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London: College Principal steps aside after lecturer revealed to be extreme homophobe

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 28 Nov 2013, 2:39pm

    And quite right too. As I commented in the earlier article, the original failure of the College to act against this grotesquely unsuitable person smacked of cronyism amongst the senior leadership and a complete disregard for their professional duties as educators.

    The College can only redress this issue by instituting measures to ensure they always act in the best interests of their students and the College community, which in my view implies devolving the oversight of such concerns to a group which includes democratic representation from students and staff.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Nov 2013, 2:44pm

    Good! Now let’s see a thorough investigation and necessary steps taken to see that bigots like Walcott won’t be tolerated in places of learning.

  3. Head of the performing arts department and a psychotherapist? REALLY? Sounds like another case of a deeply closeted rabid homophobe.

  4. This ignorant bigot Walcott has a doctorate (!) and is a part-time psychotherapist (!!)? The world’s gawn mad!

    I have to say I pity anyone who actually paid for, or indeed received under any circumstances, psychotherapy from someone like this.

  5. Scum like her and the other homophobe should be banned from working anywhere near young people.

  6. Derek Williams 28 Nov 2013, 11:04pm

    Unless she supports his views, I don’t see why she has to resign.

    1. James Campbell 29 Nov 2013, 12:01am

      If she was in post over the lengthy period of time it has taken to suspend this bigot then the buck stops on her desk. Even a relatively small college like Newham needs senior staff who can actually do the job they are well paid for, not sit on their hands whilst a fascist attempts to brain-wash his students.

  7. suspicious! 30 Nov 2013, 7:05pm

    Ask if they are seeing each other as partners and what is the reason why his wife left him…?

  8. The Principal employed him without interview in the year she was appointed, the same year he and his wife divorced. His 3 sons and her daughter were also appointed in to posts without interview in the same department as him. He has been employed for 4 years on a consultants salary with low success rates for his students and a long record of bullying staff out of their jobs unless they are part of the family. He is not a doctor. She was fully aware of his views, she supported him every step of the way – they deserve more than just losing their jobs.

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