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GLAAD: It’s unfortunate Alec Baldwin can’t see why his anti-gay slurs are wrong

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Reader comments

  1. That’s because, like many millions of Americans, his homophobia is ingrained. Religious education has taught him, at a VERY deep level, that being gay is wrong. His vile outburst was simply a manifestation of that conditioned hatred. This is why, in order to combat homophobia, negative religious rhetoric must be stopped. Bigots are created … not born.

  2. Who’s the cocksucker now homophobic ass hole !

  3. As Alec Baldwin is a smoker, would it be fair to call him a fagsucking cock?

    See here:

  4. Funny how whenever we stand up for ourselves we become fundamentalists or agendists !

    1. Well, who the heck is “us” anyway? When I was growing up my friends were very conscious and conceptual, never bigoted. I thought that was what gay was supposed to be about. I think Baldwin is kind of pathetic, but I doubt he’s actually deeply afraid of gay. He’s more a symptom than a virus. Like, who’s going to be influenced? And, then he becomes a target… just like we become targets when our mask slips. Be better if gay Hollywood gave him a dinner, a roasting, let him know his identity is still ‘actor’ and not ‘reactor’. Certainly, someone must have slept with him, knows him enough to make this work.

      : )

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