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Petition calls for X Factor to drop James Arthur performance following homophobic rap

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Reader comments

  1. Why did his record label think it would be a good idea to have these lyrics on this album? Plenty of people would have heard the recording before releasing it. Did they think it would make him edgy and cool? Obviously Syco’s opinion is that any publicity is good publicity, which means they are profiting off this. Simon Cowell is laughing all the way to the bank, ultmately he’s responsible for this.

  2. Burn the witch who said a bad word!!!!

    1. Midnighter 28 Nov 2013, 4:57pm

      Do you have some rational basis to imply that people are wrong to take offence to the words (plural) which were – presumably – carefully chosen and deeply considered as part of the lyric-writing process, or were you merely trolling?

      If an artist, his management and his label are unable to stand by and justify the integrity of their “art”, then clearly there is no reason for anyone else to value it and buy it. The music business is full of parasites, and if a few of them get exposed by this particular bandwagon, then I’m quite happy to jump on it myself.

      1. @Midnighter: the name fagburn says it all. Rational is not a word he understands. His fearful delusions and projection of self-hate have trapped him, and he is too cowardly to face his own demons and seek help to live a more loving and beneficial life. Sad.

  3. Yeah because, If James Arthur had called someone “a fkcing n*gger” in his lyrics, they’d still have no problem with him being on the show. Didn’t Coronation Street sack an actor recently because he did some rap video on youtube with misogynistic lyrics?

    Just shows that ITV think racism and misogyny is bad, but homophobia is okay.

    Enough is enough, why should we have to put up with being used as a punchbag for straight people?

  4. If he’d been racist, he’d have been dropped immediately. So, if ITV doesn’t drop him, they are being complicit in homophobia. What sort of signal does THAT send to people? It would send a HUGELY powerful message to all homophobic bullies if he is thrown off. So, ITV – do the right thing. And to those self-haters on here who are attempting to play down the controversy, I’d ask, ‘Have you ever read Uncle Tom’s Cabin’?

  5. The campaign would do better to hit the sponsors with the petition rather than ITV… better to get them where it hurts the most…

  6. I really dont see the problem tbh with what james said. Im gay and i say queer all the time. ie i have a queer tummy today or that tastes a bit queer. I think its all been blown out of proportion just because he is in the media spot light.

  7. concerned person 28 Nov 2013, 7:34pm

    Why not organise a voting boycott of the show for that day. That really hits them in the area they really are concerned about- their advertising and phone revenue.

  8. James Campbell 29 Nov 2013, 12:27am

    I agree with the comments made thus far which condemn this smart ar”se with his ‘cool’ lyrics. No amount of casual ‘apology’ can compensate for the long-term effects on young people of the corrosive bigotry mouthed by homophobes. His apologists are only interested in the money, not the morals of using the media to denigrate a minority who do not have the same platform from which to criticise. I work with young people who are glued to programmes such as the amateur ‘talent’ on X factor and what comes out of the mouths on screen is repeated in the streets and the playground. The number of severely traumatised gay youngsters I treat is on the increase, largely due to the stream of homophobia allowed in the media. Substitute the word ‘black’ for ‘gay’ and the press and television would jump on it immediately (a response of which I approve). In contrast it is still open season on Gay, trans & intersex people.

  9. It’s disappointing to me that homophobia is still considered acceptable where racism and antisemitism wouldn’t be.
    We all know that if he’d used words that were either he would have been dropped like hot turd, but homophobia is something the Xfactor and ITV are okay with.

    This is the glaring problem here, homophobia is still being accepted where other hate speech wouldn’t be. Performers use it because they can get away with it, and companies still back them despite the clear fact that it is hate speech and bigotry.

    This tells me that the Xfactor and ITV are also homophobic. If they were not, they would be treating this in the same way as if he’d been racist or antisemitic.

    I don’t watch this trash TV, but if I did I would be turning it off. I also think it’s very important to speak out against this whether you have an interest in the show or not.

    The good thing to come from this is perhaps that other performers will now be thinking long and hard about using such language.

  10. george hudson 29 Nov 2013, 3:43pm

    tbh I don’t have a problem with the word queer, I prefer it to lesbian, I consider myself as being gender queer instead of lesbian..i like his music and hope to buy his album

  11. Im sorry but at what point did we become a community that refuses to accept apologies? The guy has apologised for the offence caused and attempted to explain his (perhaps distorted) context behind the lyrics. I am against homophobia just as much as the next gay, particularly subverted passive homophobia, but what kind of message do we send when we don’t accept apologies from first time offenders? Whether he meant the apology or not we will never know and those who presume to know are arrogant in their approach; what matters is that he’s definitely felt the backlash and most likely will never make the same mistake again or it’s career suicide. Let’s all just move on from this instead of dragging it through the mud and giving ourselves a reputation we can do without.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Nov 2013, 9:41pm

      You’re right, because it was after all a completely isolated incident wasn’t it …. oh,no, hang on, no it wasn’t was it.

      Its about time someone educated the little tw@t before he opens his mouth again and puts his other foot in it.

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