is, indeed, ironic that one could argue that even amongst Muslims modern-day homophobia is rooted in the teachings of the Torah (for it was the inspiration of both Christianity and Islam), but if followers of all faiths had HIS attitude there wouldn’t be much of a problem with the acceptance of more “liberal” (ie enlightened and compassionate) views!

    11. If that’s what brainwashing does to a young mind, wash away!

    12. It’s a real shame that you don’t know how to differentiate between religions. I suspect your views on religion are really your views on Christianity and you have no comprehension of Judaism at all. It’s a religion of covenant, i.e. what we do, not a religion of faith, i.e. what we believe. Its core purpose is a better life in the here and now for everyone. If you find that repugnant, so be it.

      I am not trying to malign those of other religions, some of whom are genuinely supportive of lesbians and gay men, but they are different from Judaism. I cannot see how one could ever argue that it’s malignant to choose being a supporter of life in all its delight.

  2. ok thanks it is possible

  3. Cool kid. As for the above comments. Religion isn’t going to magically disappear with some atheist fairy dust. So all the better that those who are religious are not being homophobic. Why attack someone if they are not attacking you?

    I’m not religious, but why do so many atheists seem to think that anyone who has religious faith is sad and stupid – they’re as bigoted as the religious people they castigate. I have a long list of people – musicians, composers, writers, painters, filmmakers, politicians, scientists, etc – whose work I love and whose faith has positively affected my life.

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Nov 2013, 8:54pm

    A bright and lovely young boy. I’m an atheist – but this young “star” gives love and understanding to so many people. Thank you ! -Your parents should be proud of you ! ( Norway )

    1. Lovely boy. The world needs more like him (kind-hearted people).

  5. Love you baby boy, like I love my own son, you have the same clear eyes and perfect mind.
    May you always have such compassion and clarity and may you find the best in people all of your days. Love and happiness. xxx

  6. Derek Williams 28 Nov 2013, 11:20pm

    Such lucidity and articulateness that belie his young years. A remarkable and courageous speech.

  7. Kenthomes1 29 Nov 2013, 5:33am

    Most Jewish people in the United States are reform Judaism, which is liberal, supportive of gay marriage and many women lead the congregation. Although I am staunchly anti-religious, because of the incredible harm it has done and continues to do, Reform Judaism is definately not the enemy here.

  8. well spoken boy. i now live in new zealand where it is now legal to wed your boyfreind. wish there were more like you….

  9. I cannot believe grownups can listen to a child and be convinced.Homsexuality is demonic and is normally entered into the weakest link in a household where the father is not performing his duty as the head of the house and not covering spiritually through the blood of Jesus Christ.In otherwords he is not saved and not in a relationship with God.Natural manifestations are started in the soiritual realm first,that is why the Bible says that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the spirit world in high places,and this can only be done with our mouths speaking out the Word of God,and by the blood of Jesus,but our lifestyles also have to be in order according to the Word of God.There is only one way,not multiple ways.It is God or nothing.God is not mocked.God is a God of yesterday,today and forever.He does not change.Man is the problem.Anyone who is in support of this abomination is a partaker of it,and will reap the benfits thereof.Those supporting this are skating on thin ice.The Bible says as in the Days of Noah so will be it before the return of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.Repent,and turn from the ways of the world while it is still daylight,while there is still time.If you do not heed this message it will ring in your ears throughout eternity in the Lake of Fire which is to be made initially for the devil and his cohorts.Once you there ,there is no turning back and it will be too late to repent.This is a Red Alert because God does not want any of His creation to land up there.Get thee out of Babylon(worldly lusts) My people because you are a special treasure to Me,a Chosen Generation,a Royal Priesthood.Those that claim they are atheists are saying that because the Word of God puts your morality on the line.Di you know that God has put it in man to know Him.He has also subject the world on putpose mind you so you can reach out to Him.It is a terrible thing to get into the hands of the living God.Don’t be deceived Jesus is coming back,and when He says quickly,He does not mean this very minute,but that could also well be,but what He actually means is;that it will be in a twinkling of an eye,suddenly,and every knee will bow,and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.This means that you will bow the knee and your will say He is Lord,because when sudden destruction comes upon His return because it is built or put into you to KNOW God it will be automatic on that day,on that hour,on that split second.The difference is what side of the fence will you be.Fence sitters or lukewarm christians will be on the same side as the atheists and all the people that are bounf by their earthly lusts.Lastly the Bible speaks of people as bowls of honour or bowls of dishonour.What kind of a bowl of you.Dead fish go with the flow -downstream,but live fish swim against the current.It is easy to be a dead fish,these billions of them.Although many are going to hell as Jesus gave the analogy of the wide gate that leads to destruction and MANY will go through,but narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life ans a few enter in.This by the way also include flaky or surface christians that portray a certain godliness,but in their hearts they are tombstones and dead to a relationship with God.God bless you all as you ponder on this message.

