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Video: Joan Rivers defends Alec Baldwin for homophobic rant: ‘Everybody just relax’

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Reader comments

  1. So Joan, tell us what the derogatory term for a white, middle class, heterosexual women is?

    1. Haggard old witch? – though I believe the word you are too evolved and too polite to use Matt is C U N T

  2. Maybe if Jews, like herself, weren’t allowed to get married in the majority of states in America, and if Jews were discriminated against in the workplace, and if anti-Jewish rhetoric was used as a battle ground for politicians to gain power in the US, etc, etc, etc, then she might understand.

    But I don’t remember a US politician ever recently saying that Jews shouldn’t be allowed the same rights as everyone else, like they do with homosexuality. Context Joan. Think about it – although she’s probably had so much botox that her brain cells, like her facial muscles, have stopped working.

    1. Ageing is hard to cope with, no less for a once hot and very sexy star like Alec Baldwin once was.
      I hope he stops digging himself in deeper and through the enlightenment, brought about by this incident, he moves on to a better, happier and less homophobic place.

  3. So there’s another clueless straight person to treat with the contempt she deserves

  4. Yes, lets compare minorities shall we? What minority is Alec Baldwin in exactly?

    The use of these often offensive terms is generally accepted when it’s a member of that group using them to make a joke at their own expense, but when it’s used by a privileged while man to attack others, IT’S NOT ON.

    1. Alec Baldwin is in the once gorgeous hot and sexy but no longer… has-been minority.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Nov 2013, 4:12pm

      HIs minority is apparently Irish-American as they say across the pond. Odd how many people in America have to preface their nationality with their ancestry. Happens nowhere else.

      1. I’m Dutch-British … albeit eight generations ago. I suspect most American are too (founding fathers and all that) – yet I’ve never heard that one being used….

    3. He’s in the minority called people who’ve made a successful media career. Why is what he or Joan says actually important? Cause they’ll influence me? Reading Plato influences me and it’s up to me to take Socrates’ advice and re-read and explicate Plato in my own way and in my own terms what exactly “what’s been said” is about.

  5. She’s cool. It’s about language, true, but she and baldwin are creative with language. What are they supposed to do, moo? Besides, being an actor is totally gay… : )

  6. Hmmm. Had Mr Baldwin made an equally offensive remark about Jews, I wonder if Ms Rivers would have been quite so quick to defend him…?

    1. totally she would. and probably add the addenda worked out by some funny jews who just delighted in the stupidity of it all.

      what’s the point of being queer if we can’t act silly sometimes?

    2. YES she would. She totally goofs on Jews. Saw her 3 weeks ago and she spared no one from Anne Frank to victims of Auschwitz. Sorry but you’re all wrong here. Her point as a comic is that nothing is sacred-includiung the suicide of her husband.

  7. I think the Pink News does not understand hr brand of comedy or has not followed her through the years.

    Joan has ALWAYS supported gay rights even back in the 70s/80s she talked about gays in her act and she calls herself the Queen Of The Gays.

    I just found the video really funny :)

  8. wolfeyesmn 27 Nov 2013, 9:32pm

    To all of you who criticize Joan: Check out the history of Jews in American for yourselves.
    in the 1940’s and 1950’s to about 1960, Jews were refused work at “christian” companies, christians didn’t want them in their neighborhoods, they were refused by many hospitals for medical care, and Jewish doctors had a limited practice in many hospitals. Joan had to fight her way into show business not only for being a woman, but also for being a Jew. Swastikas painted on their temples and the list can go on and on. She knows what we gays are going through – she has done a lot of it.

  9. floridahank 27 Nov 2013, 10:17pm

    Hollyweird is full of weirdos — both hetero and homo, so whatever is said from those people is nonsense. I don’t think there’s more than 10% there who are worth listening to.

    1. Do you think there’s more than 10% who are worth listening to in Florida, Hank? Or anywhere?

  10. Yes Joan, we might all be something “different” underneath, the issue is whether it’s acceptable to use derogatory terms referring to one minority as a general insult (like using ‘Jew’ to describe anyone stingy, but much worse).

  11. Margaret Hoffman 28 Nov 2013, 8:46am

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  12. Lol. I am totally relaxed. It is them who go on offensive rants, not me, and they rightfully get what they deserve, so they are jumping up and down and not me. I am as calm as a lake without wind.

  13. NickDavisGB 28 Nov 2013, 2:36pm

    I thought she was dead. Trawling for headlines now.

  14. Have listened & watched Joan Rivers since she first started out. I have seen & heard the decline in who she use to be as a comedian. I saw her in live performance in the early 80’s when she was still a comedian. It appears Joan Rivers sold her comedy for the Rich’$ of life & forgot who she was as a comedian. She went into Info Selling on TV of Jewelry made in China & going on TV Shows she failed at. Then she had to insure her daughter Melisa would have job as there was nothing else her daughter could do in life. Then Joan Rivers hooked up with Un-American Far Right Republican Racist, Bigoted, Homophobic, Sexist Card Carrying Party Member of 100% Pure Hatred Donald Trump. People are not blind or deaf & realize those that people associate with is who they are. Rivers has not been a comedian for a long, long time. Alex Baldwin is a Homophobic & thankfully he was fired from MSNBC TV Show & now I join the Boycott of Capital One until they fire Alex Baldwin from doing any more commercials.

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