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Two years since the death of anti-bullying campaigner Roger Crouch

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  1. And to commemorate his death, ITV will put the most recently vocal anti-gay bully on prime time television on Saturday, just to show all the young kids it doesn’t really matter if you call someone “a fkcing queer” and then put the video on youtube.

    It’s disgusting that the x-factor and syco records are promoting a homophobic bully when you think of the poor people, like this Man and his Son, where anti-gay name calling has a devastating effect. And people like Joan Rivers and Olly Murs have the audacity to defend these vocal bullies and think that’s okay.

  2. Dave Wainwright 28 Nov 2013, 6:45pm

    A very dear friend very sadly missed , unfortunately he gave no clues to his intentions just three weeks after what would have been Dominc’s 17th birthday .
    RIP Rog, we all miss you terribly mate xxx

  3. Derek Williams 29 Nov 2013, 9:49am

    I think it may be taken seriously now straight kids perceived wrongly as gay are suiciding. Of course we only have their word for it, and that of their family. The stereotype of the gay student, studious, compassionate, thoughtful of others, is a death warrant in far too many places. If a heterosexual student exhibits these qualities that should be admired, yet are considered by many as weak, then he is likely to suffer homophobic bullying.

    Unfortunately, teachers often won’t stand up to this, because if they do, then students believe they must be gay too and then the teacher is targeted for abuse.

    I feel this needs to be taken out of the schools and into the courts, where bullying victims can gain legal redress for their loss of education, and loss of enjoyment of life. Bullying that leads to death, should be made a criminal matter.

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