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Poll finds that Church of England sexuality report is ‘out of touch with Anglicans’

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Reader comments

  1. Honestly, WHO wants to have their marriage blessed by a priest who’s, or a Church that’s, holding its nose and dripping with disdain? I just don’t get it!

    1. That’s a very narrow view on the anglican clergy – a huge number are themselves gay, many living in happy civil partnerships and very comfortable with and very open about their sexuality with their congregation, their bishop and the community they serve. Many would be delighted to bless a civil ceremony, many indeed are campaigning strongly for equal marriage within the CofE.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Nov 2013, 3:49pm

    The American branch of Episcopalians already allow clergy to marry gay couples, a matter of choice. It ought to break entirely with the CoE to highlight just how out of touch it is with society at large. We can of course expect a mighty backlash from the African churches. I’m holding my breath now for Archbigot Sentam of York to chime in, the one who said in the Lords during the marriage debate that the CoE has done some bad things to gay people yet hasn’t proposed any formal apology for centuries of oppression, discrimination and ongoing fomentation of homophobia.

  3. The C of E would surely be more in touch with British Anglicans on gay rights and a whole array of other issues if it wasn’t for reactionary dead weight from places like Nigeria.

  4. This report should have read, ‘The church is out of touch …’.
    Full stop.

  5. As an American Epicopalian, whose parish includes an openly married lesbian priest and a good percentage of glbt persons without any notice, it seems to me if you are the state church, then you have to provides your services to all persons…I spent time in GB and know by observation there are not only a lot of glbt acttivilly involved in parish life there, but also serve as priest, music leader etc. It is an open secret.

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