    1. marshlander 29 Nov 2013, 9:17am

      No doubt you put a lot of work into constructing that message. It’s a pity that your energies are not being put to good use elsewhere. That you see filth, decay and eternal damnation when you think about two people in love who are looking to make a public commitment to each other says rather more about you than about same sex relationships.

      I don’t suppose it has crossed your mind that messages like yours are what underpins a lot of persecution and homophobic violence in this world not to mention religious intolerance, or hadn’t you noticed the young man is a Jew?

      I know. I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but your message, Trevor, is emotive and uninformed by reality. The young man in the video is making an articulate and mature case for fairness and equal treatment. Your message is one of division and despair. That is all the pondering I shall be doing on your message. I have no wish to receive any blessings from this figment of your tortured imagination. Have you sought help?

    2. Jason Strudwick 29 Nov 2013, 9:52am

      What a nasty view you have, I say if anyone deserves gods wrath it will be you for your intolerance and hate filled rant that has no place in the modern world. Whats wrong with religion is people like you. Who cause suffering and wars with a hate filled philosophy.

    3. Strange how you seem to have searched for an lgbt website to spread your filth, when most straight people I know wouldn’t have a clue what ‘pinknews’ was, let alone spend time to post on it! I always say the same about people who search out and watch lgbt themed videos on YouTube and then leave nasty hateful comments. It always makes me feel that they have denial and self hatred issues. Why would you look for and read / watch something you so vehemently hate?! Plus, if you honestly think that you are ‘preaching’ what Jesus said and thought, I think you need to look again. Jesus spoke about love and compassion, treating others how you would like to br treated and love thy neighbour. Don’t forget that he spent time with those people who were considered ‘less than’ in those times. I honestly think that God would have more of a problem with you and all the other haters for twisting his message just to suit YOUR own agenda.

    4. “I cannot believe grownups can listen to a child and be convinced.Homsexuality is demonic…” I only got that far. Demons don’t exist – they are the product of an overactive imagination. Are you on drugs?

    5. trevor,
      I might find your arguments more convincing if you
      (a) took the occasional breath
      (b) recognised that a full stop ends a sentence and should be followed by a space
      (c) had learnt the wonders of paragraphing.
      If you are going to peddle crap, at least try to polish the turd.
      With less love than you might think.

      1. Thank You Patmac, your points are thorough and well made; I tried to read trevor’s drivel but:
        (a) given the formatting (or rather, the lack of same) I knew it would be a struggle simply to read;
        (b) given the first sentence or two I knew it would be full of pain and sublimated self-hate;
        (c) given that same first few sentence sample I knew it would be devoid of rationality;
        (d) tl:dr

    6. David in the O.C. 29 Nov 2013, 5:04pm

      People like you burned witches at the stake, and said that left-handed people were evil. Need I say more?

    7. Deranged, deluded drivel. Take a pill and sod off. Actually, just sod off.

    8. I read the first three lines of your pathetic squawking. That was enough to get the gist of it.
      Keep ‘your’ god to yourself, uhm?
      I have to say, I don’t particularly care what your imaginary friend likes and dislikes.

  10. Right up there with Betty Bowers (America’s Best Christian)!

  11. Goodness, 13-year-olds have come a long way since I was that age! Though I suspect this lovely boy is extremely unusual even now. He’s certainly a credit to his parents too.

    He makes a good point about Jacob, or at least I naturally think so because the home life of the dear patriarch (not only married two sisters, his first cousins, but fathered a total of 12 sons and 1 – maybe more – daughter with them and their serving-women: such an example to look up to!) is one I often refer to when confronted by the arguments of hyperreligious loons wittering on about “traditional” marriage.

  12. This young man is an inspiration! I wish there was more people out there like him! I must also add, that some of the anti-religion comments on here are disgusting! People have a right to follow their faith! Don’t make out all religious people to be homophobes, cos that aint the case! You don’t wanna be judged for being LGBT, so don’t judge peoples choice in religion! I know many Jews who fully support gay rights! You anti-religion people obviously have’t heard of Reform/Liberal Judaism. Which many Jews follow. Reform/Liberal Judaism is very gay friendly. Even a number of Conservative Jews support gay rights! Don’t judge a whole religion, before you know know the facts first! I have the feeling that some of those attacking Jews on here, are anti semites! Shame on you if that is the case!

    1. Not “Anti-Semitism” again! Is it not possible for anyone to criticize Jews or the State of Israel without that accusation being made? And of course everyone has “the right to follow their faith” – that’s what secularism means. It means that religious belief or lack of it is not the business of the state. The problem is, as you must be aware, that so many religious people (not the young man in the video, I am sure) think that others should abide by their rules, or that their actions should be given special dispensation just because they are religiously motivated (look at the questions of circumcision or of ritual slaughter of animals, for example, both of which are back in the news today). We shouldn’t yield an inch in this respect.

    2. People have every right to be ‘anti-religious’ given what such ideology has done over the past three thousand plus years.
      That said, as much as I dislike, and speak out against religious drivel, I don’t paint all religious folk with the same brush. If they profess a religion, I ask them what they believe first. If they believe some of the many abhorrent things that have come out of religion. They lose my respect. If they believe that a human deserves eternal torture for merely not being convinced of a poorly made claim. If they believe that a human being deserves hell fire for ‘loving the wrong person’. Then I’ll tell them my thoughts.
      You might not like what atheists have to say. How they criticize religious belief. But at least they don’t believe that you personally deserve to suffer in agony for ever for not ‘thinking like them’.

  13. Craig Nelson 29 Nov 2013, 2:23pm

    I’d like to send his vid to the ecclesiarchs of the children of England
    He has a very lucid grasp of the scriptures. If I was his parent I’d be very proud of him, even if I wasn’t in agreement with him. He has grace, warmth and tolerance. Good qualities to have.

  14. Dom's Drum 29 Nov 2013, 2:55pm

    A clearly intelligent, well adjust, well raised young man. And I applaud his sentiment. But he makes reference to a gay couple who have decided to marry three times. Doesn’t this play into the hands of the critics who say that gay weddings make a mockery of the institution of marriage? And as a gay man, I’m loathed to admit that it does a bit.

    If you’re interested in my full thoughts on this you can find them here:

    1. I’m Duncan’s mom, and those are my friends who had the weddings. They would gladly not have had three weddings if their marriages were recognized in the entire United States.

  15. Som's Drum 29 Nov 2013, 3:02pm

    He’s obviously an intelligent, well adjust, well raised young man and I applaud his stand. However, during his speech makes reference to a gay couple who have married three times. Isn’t this playing to the critics who say that gay weddings make a mockery of the institution of marriage? As a gay man I am loathed to admit that it does a bit. More than a bit actually.

    If you’re interested in my full thoughts, you can find them here:

  16. Tammi Phillips 30 Nov 2013, 7:36am

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  17. Duncan, you are brilliant! I am going to send the link to this to the Archbishop of Canterbury who is “listening” to both sides of the same sex argument (a good excuse for inaction). Well done. On this Saturday I say to you Shabat Shalom.

  18. MerlynHerne 1 Dec 2013, 12:23pm

    Wonderful! This is one bright, articulate, gifted young man. I look to see him doing a real credit to his family, faith and community in the future.

  19. Mazel Tov!

    Of course, self-righteous Christian conservatives will still insist that marriage should be between a man and his wife … and his mistress … and an occasional hooker or two … possibly ending in divorce — you know, the traditional way as God intended it to be.

  20. Amazing young man. Saying the right thing.

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